Report: Al-Asir Plotted to Bomb Areas Across Lebanon Backed by 'Prominent' Security Agency

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir was plotting to target several areas across Lebanon in an attempt to provoke strife under the auspices of a “prominent” security agency and funded by well-known businessmen, a local newspaper reported on Tuesday.

A security source told As Safir newspaper that reputable businessmen granted al-Asir financial funds and apartments, who in turn used the funding to buy arms and explosives, aiming to bomb several areas across the country to create a sectarian strife.

The source also told the newspaper that a truck loaded with arms crossed al-Awali army checkpoint two days before the clashes with the army in the southern town of Abra, near the port city of Sidon.

According to the source, the truck made its way to Abra through a “prominent” security agency.

The truck was located near al-Asir's complex in the southern town with the arms.

The fighting, which was sparked last Sunday when al-Asir's supporters opened fire on an army checkpoint, left around 18 soldiers and more than 20 gunmen dead.

The gunbattles concentrated in the area of Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque and nearby buildings.

Al-Asir, a 45-year-old cleric who supports the overwhelmingly Sunni rebels fighting to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad, is no where to be found along with singer-turned Salafist Fadel Shaker.

On Monday, State Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr asked for the DNA samples of al-Asir's mother and the brother of Shaker.

Al-Asir teamed up with him when around two years ago he began agitating for Hizbullah to disarm.

The results of the tests will be compared with the DNAs of two burned bodies found by the army after taking control of the complex of al-Asir.

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Thumb lebnanfirst 02 July 2013, 08:19

She'd no tears over Assir for he was a religious zealot no different than HA and the Iranian mullahs. Lebanon does not need his likes to help get rid of HA. M8 Christians deep inside know that they nothing in common with a radical Shiite organization which actions keep demonstrating that it is beholden only to Iran not to Lebanon. The time will come when most Lebanese will get together in opposition to Hizballah because, simply put, their shaheed philosophy does not jive with life loving Lebanese philosophy.
To those who disagree about Assir's phenomenon remember that two wrongs do not make a right. Extremism whether Sunni or Shiite leads to the same dead end (pun intended).

Thumb lebnanfirst 02 July 2013, 08:21

General Aoun's latest flirting with Saudi Arabia is but one piece of evidence to the assertions made above about M8 Christians.

Thumb lebnanfirst 02 July 2013, 17:51

Thanks for the clarification. Yeslam timmak.

Thumb veritas 02 July 2013, 11:10

HAHAHAHAHAHA look look; it thinks it's smart hahahhahahah that's so cute!!!!!

Default-user-icon JC Williams (Guest) 02 July 2013, 16:37

You no doubt believe in the benevolence of your peaceful southern neighbors in Israel. They were Lebanon's problem before Hezbollah came into exixtence and will continue to be a problem if Hezbollah disappears Isreal will always be against Peace in Lebanon as a matter of policy. As long as Sunnis are collaborating with Isrealis against their fellow Lebanese , you will be on the verge of Civil War. This is the desire of Isreal and USA and the Saudis by association. Blame Hezbollah if you are a Zionist or a collaborator or a puppet or an idiot who can't remember your own history. Praise Harari and Point Fingers,avoid all mirrors and do not think at all.

Missing helicopter 02 July 2013, 19:29

You talk like ashraf elnass do, any relationship?

Missing --karim_m2 02 July 2013, 08:20

The truth comes out... I wonder what the February 14 Saudi-Wahabi coalition's excuse this time will be.

As for Assir, he will be brought to justice.

Missing canadianadam 02 July 2013, 08:32

Hopefully is justice issues by the state. We ve all seen your HA justice, most recently in an elevator shaft and Ashrafieh. Tfehhh alleyk. You talk about justice.... Let me guess, it was justice in Qusayr...

Missing helicopter 02 July 2013, 08:54

As he should. Too bad we can not say the same about Hezb thugs.

