Sidon Tense as Armed Supporters of al-Asir Deploy around His Mosque

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir and his supporters deployed Friday with their weapons around the Bilal bin Rabah Mosque in Sidon, amid a heavy deployment by the army and security forces.

“Armed supporters of Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir deployed around the Bilal bin Rabah Mosque and the army has called in reinforcements from outside Sidon,” MTV reported.

Al-Jadeed television said al-Asir himself was carrying a weapon.

“Asir's supporters deployed with their weapons after he claimed that Hizbullah is trying to kidnap him,” OTV reported.

“Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir told his supporters to 'prepare for martyrdom',” al-Jadeed said.

A spokesman for al-Asir told Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5): “We reject the presence of monitoring locations belonging to Hizbullah around the mosque and the party's repeated attacks against us.”

Later on Friday, LBCI television said “the armed supporters of al-Asir withdrew from around the Bilal bin Rabah Mosque and the army withdrew its vehicles from the area.”

OTV for its part said the army is staging patrols in Sidon and the situation is under control despite al-Asir's "provocations."

Al-Asir issued a statement later on Friday, clarifying that “a number of young men who belong to the (Hizbullah-affiliated) Resistance Brigades, accompanied by members of 'Iran's party' (Hizbullah), roamed the area around the mosque while carrying visible weapons.”

“They made provocative moves, prompting the mosque's guards to go on alert,” Asir added.

The Islamist cleric said the incident “led to a state of tension among supporters and neighbors who rejected these provocative moves,” urging security forces to shoulder their responsibilities and “protect civilians.”

On Wednesday, al-Asir accused Hizbullah of “renting apartments” in the vicinity of his mosque in Abra, east of Sidon, with the aim of “monitoring” his movements.

“Recently, the mosque's neighbors, and we're among them, noticed some rented apartments that are inhabited by young men who are not residents of the area, and the neighbors thought that they are students,” Asir said, adding that “a dispute happened recently and heavily armed young men came out of these rented apartments and threatened the neighbors.”

“We have irrefutable evidence that the mission of these men is to monitor me, my movements and the movements of the mosque goers,” Asir went on to say, noting that “when we started to raise the issue, a lot of security agencies, including the army, deployed around these apartments to protect them.”

The anti-Hizbullah Salafist cleric urged officials and authorities to force the evacuation of the apartments to avert a possible “strife or any dangerous incident.”

Interviewed by al-Jadeed in the wake of Friday's armed deployment, Interior Minister Marwan Charbel said “there is nothing going on in Sidon and no Hizbullah members are monitoring al-Asir's movements."

"Anyone carrying a weapon will be fired at and the deployment of gunmen is prohibited in Sidon," Charbel warned.

"When someone voices sectarian remarks, the judiciary must act and must issue arrest warrants," he added.

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Missing peace 22 February 2013, 17:41

they should take assir and nasrallah and exile both of them to fight on a desert island and let lebanese in peace!

Missing peace 22 February 2013, 18:45

two islamists extremists together, they are both the same....

Thumb lebnanfirst 22 February 2013, 20:55

Both are religious zealots, both are extreme and both believe in a theocratic state as opposed to a civil one.
So, yes, they are the same.

Missing samiam 23 February 2013, 00:38

anyone pretending to be religious and trying to preach politics is nuts--at the least, they are going to rationalize their immoral actions. Religion + politics = recipe for disaster*.

*see history books for reference.

Thumb andre.jabbour 22 February 2013, 17:42

Oh Hezbollah didn't exist, these extremists would have no reason to exist.

Thumb andre.jabbour 22 February 2013, 18:04

If Hezbollah didn't exist ( not oh)

Thumb joker37 22 February 2013, 18:29

salafism is a reaction to shiism? what kind of uneducated idiots frequent this website?? appalling

Thumb joker37 22 February 2013, 21:10

You made assumptions about me, with no info whatsoever to base your judgement on, in exactly the same manner that you made assumptions about Shiism and salafism... You're clearly lacking in historical knowledge and are trying to compensate with baseless personal attacks.
You're a joke, ironic that you should be put in your place by the joker.

