Salam Rejects Veto Power, Prioritizes Productivity Not Cabinet Shape

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Premier-designate Tammam Salam reiterated on Saturday that he rejected giving veto power to any party, saying his priority was forming a government based on trust and good performance.

“The nature of the cabinet should take into consideration the nation's interest,” Salam said from Baabda Palace after meeting President Michel Suleiman.

“The shape of the government is not the essence. The most important thing is it's performance,” he said.

Salam stressed that forming a 24-member cabinet in which the three major parties – March 8 alliance, March 14 coalition and the centrists - would have equal representation was necessary.

This prevents giving veto power to any party, he said. “I hold onto it because it allows the government to be in harmony and productive.”

The March 8 alliance and mainly Hizbullah are requesting a veto power, claiming that their representation in the government should be based on their parliamentary weight.

But Salam called for an “atmosphere of trust” among future cabinet members as opposed to rivalry on division of shares.

He said there is a division of power in the political system, and it would be “undemocratic” to form a cabinet that is the parliament’s miniature.

Salam also called for cooperation rather than bringing political differences to the government.

He refused to give himself a deadline to form the government, saying “I don't count the days.”

But he told reporters at the presidential palace that he had a moral duty to exert all efforts to come up with a line-up without any further delay.

The PM-designate's meeting with Suleiman came after the extension of parliament's mandate entered into force.

The parliament extended its term for 17 months after the rival parties failed to agree on a new electoral law.

After midnight Thursday, the extension law became valid after the Constitutional Council, which was set to study petitions filed against the legislature's move, failed to meet over lack of quorum

During this period, Salam's efforts to form a new government had come to a standstill.

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Thumb ahmadinejad 22 June 2013, 09:35

Hezbollah is the most important asset that Assad has. They're considered, by most military scholars, to be the best urban warfare militia in the world. Assad would be losing if it wasn't for them. They're doing the real work in Syria...

Assad's men and the FSA are amateurs. No disrespect haha. Al-Nusra is overated, and they've been humiliated on numerous occasions. HA captured about 50 jihadist flags and burned them. Ouch!

Thumb ahmadinejad 22 June 2013, 09:35

The only people that'hv caused Hezbollah any real problems are the Chechens. I'm talking about the REAL battle-hardened Chechen veterans, not the younger Chechen refugees and immigrants in the West. Thankfully for Assad there aren't that many and some Chechens are fighting on his side. Paid mercenaries making big money...interesting, huh? The West and the Salafists can send in all the best military hardware in the world and it still won't do much damage in the hands of inexperienced and untrained fighters. Don't forget that they're going up against a force (Hezbollah) that's almost on the same level as the Revolutionary Guards!

Thumb benzona 22 June 2013, 21:34


Missing helicopter 22 June 2013, 18:05

Wolf, if you are truly Lebanese then SHAME ON YOU. and if you are not, then your post makes sense as its purpose is to do Lebanon harm.

Missing helicopter 22 June 2013, 18:07

Such a sweet avatar cheering for a violent Hezb ....... mind boggling but unfortunately such paradox afflicts many Lebanese

Missing beirutbastard00 22 June 2013, 18:13

Hahaha and if u don't like that, u can just eject the game n put in another one! Lool

Signed wolf. :p what're u on about dude?

Missing beirutbastard00 22 June 2013, 18:16

Wow hizballah has lost all credibility as a resistance movement against Israeli aggression in Lebanon. Now they really are just an Iranian militia in Lebanon.

I really thought that over the years hizballah was transformed into a Lebanese group. It hasn't.

Missing samiam 22 June 2013, 18:35

hizb iran doesn't want productivity, it wants grid lock and the current status quo.

Missing shibas 23 June 2013, 00:18

Yes salam go home play wth yr smatphone and let us play with our weapons

Missing 871x12 23 June 2013, 08:26

I think one needs to keep in mind that to form a government, there are three essential steps. The first is the proposal of the prime minister designate to the president of a government. The second is the acceptance by the president of this proposed government. The third is the vote of confidence in parliament.
I think Salam has had an 8+8+8 government in his pocket for some time now, but what good is it if the president isn't ready to sign it and Jumblat isn't ready to vote for it (to give the government a majority vote of confidence)? Both still speculating about what Hizb's reaction will be...