Syrian Helicopters Bomb Lebanese Villages Triggering Fire at Kawashira Poultry Farm

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syrian military helicopters fired five missiles on Wednesday evening on the Lebanese region of al-Ajram near the Bekaa's border town of Arsal, the state-run National News Agency said.

LBCI television elaborated: “Syrian helicopters bombed the areas of Wadi Hmeid and al-Ajram near Arsal inside Lebanese territory."

The same source also reported that shells fired from the Syrian side of the border have landed in Akkar's Dababiyeh and al-Kawashira regions, causing material damage in a poultry farm.

"Flames have engulfed a poultry farm after shells landed in Kawashira," the NNA detailed.

It noted: “The Dababiyeh town is target of heavy shelling coming from the Syrian side of the border."

The two-year long violence in Syria has increasingly spilled over into Lebanon, with cross-border shelling in the north and east.

Earlier in April, Syrian warplanes had pounded a house on the outskirts of the eastern town of Arsal.

In March, President Michel Suleiman denounced the Syrian airstrikes in Lebanese territories but Damascus, in its first comments on the attacks, denied it was involved.

The region of Arsal has been said to be used for the smuggling of arms and the flow of fighters across the border.

Arsal is a majority Sunni town, many of whose residents support the revolt against President Bashar Assad in neighboring Syria.

The area lies on the border with Syria, and has become home to thousands of people fleeing their the conflict.

Scores of Syrians injured in the violence have been brought into Arsal for medical treatment in recent months, and there have been reports of fighters and arms being smuggled in.

Syrian authorities had threatened to attack Lebanese territories if “terrorists” continue to infiltrate the country from Lebanon.

Lebanese parties are sharply divided over the developments in Syria despite the dissociation policy that was adopted by the state.

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Missing samiam 10 April 2013, 23:17

again, aggression by one of our great neighbors. And again, we will get the HA/Syria apologists like mowaten and FT saying that this was justified.

Where is the so called resistance--they are proving to be more and more hypocritical, but I guess that is typical for most of M8.

Default-user-icon Foghorn Leghorn (Guest) 10 April 2013, 23:31

If the Syrians are determined, ah say, determined to bomb chickens I know of a senile, ah say, a senile one in Rabieh, they can't miss it just look for the orange coop.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 11 April 2013, 16:38

Hahahaha ;)

Default-user-icon John (Guest) 11 April 2013, 00:07

Samiam, the resistance is only for Israeli aggression. Syrian's bombing Lebanese sovereign territory is not aggression. They will not defend Lebanese territory from the Syrians.

Missing samiam 11 April 2013, 10:49

HA has had to modify its stances from foreign aggression to Israeli to suit its purposes and give itself a raison d'être for its existence and purpose. It has also said it was going to stick around and free the Palestinians, so what they say today may be gone tomorrow.

Thumb benzona 11 April 2013, 01:31

Kawashira is somewhere near Sapporo.

Default-user-icon Wang Myn Zu (Guest) 11 April 2013, 01:33

This is another proof that gabbagybo who has not given up predicting that the "ASSad" regime was about to fall about every Wednesday or Saturday on every single week since 2005 is once again right on the money with the fall of the regime. My friends, what's another fall added to the past 439 falls? You go, gabbaguybo. Short on predictions? Use Dr. Arreet 7akeh's.

Thumb benzona 11 April 2013, 01:47

Guys, can you please calm down with the insults? PLEASE! Kirmélé.

Default-user-icon nayikflame (Guest) 11 April 2013, 14:58

your account was suspended so you added markers before and after your name ya idiot? hahahah

Default-user-icon ibinma3roof (Guest) 11 April 2013, 19:03

flamethrower ban you again? I see you have a nice character before and after your name as nahar saw your level of illiteracy!

Missing topace 11 April 2013, 02:23

Hey greenie ya jenieee, it's past your bedtime , you have a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow @ 7am, otherwise you will be locked up in the psychiatric ward indifinately , it's part of your rehab program ( court orders remember to take your medications before bed!!!)

