LF, Independent March 14 MPs Announce Boycott of Next Week's Parliament Session

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Lebanese Forces and independent March 14 MPs announced on Saturday their boycott of next week's three-day parliamentary session.

MP Butros Harb announced on behalf of the independent lawmakers their rejection of the parliament's agenda and their questioning of the legality of the session.

He explained that President Michel Suleiman should have issued a decree to hold an extraordinary parliamentary session in light of the presence of a caretaker government.

Under these circumstances, he stressed that parliament should only meet in order to tackle urgent draft laws and not regular ones.

Should parliament meet next week, then it would be eliminating the role of the president and government, warned Harb.

The independent March 14 MPs therefore demanded that parliament's agenda be revised.

For its part, the Lebanese Forces bloc later held press conference to explain its position, deeming as illegal a parliamentary session that is held in the presence of a caretaker cabinet and which does not address urgent affairs.

Parliament is expected to convene on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in order to tackle a number of draft laws.

Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati questioned the legality of the session, seeing as it is not aimed at tackling emergency issues.

Media reports on Saturday said that he had informed Speaker Nabih Berri of his refusal to attend the session unless it strictly addresses emergency affairs, mainly the extension of the term of a number of security and military officials.

A caretaker cabinet cannot attend a parliament session unless it was dedicated to tackle emergency issues, said al-Joumhouria newspaper.

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Thumb mckinl 29 June 2013, 12:31

This what a failed state looks like ... exactly as the KSA wants it.

Thumb geha 29 June 2013, 16:51

a failed state is what hizbushaitan wants.
no legislative session will happen as long as there is no cabinet.
the cabinet canoot be vacant and shia govern the country through parliament.
no one can ask sunnis and Christians to accept that.

Thumb mckinl 29 June 2013, 17:01

Poor Geha still trying to attribute his crimes to others ... too bad Geha has been found by everyone a lying scoundrel ...

Thumb geha 29 June 2013, 17:47

that is your opinion and I respect it.
nevertheless the reality is that you are the liar and proofs are there in the open now.

Thumb irus_da_virus 29 June 2013, 14:51

Institutional sabotage?from what I can understand from this article,it seems Berri is the one who is sabotaging the constitution.what about the so called constitutional judiciary,3 judges refused to attend the session to debate the extension of the parliament.that was also m14's fault?does anyone recall the religion of those judges?it will give you an indication on who sabotaged the judges work.unless we agree that ALL our leaders make and are making huge mistakes and unless we start holding them accountable for their sheer incompetence then our Lebanon will fail as a state.

Missing peace 29 June 2013, 18:54

"As all he does is attack attack attack.." = 3aw 3aw 3aw! like a faithful dog....