Report: Hizbullah Fighter Killed in Clashes in Syria

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A Hizbullah member was killed in the ongoing battles in the neighboring country Syria, media reports said on Saturday.

According to MTV, Mohammed Asaad died recently in the clashes in Syria as European Union foreign ministers are set to discuss on Monday fears over Hizbullah's involvement in the battles.

Hizbullah has announced several burials in past months, without elaborating on the circumstances of its members' deaths.

The opposition March 14 camp and Syrian rebels have repeatedly accused Hizbullah of aiding the regime of President Bashar Assad militarily.

Syria's conflict that erupted in March 2011, is believed to have killed more than 70,000 people.

On Monday, Syria's main opposition National Coalition called on Lebanon to control its frontiers, after rebels said they fired across the border in retaliation against Hizbullah.

The party has systematically denied sending fighters into Syria, although its leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah acknowledged in October 2012 that party members had fought Syrian rebels but said they were acting as individuals and not under the group's direction.

In recent months, fighting has raged in and around several towns and villages inhabited by a community of some 15,000 Lebanese Shiites who have lived for decades on the Syrian side of a frontier that is not clearly demarcated in places and not fully controlled by border authorities. They are mostly Lebanese citizens, though some have dual citizenship or are Syrian.

Before Syria's uprising erupted two years ago, tens of thousands of Lebanese lived in Syria.

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Thumb justice 20 April 2013, 14:53

Another thug got neutered...... Good Riddance and rot in hell with your Jihadist ideology!

Thumb andre.jabbour 20 April 2013, 14:57

Allah ma3o

Missing rudy 20 April 2013, 15:15

The problem is, just like here, when you hear of it you deny it and turn the attention to sunnis somewhere else.

Just read the article

Missing akkar1 20 April 2013, 15:23

Arrh shup up josh! U trying to make shia look like angels its not working

Thumb geha 20 April 2013, 15:31

each day we hear several of these idiots are rotting in hell.
and there are those who still defend them :)

Thumb lebanon_first 20 April 2013, 15:58

wrong Josh. And also sectarian. HA killed dozens of marines in lebanon. These marines were PEACEKEEPERS. Not fighters.
HA killed innocent jewish bystanders in bulgaria.
HA killed scores when they invaded beirut in 2008

Criminals come from all sects. Even the respectable greek catholic sect created a michel samaha.

Thumb justice 20 April 2013, 16:27

you sound more like ali.ben.nassrallah

Missing simplelogic 20 April 2013, 16:42

I agree with you. My response is about the 2 "suspects". Could you please provide me with some proof or direct me towards a link that explains where all the FBI intelligence is coming from? I do not know if I believe what is going on.

Default-user-icon ah (Guest) 20 April 2013, 16:47

Josh-bustany i agery with u
these wahabi and nasabi people dont knw who are shia muslims

Thumb banima3roof 20 April 2013, 17:31

you are mentally unstable. go log in under your other screen names.

Thumb fero 20 April 2013, 17:44

wow that really shows the level of your intelegance...instead of being sectarian and racist maybe you should try opening your mind a little

Default-user-icon johar (Guest) 20 April 2013, 18:25

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Missing futureleb 20 April 2013, 20:36

Yorgo, you and josh are both morons. Jihad is self defence, not terrorism. Those who kill inkocent people arent doing jihad just like christians who kill innocents arent following christianity. All you fools are good at is inciting against islam day and night. The source of shiite violence is shiaism and the source of salafist violence is salafism. Islam is innocent of such crimes. You need to go check christian violence before you talk about islam. We dont blame christianity for your terrorists who brutally murder and rape in africa, south america or in iraq and afghanistan as the US army did there. Such filth are satanists but if i were to follow ur example, i would blame christianity.

Missing helicopter 20 April 2013, 21:12

slashing heads and chests of children (sometimes as young as 1 year old) during Aashoura is terror in and by itself.

Missing helicopter 20 April 2013, 21:16

They will never protest. When each mother gives birth to 10, she says 5 of them is for Nasrallah.

Thumb dasphinx 21 April 2013, 13:56

Nothing lasts for ever. Their end will come

Thumb dasphinx 21 April 2013, 13:57

Talking about Hezbollah of course and not Shi'a. Shi'a will be better off without the Hezb

Missing greatpierro 20 April 2013, 21:45

What about Twa flight? What about HA kidnappings of foreigners in the eighties? What about HA attacks on the marines and French peacekeepers? What about HA attacking beirut inhabitants in 2008 and burning if tv stations?

Thumb dasphinx 21 April 2013, 12:57

Cyprus? Bulgaria? Thailand?

Thumb shab 21 April 2013, 21:36