Syria Rebels, Regime Trade Accusations of 'Massacre' in Tal Kalakh

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Syrian regime and rebel opposition forces on Sunday traded accusations of blame for a "massacre" of at least 10 people in the town of Tal Kalakh in the south of the conflict-ridden country.

"Last night, terrorists committed a new massacre against peaceful citizens in the city of Tal Kalakh in the Homs countryside, storming the Burj neighborhood and killing a number of citizens, including women and children," state news agency SANA reported.

The agency said "terrorists," the term by which the Damascus regime and official media refer to rebel forces, had also looted homes and shops.

"An official source said that the terrorist group stormed the Burj neighborhood and killed 10 people, most of them children and women, before one of the units from our armed forces intervened," the agency added.

Activists pointed the finger of blame at government forces.

"The bodies of 11 people, including eight women, were recovered after they were executed during a raid by regime forces in the Burj neighborhood of Tal Kalakh today, according to activists in the area," the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights watchdog said.

Tal Kalakh, near Syria's border with Lebanon, was among the first Syrian towns to rise up against the regime of President Bashar Assad in 2011, and regime forces have laid siege to it several times.

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Thumb sarkis 31 March 2013, 16:14

Cold blooded Iranian/hezballah shabiha maniacs, butchers, They go in and mutilate & kill then blame the people they are kiling

Thumb jumblatdedon 31 March 2013, 16:19

They have their audience who try to gobble it up then regurgitate it as the truth.

It is like Israel saying this: All them air strikes against the shia of south Lebanon, well Israel said Hezballah stole its F16s an bombed their own people.

And whats worse is, these brainless Iranian taqqiya boys expect the world to believe it, is this what shia hatred has manifested itsel to? go in an butcher them infidel sunnis?

Today is is the sunnis, tomorrow the druze, then the Christians, & the entire time, the iranian/extremist shia butchers will say, Oh no, the druze massacred the druze, the Christians massacred the Christians , we are the innocent government, TFEHH 3ala hal sha3ab

Thumb jumblatdedon 31 March 2013, 16:15

Is become a normal shabiha procedure now, go in kill everyone, then blame the people we have killed, Alawi murderous filth

Default-user-icon Jammie Rabbit (Guest) 31 March 2013, 16:28

terrorist rebels are doing the messacare, help assad to get rid of them or Israel and US will be in danger in few years. Don't you know it??

Thumb sarkis 31 March 2013, 16:40

I notice many people are quick to point out the rebels when they behead a traitor ( deserving so)traitors need a strong message, no matter how barbaric it is, but many people on here including non M8ers are falling for the propaganda, everybody is quite & for some reason forget the shabhiha killing which are 10000 times worse then beheading someone who deserves it

Missing halaktouna77 01 April 2013, 13:36

If someone is bad you do not get worse just to prove a point!

Wrong is Wrong whether you are doing it or your opponent. It never becomes right if you are the one doing it .. .that is double standards and that is the root of all evil.

Thumb chrisrushlau 31 March 2013, 18:14

The two or three times, maybe, I've read an independent investigation of the massacres in Syria, including the use of chemical weapons a couple of weeks ago, it was the guerillas who did the deed. A big German magazine or newspaper did a big story on one of the big massacres, and that was its best guess.
The truth has the "ring of truth", the "ring of conviction", like the person doesn't think twice in speaking it. Lies always sound anxious, like the speaker is listening to herself speak wondering if it sounds convincing. Lying has that feedback squeal in it.
Like these remarks above on why Shias in Lebanon don't deserve to form the government, given that they are more than half the population according to Noam Chomsky and others. These remarks just sound abusive, intended to mean "shut up!" and not to persuade.

Thumb jumblatdedon 31 March 2013, 18:59

Yeah righteo, Cause people kill their own families or the families of another battalion you idiot, and plese enlighten us on where the rebels are going to get a highly unstable nerve agent from then somehow weaponize it ? Oh, and tell me how the rebels manage to sneak in a massive scud missile & launcher into Syria, a very expensive & complex weapons system, video evidence from the sceen clearly showed Russian markings on the debri of the scud engine casing, You stupidity exceeds you, please JAAFAR, stop making fake accounts & pretending to be someone your not, no matter how much propaganda you try to dish out in favor of assad, no matter how much you shia try to convince the non sunnis that the FSA are bad, it will change nothing, cause have a blood vendetta against Bashar & all the iranian hating in the world is not going to make them any weaker, they want freedom & revenge, & by the looks of things, they aint far from getting it,

Thumb jumblatdedon 31 March 2013, 19:05

The Aleppo attack, the SSG’s Dan Layman said, was the result of a second rocket fired from Damascus (the exact location is unknown) toward Aleppo. The missile, however, fell short of its intended target, an opposition-held neighborhood, and landed 1 kilometer from the Infantry Training Academy in Khan Asaf in the western Aleppo suburbs. This regime country and 16 people were killed and unknown number poisoned, according to Layman. The injured were taken to Aleppo University Hospital, which is still controlled by the regime.

If the Syrian Army did aim for and then miss its enemies, hitting instead its loyalists, this could account for state media’s presentation of the attack as rebel orchestrated.

Thumb LebCynic 01 April 2013, 00:29

FACT: this was an alawite village with the murded being mostly related (family). Just another demonstration of the Syria that FSA are hoping for. Anyone that puts their support behind the FSA is a opresor of human rights as these people died for disagreeing with a extremist Muslim view being imposed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Their agenda has become crystal clear by their recent atrocious crimes of killing clerics and civilians to strike fear in the hearts that dare to disagree or practice the basic right of free thought.

Thumb whyaskwhy 01 April 2013, 13:43

It was all the work of Israel Syrian regime will do this to thier own. After all the trade mark of the Assads has never been anything short of love and peace. Ask the families of the many Lebanese martyrs....