Geagea: New Cabinet Does Not Respect National Principles

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea stated on Wednesday that the new government is reminiscent of the period of Syrian hegemony over Lebanon, saying that at a time when people are revolting against oppressive regimes, Lebanon has become directly linked to one of them.

He said during a press conference: “The new government has gone against the tide of these revolts, and six years after the Cedar revolution, the cabinet came to remind us of the time of hegemony in the worst possible way.”

“The government has set Lebanon apart from Arab and international policies, linking it to the likes of North Korea,” he noted.

“On the internal level, this government does not adhere to national principles … seeing as it does not properly represent Sunnis, which led Hizbullah and AMAL to concede a seat of their share to them,” the LF leader said.

“Political Shiism didn’t lose anything in the government since it completely belongs to it, the Sunni majority boycotted the cabinet, and the Christians are represented by those who don’t enjoy the popular majority,” he noted.

“We have seen massacres between the members of the new majority during the government formation process and MP Talal Arslan’s sentiments over it are shared by several members of the cabinet,” Geagea remarked.

On Monday, Arslan had criticized the government and Prime Minister Najib Miqati, accusing him of discriminating against the Druze and other minorities.

Geagea stated: “The new cabinet is not cohesive and I haven’t found a single positive thing in it.”

“This government harkens back to the Stone Age and I feel sorry for the citizens for how much they had to put up with and how much they will have to endure,” he lamented.

Lebanon would have been better off without a government, Geagea said.

“A government like this poses a danger to Lebanon, especially since it is connected to the Syrian regime,” he added.

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Default-user-icon Kalambo (Guest) 15 June 2011, 14:31

Setting free certified criminals and giving them a forum is the ultimate disrespect of all principles. But what can you do in a country that was until recently run by the Don Haririoni mafia?

Thumb james 15 June 2011, 16:05

can kalambo plz get their facts right coz u got no idea about who is criminals and who Lebanon has or wll be run by

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 15 June 2011, 16:43

Thank you Kalambo.
and james, the likes and I underline the likes, as there are many of the likes of Samir Gea Gea. belong in jail. Unfortunately only a country like ours honors criminals. he should be in the hague, behind bars.

Missing dabstract 15 June 2011, 16:45

Regardless of who is in the cabinet, Lebanon's political system is a mess. Everyone from the civil war era is still meddling in Lebanese politics, to name a few - Aoun, Geagea, Berri, Gemayel, Frangieh, Jumblatt. First thing is first. NO STATE WITHIN A STATE. The Palestinians tried to do this years ago. Let's not go back to that. The only forces in Lebanon that should carry weapons should be the Army and Police regardless of religion.

Missing joseph 15 June 2011, 16:46

Kalombo. if you can't come up with something original you should not act like a parrot. get your facts together man before using big words.

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 15 June 2011, 17:10

joseph and james.. u actually say that gea gea is not a criminal?? waw.. or maybe we should start by defining criminal. it is killing people. is this the definition you ad in mind?

Default-user-icon neutral (Guest) 15 June 2011, 18:39

National principal? hahhahah. What did you do to me and my family and the other lebanese Families. did you get us jobs.? did you feed us? did you care?
just give me one thing you did to the poor lebanese me. i want proof. I remember your zaaran coming to my old parents house collecting daribit dam by force. What goes around comes around. ya saffah. your people did mousadarat of people's houses . is this National principal? What did you do so people can remember you but killing and murdering innocent people. You had your chance the last 5 years. show me what good did you do to the Lebanese people. show me .To hell with you Hariri and the STL.
You did not feed me and my family you did not get me a job so what did you do tell me again. you have the guts to stand up and say this is not a national principal? what about the Island that you own in the caribean? is that national principal? I dont care about your principals i want to eat.

Default-user-icon Ali (Guest) 15 June 2011, 19:10

You guys are arguing about who is a criminal??? What about the AMAL thugs and their beloved leader Berri? Is taking Lebanon to war by a person/party like Hizbullah in 2006 not considered criminal??? When you roam the streets of beirut butchering people is it not considered criminal? What a shame how you people ignore the facts and out of spite and prejudice voice opinions based on your political affiliation. Those who have undermined the state are Aoun, and his allies all under the pretext of so called resistance.

Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 15 June 2011, 19:29

Dear Doctor Geagea ,

This government is here to stay , please put that in your mind once for all .

From today Till 2013 , you will have to accept that the days of wine and roses on the expenses of the Lebanese are over ...

