Phalange Announces Proposal to Amend Constitution: Neutralizing Lebanon from Region's Crises Must Become Binding

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Phalange Party MP Sami Gemayel announced on Tuesday coming forward with a suggestion to amend the preamble of the constitution to stipulate Lebanon's neutrality towards regional conflicts.

"We request amending the constitution to clearly state that Lebanon must stay neutral towards regional events,” Gemayel said after the weekly meeting of the party's political bureau.

He elaborated: "We are very concerned about Lebanese factions' participation in the Syrian war and this can lead to transferring the fighting into Lebanon.”

“We remind those publicly declaring that they have fighters in Syria, particularly Hizbullah, that they have signed the Baabda Declaration that clearly states we must disassociate Lebanon from regional crises,” the MP noted.

"Any involvement in the neighboring country's war will lead to dragging other factions into the conflict as well,” he warned.

“The Baabda Declaration must be adopted in the constitution and in the laws so that no one can act against it. It will be considered illegal if the declaration is breached.”

The Baabda Declaration was unanimously adopted during a national dialogue session in June 2012. It calls for Lebanon to disassociate itself from regional crises, most notably the one in Syria.

Gemayel said the draft the Phalange is coming forward with will be discussed with all political parties and parliamentary blocs' heads in the country: “We will reveal who agreed to sign the petition and who did not so that the public can be aware of the factions' stances."

"The situation has become urgent and we want real commitment rather than intentions. The constitution and the laws are binding.”

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stated in April that he will not hesitate to help the Lebanese in Syria’s border town of al-Qusayr.

‪”We won't leave the Lebanese in Qusayr's countryside vulnerable to attacks and we will not hesitate to help them‬,” Nasrallah said explaining his party’s involvement in the Syrian conflict.

He also announced that Hizbullah fighters are defending holy places in the area: “Armed groups are only hundreds of meters away from the Sayyeda Zainab shrine and Takfirist groups launched clear threats on the Internet that they will destroy the shrine should they enter the area."

As a response to the party's involvement in Syria's war, several Salafist Sunni leaders have announced sending fighters to the neighboring country to participate in battles alongside the opposition's rebels in al-Qusayr.

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Thumb Bandoul 07 May 2013, 20:51

Laws are only effective on normally law abiding citizens who occasionally make mistakes. Criminals, mercenaries and terrorists don't give a red round fu-- how many laws you pass because they're never going to follow or abide by them.

Please let's all deal in reality and stop this silly political comedy show. You want to make a difference? Call things as they are and stop addressing HA as a noble political group and address them as the mercenaries that they are. All citizens must protest the presence of all illegitimate weapons in one untied voice.

Thumb benzona 09 May 2013, 23:38

Li Bandoul, min qalbi salamon li Bandoul.

Thumb justice 07 May 2013, 21:13

@Muwaten: You bring up extremely valid points, and I would add HA presence and existence as a military machine (Militia) must be put to a referendum by the people of Lebanon, and then put forward to Parliament for consideration. Absent this, HA remains a sectarian militia created and operated by Iran with a "non" national Lebanese agenda.

Missing plantmorecedar 09 May 2013, 03:28

Well said, Justice. People tend to forget they are the most heavily armed sect (and that's doing justice to anybody who supports them by implying that other sects do have some weapons, albeit nothing in comparison).

Hizbullah is impeding development in the country, I don't say this because of the rhetoric m14ers bring up, but because they are the only organization increasing it's military capability when there it is not only a cheaper, but more effective way to secure our foreign policy goals (security vs Iran, Israel, Syia, Saudi, and any other country for that matter) and that is through trade agreements and strong economic conditions. Lebanon is making a mistake by trying to increase it's deterrence through military means..and by lebanon I mean to say Hizbullah...

Missing phillipo 09 May 2013, 07:15

"We request amending the constitution to clearly state that Lebanon must stay neutral towards regional events,”
Is he refering only to the Syrian crisis, or does this also include Turkeys war against the Kurds, and the Israel - Palestine problem?