More than 100,000 Killed in Syria Uprising

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

More than 100,000 people have been killed in Syria since the beginning of the country's uprising in March 2011, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights watchdog said in a new toll on Wednesday.

The Observatory said the toll now stands at 100,191 people, with at least 36,661 civilians killed, including more than 3,000 women and more than 5,000 children under the age of 16.

The group, which relies on a network of activists, doctors and lawyers on the ground throughout Syria, said 18,072 rebel fighters had been killed.

On the regime side, the group reported the deaths of at least 25,407 army soldiers, 17,311 pro-regime militia and 169 members of the Hizbullah, which has dispatched fighters to battle alongside the Syrian army.

The group counted another 2,571 unidentified people killed in the fighting throughout the war-torn country up until June 24.

The figures are a testament to the levels of violence wracking the country, which has been ravaged by a civil war that began with peaceful demonstrations calling for regime change.

The Syrian government responded with force to the demonstrations, starting a bloody spiral into violence that has left no part of the country untouched and raised concerns about regional destabilization.

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Thumb dasphinx 26 June 2013, 11:22

So sad. People always win at the end, and tyrants always lose.

Missing rafidahhh11 26 June 2013, 16:14

Hezballot has not had enough, they need more sunni blood

Thumb Lebanon4life 26 June 2013, 14:32

Poor Syria !

Thumb benzona 26 June 2013, 21:33

I can only imagine the extent of the retaliation when a democratic regime will replace Bachar.

They ll have my approval to judge our Chabiha that commit crimes there, desecrate their bodies and return hide here. They can pull them from their ears and take them to court. I'm against death penalty. They need to rot in jail with dry bread and water as a meal. No tv, no cell phones.

Missing bigjohn 26 June 2013, 22:17

After the 2006 war against Israeli aggresion, the mostly Sunni Arabs were asked which leaders do you support. The mostly sunni masses named Nasralla, President of Iran, Assad of Syria who referred to Arab leaders as "half men", and Chaves of venezuela... ALL of them Non-Sunni and anti-Zionist America. That remained after America's Arab puppet dictators were overthrewn in Egypt and Tunisia and the Bahrain dictator was on the way out. Then the Gulf oil and Gas puppets started the counter revolution. They bought the Ikhwan and Salafists by funding the elections in North Africa gave 5.5 billion dollars in aid to Egyptian government, invaded Bahrain to put down steet demonstrations, and started giving billions of dollars in Arms and money to fund the mostly Takfiris in Syria. The Gulf dictators who own M14, know the Sunni Masses do not support them and they are fighting a diversionary war against Iran, HA, Assad by supporting the Sunni Islamists.

Thumb benzona 26 June 2013, 22:31

Mon cher John

When Adolphe to rose to power in 1933 he was a decent man, he wanted to fix the injustices Germany endured after it lost WWI.... It was all good until he invaded a country, then another....

Nasrallah is a small hitler (hamdillah) and is following the same path. We know he should clip his wings before he kills further.

Missing bigjohn 26 June 2013, 22:43

Nasrallah has "invaded" one country. How many has the US and Israel invaded? If you can count, more than any country since Adolf!

Missing bigjohn 26 June 2013, 23:00

Sending 3000 fighters to Syria is not colonizing the world! The solution I have said many times is for ALL foreign fighters including the more than 15,000 paid Takfiri fighters to leave Syria.

Missing bigjohn 26 June 2013, 22:19

Cont....The money they have will give the Arab puppets of America some time, but in the long run it will not help. Israel is still there increasing its colonization and Palestine will explode. If the Sunni Islamists they are financing who can not control the Takfiris among them become succesfull, the oil and Gas Kings are finished. The gas and oil puppet dictators of America are using their money to extend their eventual demise by causing death and destruction to the lebanses and Arab world.

Missing bigjohn 26 June 2013, 23:12

I kind of agree with you. You have the majority of Syrians sitting on the sidelines...Leftists, Arab Nationalists, SSNP, independent Islamists, ETC.

But, unlike Tunisia and Egypt whose dictators were supported with billions of US dollars, the opposition did not receive aid and weapons, and the dictators were overthrown because the "revolution" was mostly widely supported by the populace (secularists and Islamists) unlike in Syria.

Missing VINCENT 27 June 2013, 04:21

The truth hurts. Those who can not dispute the facts, resort to name calling. Extremism arise from intolerance and hatred towards those who are different from you. Religion, race, etc. What is going on in Syria is shameful. May be they should save their energy, weapons and money to fight the real enemy and not kill each other.