Franjieh Contacts Assad, Denies Rumors of his Assassination

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Head of the Marada Movement MP Suleiman Franjieh contacted on Saturday Syrian President Bashar Assad to inquire about his health.

The MP reassured that the Syrian president is doing well, denying recent reports of his assassination.

“Assad is in complete health,” he stressed.

A revolt against the Syrian regime has been raging in the country since March 2011 with protesters demanding the toppling of Assad.

Rumors of his death had circulated in recent weeks as the fighting in Syria intensified.

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Thumb sarkis 31 March 2013, 10:55

Well M8 can breath a sigh of relief

Thumb LebCynic 31 March 2013, 11:29

Up yours haters!!

Thumb whyaskwhy 31 March 2013, 12:47

Slaiman wanted to make sure his sugar daddy was still kicking...

Default-user-icon Anwar Fakam (Guest) 31 March 2013, 15:26

He has been slaughtered and the failed attempt to cover up the truth is just for gaining more time. Battle to infiltrate Damascus is on the dawn of Monday.

Thumb jabal10452 31 March 2013, 15:27

So we're at the point where Lebanese politicians need to call Assad to check if he is still alive? My oh my... Who would have thought that we would get to this point?

Missing realist 31 March 2013, 19:10

Many more surprises on the way, wahab would eventually switch sides and aoun would go to the mental institution lol

Default-user-icon Jammie Rabbit (Guest) 31 March 2013, 16:32

Assad is alive and he will win the battle, we the people of syria with him. We don't need terrorist.

Thumb benzona 31 March 2013, 16:48

Karma is my cousin's wife.... And no she isn't Indian.

Thumb benzona 31 March 2013, 16:50

Hohoho. Your humour made me laugh.

Default-user-icon he forgot to duck (Guest) 31 March 2013, 17:08

reminds me of emile lahoud's i spoke to president hafez assad he talked about how much he loved lebanon then he died, turns out hafez had been dead for a week when lahoud claimed he spoke to him, ouija board much emile?

Missing formerlebaniz 31 March 2013, 18:41

If Franjieh says something than the opposite is more credible.

Thumb whyaskwhy 31 March 2013, 21:55

History will not be kind to all the Lebanese traitors Sillyman is not immune he will join the list of terrorist and Quislings out there. Greater people have fallen to progress and the will of the people Syria is a living testament to that. Who would have said 25 years ago that Havez el Asads despot regime will suffer this fate? education and time only will be their demise.

Thumb neons 01 April 2013, 00:34

allah ma3 el za3im Franjieh, a7la 3alam walla

Thumb whyaskwhy 01 April 2013, 13:56

With members such as this fine smart gentleman you still wonder why this government sank? Just think about how smart the sheep are that follow him and the Circus if their leadership is this smart!