Thumb joker37 23 February 2013, 00:25

you said "the extremism of aseer"
al aseer is a salafist is he not? if the extremism of al aseer isnt salafism what is it?
There is no end to the nonsense that you spout.

Thumb andre.jabbour 23 February 2013, 01:36

Realist, I'm not anti Sunni at all. I have tons of Sunni friends. I'm talking about extremism here... Hezbollah is the root of the problem in Lebanon. I'm not talking about the Arab world or anywhere else. The Muslim brotherhood was founded in the 30s by the Banna guy, but it was extremely marginal until they killed the Egyptian president... Then later this nuttjob Khomeini copied them in Iran. And here we are dealing with Iran's proxy named Hezbollah 35 years later....

Missing peace 22 February 2013, 17:43

"Interior Minister Marwan Charbel said “there is nothing going on in Sidon and no Hizbullah members are monitoring al-Asir's movements."

lol! i hope it is not like the M8 "nothing is going on in syria" LOL!

Default-user-icon dandoun (Guest) 22 February 2013, 17:53

there goes another few millions in his pocket ....

Thumb barbar 22 February 2013, 18:51

This guy is a disgusting animal. He even looks like one 3aw 3aw

Default-user-icon boredtrotter (Guest) 22 February 2013, 18:54

So if Salafism is a reax to Shiism, and Shiism is a reax to Zionism and Zionism is a reax to Nazism then we only have Hitler to blame. te7leel mhem

Thumb lebneneh 22 February 2013, 19:01

This sub-human has noticed that the media is loosing interest in him so he is performing a media stunt to get back some attention. What is really pathetic is that the Lebanese army is reduced to traffic police!

Thumb dourtnikbokhshakian 22 February 2013, 19:19


Default-user-icon John Marina (Guest) 22 February 2013, 19:49

How this thug is allowed to gather a bunch of thugs around him and who is paying him and his thugs?. I thought the Lebanese people are civilized enough not to listen to those thugs. He should be draged from his beard and executed irrespective the consequences.

Default-user-icon Ouet (Guest) 22 February 2013, 20:24

There is a proverb that says
Sleh bi2id el Kharra. Biiyejrah

Thumb andre.jabbour 22 February 2013, 20:42

It's a monologue in here, flame lower is talking to himself with so many avatars... It's sick!

Default-user-icon USEYOURHEAD (Guest) 22 February 2013, 21:09

Let me correct the ones that don't remember. The Rise of the Islamic Revolution in Iran is what created extremism in both sect Joker. Get educated and read history.

Thumb kanaandian 22 February 2013, 21:57

Hezbollah's days are dark, al-Assir and his battalion are almost ready. Be prepared.

Thumb zahhet 23 February 2013, 00:20

kanaandian ready! zahhet 3al-Assir and his battalion

Thumb shab 23 February 2013, 01:21

Filthy militia

Thumb andre.jabbour 23 February 2013, 01:38

Brucelee is FT and company.

Thumb kanaandian 23 February 2013, 02:27

I have a bad feeling that Hezbollah is going to take action against this guy, and sooner then later. It won't last long for al-Assir. Sorry to say.

Default-user-icon dandoun (Guest) 23 February 2013, 11:15

the funny thing about this i did not see him any news channel last sure he was put up for his bank account is glowing with green ....

Missing peace 23 February 2013, 12:33

FT and mowaten trying to prove that nasrallah is not the same extremist as assir... LOL seems they lack objectivness and are blinded by their faith in shia extremism...

1/ nasrallah pledge allegiance to an islamic revolution. i guess in their eyes this means democracy...
2/ hezbis have a coran and a kalashnikov as symbols: i guess they mean symbol of peace not jihad!
3/ hezbi have set a web of spies throughout the country, all people are under surveillance in dahiye, they know every move.
4/ like sunnis fundementalists they are financed by a religious extremist foreign country
5/ like all islamic extremist organisation they set up a welfare program to better manipulate people and get their sympathy.

yes but for FT and mowaten it is not the same! LOL how stupid they are...