You also have to accept the fact that the Hariri era is also over ...and corruption too ..
You will have to accept the fact that GMA has the majority at the government and is on the head of a strong Christian bloc of ministers inside the Council , where YOU and your friends are OUT .

In case you dont know it , the new minister of justice is no longer your obligé Ibrahim Najjar !! but Me Chafik Cortbawi from FPM , and be sure that YOUR dossier , and all your friends dossier(s) are going to be re opened ..

Go and join Saad at the Plaza Athénée in Paris , it's better for you , because you missed the train for good this time .

Missing mansour 16 June 2011, 01:42

mazen you Geagea a criminal for what reason a church bombing which he didn't do and he stayed in Lebanon to defend it in court which was a Syrian run.for all the killings and kidnappings and rapping during the civil war only he is a criminal?Those dirty filthy Palestinians who i hope to God never see a country of there own and have to live like the Grubs they are for the rest of human civilization,as for Syria the road here on right now i hope it leads to civil war for them so the likes like you Mazen can cross into Syria to try and save your beloved Grub and never return.Thank you

Missing mansour 16 June 2011, 01:49

Le Phenicien yea that's cool they are the Majority they can form whatever they want that's true.But don't sit there and expect the rest of the free minded citizens of the world to not see what is formed is a Syrian government of same from the 90's to 2005 when Syria finally got the boot to which your beloved GMA finally came back.What happened to the speech your beloved GMA gave to the U.S congress about Syria in which he accused Syria of crimes,how all that has change since Assad let him sit on his chair lol.i feel sorry for you cause you follow someone who has no back bone and is a coward.If you can respond back to my statement don't run from it like your leader did who still holds the record of 1.03 seconds to french embassy.Thank you

Missing urotherside 16 June 2011, 10:12

Mr. Geagea,

Wake up; Those "other" evil people you afre accsuing are as Lebanese as anyone else, and they see the polar oppsite view of what you see.

Wake up: Those guys have an army that stopped israel and now balanced them in power.

Wake up: They are willing to die for their cause. Trying to take away their guns is like taking away their souls.

Wake up: Israel's savagery and lust for grabbing other people's lands is what caused them into existence.

Wake up: Again they are willing to die, are 10000X more powerful then you, and whether you like it or not are 100% Lebanese.

Wake up: pushing them and trying to jerk around with then is not healthy for Lebanon,

Wake up: I might not like all the facts eaither, but IT IS REALITY.

Wake up: They would rather have friends (Aoun, etc) and not enemies.

Wake up: Make your ego a little smaller and be forgiving and accept others. Dialogue even if it does not get you anywhere is your best choice.

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 16 June 2011, 13:01

This article is about Gea Gea. Not about berri and the rest. Berri or others being criminal does not discount the fact that GEA GEA is no criminal. Mansour mentioned the church bombing. A lebanese court found him guilty. He is guilty of murdering the chamouns too.. the list goes on.. he butchered people on the street.. and by the way, Hizbullah and Berri did not start the war in july 2006. That war was a global (and arab)war on lebanon. Int. leaders of that time have confirmed that in their memoires.. as for the Palestinians , their leadership commited atrocities in our country, but that does not mean that all palestinians are criminals. yes they deserve their own country just as much as we deserve our own. For those wishing Syria a civil war, just remember that the victims will be innocent civilians, just as happened in our war.. are we so insolent to the events in Syria? Might a civil war there not spill over into Lebanon? Do we want a post 2003 iraq on our border?

Default-user-icon LebaneseAM (Guest) 16 June 2011, 13:57

My friends . We can discuss Lebanon from now to eternity at the end we will never solve the problem. Even discussingLebanon among lebanese will create hatred and war. No one can find a solution . You can not please this one without upsetting that one .No matter what you do one side is allways going to object.Its like trying to treat a malicious deadly cancer.
You kill it on one side it will reappear on another side.
there will allways be a plus and a minus. You guys are upsetting each other on here and wasting your energie for what? like those people in the gov are going to listen to you? They are too busy with themself and thats about it. So relax save your energie have fun with your life . Lebanon will allways be lebanon but life is too short.

Missing mansour 16 June 2011, 15:34

mazen there you go again Geagea was found guilty yes by Lebanese court but under whose control wake up and get your head out of your ass.And as for the Palestinians and Syria i find them all guilty and hope what they did to Lebanon comes back to there 1000 times over.Thank you