Abductions between Arsal, Jaafar Clan End with Release of Remaining Captives

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The series of kidnappings between the Bekaa town of Arsal and the Jaafar clan ended on Saturday with the release of the remaining captives held by both sides, reported the National News Agency.

It said that seven Arsal residents were released by the Jaafar clan, while five clan members were released by locals from the town.

The case was resolved through the Army Intelligence's assistance.

Late Friday night, a member of the Jaafar clan who was abducted in March by unidentified armed men and taken to Syria was freed, the An Nahar daily said Saturday.

“Hussein Jaafar arrived to Arsal Friday night. The families of Arsal had collected the ransom demanded by the kidnapers which amounted to $139,000,” the Jaafar clan told the daily.

“A number of the Arsal dignitaries headed to the Syrian region of Yabroud, where the kidnappers are, under the close supervision of the Lebanese army,” they added.

A fresh wave of tit-for-tat kidnappings erupted on Thursday between members of the Jaafar clan and residents of Arsal after mediators almost managed to secure a swap deal between the rival parties.

Arsal residents abducted four members of the Jaafar clan and a member of the al-Rachiini family who were working in the vicinity of Arsal.

The Jaafar clan kidnapped Arsal resident Bilal Ezzedine on the Arsal-al-Labweh road in retaliation.

Reports identified the rest of the hostages as Ali al-Rachiini, Ali Karami Jaafar, Hasan Nazir Jaafar, Mohammed Ali Jaafar and Mohsen Jaafar.

The kidnappings and counter-kidnappings started after the abduction of Hussein Jaafar, who hails from the town of al-Bustan in Hermel, on March 24.

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Thumb Kalzyturks 13 April 2013, 13:03

Why don't the Lebanese Forces start arresting both clans or who ever is responsible for kidnappings on both sides???

Since they know who are the one involved!

Thumb eli-g 13 April 2013, 14:33

what the heck is the white stuff along the road in the photo?Is that what I think it is? TRASH?

Thumb eli-g 13 April 2013, 14:34

Or is it snow?

Missing helicopter 13 April 2013, 18:37

Snow that fell on one small area shown in the photo, rest of the photo had no snow.
And no one went to jail, Soap operas are not quite like that.