Missing feekahraba 11 April 2013, 03:47

Wow topac, you went way below the belt on greenie. what a shmuck

Missing feekahraba 11 April 2013, 03:43

Wow, there it is. You have the mentality of a dysfunctional baboon and your comments proves it. You truly are roofus bin doofus.

Thumb cedar 11 April 2013, 04:35

The government turns a blind eye to these incidents because they are physically un able to stop it - both militarily and politically, militarily because we don't have the troops and equipment needed and politically because hezbollah and others support Syria and Assad.

Missing arturo 11 April 2013, 05:15

Looks like HA has its misssles pointed in the wrong direction.

Thumb Kalzyturks 11 April 2013, 06:37


I'll agree that we have around 40000 troops but we don't need them in south, the resistance is looking after that and Un is there too.

It's not true that troops are not allowed in the North. Just Because Daher said so doesn't mean there not there they are.

What we need is a strong presence of troops in the northern borders.

Go ask the people who live there. They are asking for troop presence and protection.

It makes me and others suspicious that the army is in the north but why not on the borders and this can protect lebanon and its people from a y aggression and smugglers and so on....

Do you not agree?

Default-user-icon hobo (Guest) 11 April 2013, 10:13

From an outsider, I would think heavy numbers of troops on the border would mean closing it to both sides and maybe appearing to not be neutral. While the border is slightly open refugees and casualties can be attended to.

Thumb shab 11 April 2013, 07:33

Syrian Zionist Army

Thumb scorpyonn 11 April 2013, 07:56

How shameful that the Lebanese government is always impotent in cases like these when Islamc zealots funded by those bastards the Iranians are ruling the show. I hope te US
blows Iran off of the face of this planet. Maybe our Islamic zealots in Lebanon can all go and live in Iran where they belong.

Thumb Kalzyturks 11 April 2013, 08:08

Just wait when a Syrian Mig or Apache is shot down on the Lebanese side.

You will see all lebanese security forces will be deployed to catch who ever done that!

But no they don't have the man power to be deployed to defend its people.

Missing akkar1 11 April 2013, 08:33

Where is the fake resistance ? instead of defending lebanon its fighting in syria. Where is the army? I guess its up to the people to defend lebanon

Thumb Kalzyturks 11 April 2013, 08:56

Resistance is not fake, why would it want to be involved in Syria?

It's because it is the main life line, if that's cut then they will be isolated.

So logically they will need to join in.

"The Army is not allowed in the North of Lebanon". Which is false. They are there and visible. But turning a blind eye to what's happening on the border.

It's interesting to see that the Govt does not file a formal complaint to the UN.

Well if the people naturally arm them selves to defend them selfless. They could easily be branded as terrorists.

HA armed and defended them selves against Israeli aggression they denied they are terrorist.

So will the people of the North if the Govt can't protect them then they will do it them selves.

HA did it so will the North. And rightfully so!

Thumb music66 11 April 2013, 12:38

pour poultry got caught up in human war. Are we pathetic humans. NO animal in the animal kingdom holds any weapons yet we humans are so high bent on war.

Missing akkar1 11 April 2013, 16:53

phoenix why is one called a hero doing his jihadi duty when going to syria and the other is a terrorist? What business does this so called resistance have in syria? Why the lies from nassrallah? why does ha have right to go help their brothers in syria but sunnis dont? sunnis being thrown in jail for helping their sunni brothers.

Missing samiam 11 April 2013, 20:43

well, now explain why the foreign ministry headed by an Amal member has been resistant to even criticizing Syria. If it is not justified, and is in fact wrong, why isn't the foreign minister following the president's and PM's order to file formal complaints with this 'brotherly' neighbor, but is quick to follow other complaints like Israeli violations.

If actions speak louder than words then Mansour's non actions are saying volumes. Hypocrisy has no bounds when it comes to the M8 supporters.