Phalange: Lebanese-Syrian Border Areas Should Be Declared Military Zone under Army's Control

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Phalange Party warned on Monday of the dangerousness of the situation along the Lebanese-Syrian border, saying they may soon turn into an “open front.”

It therefore demanded after its weekly politburo meeting that the border areas “be declared a military zone under the control of the army.”

It also suggested that the government modify article 14 of United Nations Security Council resolution 1701 to allow the deployment of the U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon along the area to support the army.

The border areas have come under shelling by Syrian regime forces on a number of occasions in recent months with Syria saying that its troops were pursuing armed terrorist groups.

The deployment of the army and UNIFIL will help prevent the spread of the Syrian conflict to Lebanon, stressed the Phalange Party.

It also renewed its commitment to the Baabda Declaration that calls for Lebanon to keep its distance from regional conflicts, especially the developments in Syria.

The declaration was signed by the members of the national dialogue during a session held in June 2012.

Furthermore, the Phalange Party hoped that the recent decisions of the Higher Defense Council will be implemented “in order to avert the dangers of sectarian incitement and halt the incidents that are threatening stability, such as kidnappings and the spread of arms throughout the country.”

“Any leniency in implementing the security measures will have repercussions on the security and economic levels,” warned the party.

The repercussions are beginning to emerge with investors threatening to leave Lebanon if the government failed to contain the unstable situation, it said.

It therefore demanded that the government abandon “its policy of concessions and appeasement.”

Addressing the discussions over a new parliamentary electoral law, the Phalange Party “adamantly” rejected the postponement of the elections.

“Its delay will serve as a fatal blow to Lebanese democracy,” it remarked.

It consequently called on all sides to perform their duties, demanding that officials agree on a fair electoral law within the constitutional deadlines.

In addition, it warned against extending the term of the current parliament should an agreement over a new law fail to be reached.

“The extension may thwart any future agreement on a new law and lead the country towards the unknown,” it noted.

“Furthermore, the extension will make the de facto forces more powerful than the weakened state, which is incapable of taking central decisions,” it said.

“The Phalange Party will not spare any effort to prevent the postponement of the elections,” it stressed.

“It is shameful that the people are capable of holding civilized by-elections in a number of regions while the state is incapable of holding the parliamentary elections on time,” it lamented.

Municipal by-elections were held without incident in several regions in Lebanon on Sunday.

Various political powers approved the Orthodox Gathering electoral law, which was rejected by President Michel Suleiman, Premier Najib Miqati, the Mustaqbal bloc, independent Christian March 14 officials, and the National Struggle Front of MP Walid Jumblat.

Discussions have intensified between the factions in recent weeks in order to reach an agreement over a new law to avoid the possibility of the postponement of the elections, which are scheduled for June 9.

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Missing gabby14 04 March 2013, 22:13

The Hezz won't allow the real army in. It will stop their shelling over the border and troop movements. The Hezz will continue until Bashar falls. Then the FSA will come in and do some payback.

Missing gabby14 05 March 2013, 01:18

In 2006 the Hezz started an offensive war and brought Israel in and we all had to pay. Now when Bashar falls there is no way the FSA will allow the Hezz to have border garrisons to run raids into Syria. Plus if my family was killed by the Hezz I would not let them stay untouched. We have had enough Syrians.....but the Hezz adventures will bring war again. I will never stand united with the Hezz. They have used thug tactics to oppress us all. I am sick opf paying their electricity to have a gun pointed at my head. I am also sick of Iran in Lebanon running the show which they are. So frankly if the FSA targets some Hezz garrisons in the Bekaa....and takes some rocket depots from them I don't care. The soon they are out of power the better. The are the #1 enemy of Lebanon right now because they are the cancer inside Lebanon., if the FSA weakens or topples them......that is OK with me. I don't stand with them. In fact most Shia don't stand with them and they know it.

Missing chouf4ever 05 March 2013, 03:41

Agree greenie ,no more Syrian scum army is coming back to Lebanon ..

Missing gabby14 05 March 2013, 05:04

He roar.....first I live in Lebanon, not Australia. May 2008 when the Hezz killed and burned is a starting place. The tire burning, protection of murders and criminals, non-payment of electricity, fake pharmacy drugs, cocaine and other drug dealing, spoiled meat, stealing all the money from the port, forcing their way into the casino to steal the cash, building on church land, sending black shirts to areas when they want to intimidate, keeping the gov't and army out of explosion and crime zones involving the Hezz, letting Iran dictate policy......... it goes on and on Roar. We are sick of it. Everyone knows they are involved in murder of M14 politicians and are going into Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Iraq and other places to incite violence. This will bring violence to Lebanon.

Missing gabby14 05 March 2013, 05:04

Tell your Iranian and Syrian paymasters your counter propaganda doesn't work. The free people of Lebanon are not afraid and we are speaking out. The worst enemy of dictatorial thug regimes is when the people no longer fear speaking. Syria is experiencing it BIG TIME. They are speaking loudly. People of Lebanon are speaking too. even the Hezz themselves are having big internal problems, they even cancelled their big political conference. We still aren't sure where Qassem is....did he die? Did Nassy kill him? Putting out a statement is not the same as being seen. Things are not healthy in your area.....stop pointing fingers at me. We all know we will have to clean up another mess caused by the Hezz again.

Missing chouf4ever 05 March 2013, 08:17

Go Aussie go ,what League team you follow bloke..

Missing chouf4ever 05 March 2013, 09:45

The_roar .NRL I love the Dogs ...AFL West Coast Eagles..ALeague ..Sydney FC for sure mate..

Missing chouf4ever 05 March 2013, 11:18

I know mate the dogs are looking ,you are right they will struggle without Kassiano & Barba is a big loss for sure,there is lots of talent in the NRL now days.Newcastle should go well this year ,Mason is looking good mate.The Eagles should go ok as well,all we need is Sydney FC to lift their game & start wining games ..

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 05 March 2013, 18:15

agreed greenie. We all stand united against anyone entering our country. Hizballah is a domestic problem that can only be handled domestically.