Saqr Charges 10 with Belonging to al-Nusra Front

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

State Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr charged on Friday ten people with belonging to an armed group and al-Nusra Front.

The state-run National News Agency reported that the 10 men include Shadi al-Mawlawi, who was released on bail upon his arrest in the northern city of Tripoli in May last year, and another detained man.

Mawlawi was charged then with belonging to a terrorist group.

Later, LBCI reported that the detainee was identified as Amine Khaled who admitted during interrogations that the group coordinates with Fatah al-Islam leader Osama al-Shahabi.

Al-Shahabi is currently present at the Ain el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp near the southern city of Sidon, the channel said.

Saqr accused the men of belonging to an armed group and al-Nusra Front to carry out terrorist acts and transfer arms between Lebanon and Syria.

Mawlawi told LBCI that the judicial system is corrupt and he doesn't “trust it,” considering that the charges are “invalid” and “useless.”

He called on the judiciary to issue arrest warrants against Hizbullah first, warning against any attempts to arrest him.

“All security agencies know my movements,” Mawlawi told the channel.

The al-Nusra Front, completely unknown before the rebellion in Syria that began two years ago, has been a rebel standard-bearer since mid-2012 when it became the spearhead of the insurgency ahead of the Free Syrian Army.

The organization has been blacklisted in December by the United States as a "terrorist" organization and makes no secret of its aim for Syria to become an Islamist state.

Saqr referred the suspects to the First Military Magistrate.

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Default-user-icon I AM (Guest) 15 March 2013, 13:48

what do you get for belonging to a filthy sectarian group of thugs called Hizb? A medal....??

Default-user-icon Ghazir (Guest) 15 March 2013, 13:52

b7ebb zakrak shadi al mawlawi returned home in Miqati's car .. the PM of the March8 government.. Galops !

Missing biglebanese 15 March 2013, 14:42

I agree brother ,,

Thumb geha 15 March 2013, 14:50

by the way, what is hizbushaitan? is it not an armed extremist shia group?
did they invade Beirut, killing, stealing,....?
when will we see arrest warrants against them?
when will the International arrest warrants against the four accused in the murder of Hariri be executed?
when will this government execute the warrant for the arrest of the hizbushaitan element,, issued by this same judge, accused of the attempted murder of Harb?

Thumb geha 15 March 2013, 15:33

do you even believe yourself? :) what a joke! please keep it up: you made my day :)

Thumb mckinl 15 March 2013, 15:44

More "presents" from the Saudis ...

Default-user-icon A.S. (Guest) 15 March 2013, 17:33

what on earth is the matter with Naharnet people that they keep posting Saqr Saqr's corny picture with every article that has his name! so idiotic!

Missing rudy 15 March 2013, 20:43

wlak l3ama ma ahdamak. fa2a3tna men edde7ek.. yalla bsharafak nhebil ba3ed