Syria's Ali Confirms He Was Not Summoned by Mansour: Assaults on Lebanon Harm Syria

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syria's Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim Ali stated on Saturday that he was not summoned by Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour on the backdrop of Friday's Syrian assault against Lebanese territories, assuring that his country is “the party negatively affected by the incident”.

“I have answered this question before. There is an ongoing cooperation between the two states,” Ali firmly said after meeting with FM Mansour.

He added: “The border between the two countries is subject to violations from gunmen and terrorist organizations that exploit Lebanon's land and hospitality to attack Syria”.

“Syria does not allow this and retaliates”.

A Syrian boat on Friday entered Lebanese territorial waters and opened fire on a Lebanese fishing boat off the northern coast of Arida, injuring a fisherman, the state-run National News Agency reported.

Also on Friday, three mortar shells from the Syrian side of the border fell on the al-Noura town in Akkar, but no casualties were reported.

These incidents are part of repetitive Syrian assaults against Lebanese territories since the eruption of the neighboring country's conflict in 2011.

Ali assured that discussions with Mansour did not touch on the incident, he said: “Syria is keen on preserving the relation we have with this country,” highlighting the necessity to tighten security measures and protect the border.

He remarked: “Mutual cooperation must take place to control the security situation and deter outlaws from threatening the interests of both countries”.

The ambassador revealed that the aim of his visit, however, was to “coordinate efforts regarding the trucks coming across the Lebanese-Syrian border".

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Default-user-icon Abed (Guest) 30 March 2013, 14:57

العنوان كتير معبر على فكرة!

Thumb sarkis 30 March 2013, 19:29

hahaha, this is so pathetic, hezballah 100% have intimidated this man to the point where he does everything they say or he will be blown up in a suicide carbomb, or like aoun he has been given kickbacks and some women young women from south Lebanon, disgusting, i am ashamed to be lebanese with people like him as an MP

Missing samiam 30 March 2013, 20:01

and people wonder why Miqati had it with this band of winners with this bunch unfortunately...

Thumb lebanon_first 30 March 2013, 21:56

Yeah... Ali summoned mansour, not the other way round....
when will we finish from this bully of a regime?

Missing maroun 31 March 2013, 04:29

the traitor is meeting with his master ..what an insult to lebanon

Thumb whyaskwhy 31 March 2013, 07:28

Clown and the Circus still claim they support Lebanon? looool here is living proof for you that they can bought so cheaply pure and simple.
How can M8 act surprised when their government failed? the poeple have simply had enough of this open support for Iran and Syria while Lebanon continous to fail, Traitor is kind of a word to be given to the puppet.

Missing samiam 31 March 2013, 13:00

but not Syria with the Samaha case and hosts of other incidents

you are not a patriot, but rather a hypocrite. Your syrian/iranian masters must be proud.