Activists: Assad's Forces Damage Mosque that Sparked Revolt

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Bashar Assad's forces destroyed the minaret of the historic Omari mosque where Syria's uprising erupted two years ago in the southern city of Daraa, opposition activists said on Sunday.

In amateur video footage the activists uploaded to YouTube, the mosque can be seen at the end of a street, its towering minaret toppling over after apparent shelling and crumbling into rubble and dust.

Other videos posted online show the mosque, which is thought to date back to the 7th century, had been targeted in shelling for several days.

"This regime of unrestrained barbarism targeted with tanks the minaret of the Omari mosque, a place full of symbols of civilization and spirituality and humanity," said the opposition Syrian National Council.

"The minaret of this mosque, which was build by Caliph Omar bin al-Khattab, is the first in the whole of the Levant, and has been destroyed by the soldiers of the tyrant," it added, referring to President Assad.

The Council noted the mosque had played a pivotal role in the beginning of the uprising against Assad, which sprung in large part from the city of Daraa after the arrest and torture of two boys.

"It was the first place that embraced the Syrian revolution during its infancy, the first wave of demonstrations of pride and dignity came out through its doors," said the Council.

"The first martyrs fell on its walls and the first wounded were treated on its floors."

The Local Coordination Committees activist network condemned the destruction of the minaret as a "barbaric act... which adds a new crime to the list of Assad's crimes.”

"It is not just stones that are destroyed but also religious and historic heritage cherished by the Syrian people," said the LCC.

As Syria's conflict continues into a third year, an increasing number of the country's key heritage sites, both religious and cultural, are being damaged in the fighting.

International authorities including UNESCO have expressed concern that numerous sites in the country, including some classified as World Heritage sites, are being seriously damaged.

Syria has six sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, including the old cities of Damascus and second city Aleppo, and the famed Crac des Chevaliers crusader castle.

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Missing Cyanide 14 April 2013, 17:46

are you on drugs man

Thumb Kalzyturks 14 April 2013, 23:21

Josh is a Christian fanatic.

I think it's the drugs but he'll tell you no its the Holy Spirit.

Missing Cyanide 14 April 2013, 18:05

You just forgot what the Syrians did to us in Lebanon, and the way they ruled. such a khalis

Missing beirutbastard00 14 April 2013, 21:25

Exactly. But also don't forget that the fsa is made up of the same soldiers that ruled us with a sarmayi. Both sides are a threat to us, so honestly, I don't mind Assad leaving the new rulers of Syria with a weaker country than before. Maybe we'll get to have a few good years in Lebanon.

Default-user-icon Zulfiqar Basbousso (Guest) 14 April 2013, 18:44

The crazy Sunnis (and they predominantly all are except for a few left-over soon-to-become-converts-to-craziness) are going to get it very, very, very badly as gabby's "ASSad" regime seems near collapse for the 7492nd time since he began predicting that in early 2005. I told you gabbaguybo... well... umm... duh... knows NOT what the heck he is talking about, just like Dr. Arreet 7akeh, and so do the other Sunni crazies allouchti (the Lebanon First model praise-giver to the US and the other masters of Leanon First Some Twnety-Two Damn Years Late), geha whose mule is just as smart than he if not smarter, and of course, last but not least, primesuspect who has gone missing in the vast lands of Jihad, where the afterlife is all promises of virgin virgins galore! Have fun, Jihadists! 3alehom

Missing Cyanide 14 April 2013, 19:25

sectarian idiot..

Thumb music66 14 April 2013, 19:29

no place of worship should ever be touched by anyone on gods earth. a church,synagogue a mosque even places of worship we dont approve of. Buddhists and hindu temples. Sad this mosque went down because it has a lot of history to it and wont be on the world heritage sites. When will the fighting on planet earth ever end. OUF

Default-user-icon Chauncey Gardner (Guest) 14 April 2013, 19:57

Come on guys Mr Bustany's obviously kidding, to josh mean to kid unless he's the dumbest creature to ever walk, crawl, slither, hop, skip, scrabble, wriggle, skip, shuffle or moonwalk on the face of the earth. Not even Walid Mu3allem and Classe Orphisme Audiovisuel would even attempt to distort the facts in such manner. Thank you clever josh for the laugh.

Missing beirutbastard00 14 April 2013, 21:19

Josh... "If Assad wanted to destroy minarets, he could have. But he did not."... No president should have the power to do so, wether he chooses to or not, this type of system has to come to an end. Period.

Missing beirutbastard00 14 April 2013, 21:20

Kinda ironic tho, they're complaining about destroying mosques.

Thumb ado.australia 15 April 2013, 08:30

Didn't they suicide bomb a mosque in Damascus a few weeks ago, killing dozens of worshipers because the mufti was pro Assad? i wonder if they released a statement then?

Missing beirutbastard00 14 April 2013, 21:31

"All is fair in love and war." - true dat.

Default-user-icon Greenie (Guest) 14 April 2013, 21:37

Josh is noone But the coward ,Coward

Missing greatpierro 14 April 2013, 22:19

and during his 40 years of reign, democracy and liberty flourished in Syria, peaceful relationship established with neighboring countries especially lebanon. Vas te faire cuir un oeuf.

Thumb ousama.ben.laden 14 April 2013, 22:26

تشتكون من قصف جامع و أنتم من دبح شيخ معارض لكم و غير مسلح؟ والله لو حرقتم بنار الله فلن يكون كافي أنتم مرتزقة الغرب مغثصبوا الأجيال رب العالمين لن ينصركم.

Missing saddam 15 April 2013, 03:12


Missing peace 14 April 2013, 22:34

i haven t seen more idiotic than joshes posts....even FT is smarter...

Thumb justice 15 April 2013, 12:46

they are one and the same

Missing beirutbastard00 14 April 2013, 22:35

I feel like if u mention the Saudi king ull get deleted. Is that true? Anyone know who runs this site?

Missing samiam 15 April 2013, 00:26

so how much are they paying you to spout this garbage? It better be in dollars or euros because the syrian pound and iranian rial are pretty worthless.

Default-user-icon majd (Guest) 15 April 2013, 00:39

josh is correct assad protects minorities as did saddam in iraq. i suggest organizing a séance to resurrect saddam and prop him up back in charge of iraq. as long as he protects the minorities he can gas as many shiites as he fancies, it will probably improve their odor.

josh forgot that assad sr wiped hama off the map in 1982 minaret and all, he was taking a breather from bombing the christians of lebanon. ironically a few month later he ran away from the isralis in lebanon but don't blame him unlike the civilians of lebanon and hama the israelis were armed and he does not fight armed people..

Thumb tonymartin 15 April 2013, 08:46

rather Iran than America..