Opposition Denounces Damascus 'Terrorist' Bombing

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syria's main opposition group, the National Coalition, denounced as "terrorists" those behind a deadly car bombing in Damascus on Thursday, regardless of who carried it out.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the Coalition stressed that "any acts targeting civilians with murder or human rights violations are criminal acts that must be condemned, regardless of the perpetrator or the justification".

A police official told Agence France Presse the car bomb exploded at the 16 November Square near the Al-Iman mosque, where the ruling Baath party's head offices are located.

The opposition normally blames the regime of President Bashar Assad for such attacks, whether explicitly or implicitly.

State television said the blast, which left a large crater in a road, killed 35 people and wounded 237, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights put the initial toll at 42 dead, including nine troops, and dozens wounded.

Both said it was a suicide bombing.

The jihadist Al-Nusra Front, a key fighting force in the battle to topple Assad, has claimed the majority of suicide attacks that rocked the country over the past year.

The anti-regime uprising began with unprecedented mass protests in March 2011 but steadily militarized under fierce state repression. At least 70,000 people have been killed over the course of the revolt, says the United Nations.

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Missing allouchi 21 February 2013, 16:52

Good move..go FSA...

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 21 February 2013, 18:33

That is not likely the work of the FSA and the opposition umbrella group has denounced the attack. That will not bring back the dead but put to shame a government that bombs civilians lining up in front of bakeries.

Missing allouchi 21 February 2013, 19:50

Stargate, you keep missing the point !!!! look closely at the title of the page "Opposition Denounces Damascus 'Terrorist' Bombing"...got it? did it click?!!

Thumb jcamerican 21 February 2013, 19:58

Almost thumbed you down if I didn't see your second one. Your comment cam be misunderstood.

Missing abraham 21 February 2013, 17:10

SNC, as I said before, watch what you wish for, if you thaught you started a peaceful revolution, you didn't think of the end game.
When you sell your soul to the devils, what did you think was going to happen.
Good morning from your daydreams

Thumb lebanon_first 21 February 2013, 17:10

a new tripolar balance of power is taking place in syria.
1- The good guys: The FSA
2- The bad guys -part 1: Baath
3- The bad guys -part 2: Nosra

God help our syrian brothers...

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 21 February 2013, 18:28

Part1 is wrong. The Baath is not in power and has not been in power for a long time.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 21 February 2013, 18:29

But I agree ::: Nusra has the potential of being as bad if not more than the Assad regime.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 21 February 2013, 18:31

Is it possible because they are NOT terrorists!

Thumb kanaandian 21 February 2013, 19:02

how come this never happens in saudi arabia.

Missing bigjohn 21 February 2013, 22:28

A good question. The Takfiris feel it is better to kill non-Sunnis in Syria instead. A better question is why Al-qaeda and FSA are going after suspected pro government supporters in ALL of SYRIA except the Zionists in the Golan Heights (and please do not answer this with the same question to the lousy Baathist regime)?