Thumb lebnanfirst 02 July 2013, 08:23

"The truth comes out"
Are you referring to Aoun's latest flirtation with the Saudi-Wahabis by any chance?

Thumb mckinl 02 July 2013, 08:49

Actually it was the Saudi Ambassador that visited Aoun ... not the other way around ...

Thumb lebnanfirst 02 July 2013, 08:56

It was Aoun who invited the Saudi ambassador to dinner at his Rabieh residence. Believe what philosophy you want but be truthful in relaying facts.

Thumb mckinl 02 July 2013, 09:06

@ lebnanfirst

I would hardly call an invitation to dinner ""Aoun's latest flirtation with the Saudi-Wahabis.""

It is M14 and Jumblatt that crawl on their hands and knees to Riyadh to get permissions ...

Auon chooses to extend a hand to all parties for the benefit of all Lebanese ... Inviting the Ambassador to dinner was a gesture of understanding.

Thumb lebnanfirst 02 July 2013, 09:46

Surely you gets? The timing must then be pure coincidence especially that no social precedence is in evidence. Come on man, be serious.
That said, I think this step should have been taken by Aoun long ago for the sake of at least his Christian supporters if not all Christians. Aoun is politically naive after all to have believed HA's BS. I really think he did, maybe even still does who knows.

Thumb lebnanfirst 02 July 2013, 09:48

Surely you jest*

Missing bigjohn 02 July 2013, 09:39

SOMETIMES, M14 leaders meet with Iranian leaders and Saudi leaders meet with Iranian leaders that is because Lebanon has relations with KSA and Iran, and Iran has relations with Lebanon and KSA.

Thumb lebnanfirst 02 July 2013, 09:51

;-) nice try.

Thumb Senescence 02 July 2013, 09:53

lebnanfirst, you ... don't think that's true ?

Thumb lebnanfirst 02 July 2013, 17:50

Haven't seen any sensical comments from you in a long time. It is obvious that events are not exactly panning out as you anticipated but really resorting to insults is so unbecoming of you. One had hoped for better utterances coming out of your mouth.

Missing thomas... 02 July 2013, 08:39

R.F.T. is that you dude? what happened ? i am speechless. good for you man.

Thumb mckinl 02 July 2013, 09:13

The Geagea/LF/M14 tactic of blaming the Lebanese Army for Sidon is backfiring badly. LF members are in open revolt over Geagea's criticism of the Army and trying to blame Hezbollah before he even offers condolences to the soldiers and officers brutally murdered in the ambush that lead to the confrontation.

Default-user-icon John (Guest) 02 July 2013, 08:39

You're right Roaring-FlameThrower.
In fact, if I were you, I would also contact the WHO (you may wanna google that one) and inform them Al Asir was also responsible for the Ebola outbreak. While you are at it, I also suspect we fill evidence that he murdered Michael Jackson, drove oil prices up and most likely invented cheating on the baccalaureate while encouraging world hunger. It makes equally sense.
Oh, and thank you for proving one very important thing: as long as there are thinkers like you, who can obviously prove that audiovisual evidence like the one that implicated Samaha, who also confessed, was nothing short of a fabrication, then this country is safe and has an amazing future ahead.
Ziad was right: el 3akel zineh

Thumb mckinl 02 July 2013, 08:47

Actually it was the Army that rid Abra of Assir ...

The Army prevented Assir from a successful plot to "bomb areas across Lebanon".


They should be arrested immediately for conspiracy to sedition ...

Missing helicopter 02 July 2013, 08:52

Other sources said HA got fed up with the rhetoric and insults Asir was dishing to Hezb and personally to Mr. Nasrallah. So Hezb tried to get his Sunni allies in Sidon (Nasserites and Jamaa ElAslmeya) to shut him up but was disappointed by their lack of desire to do so. So recently HA officials convened and made a decision to get rid of Asir by any and all methods available (including assassinating him). HA started putting a plan in place and were about to excute when luckily for them Asir got mixed up with the army and got eliminated. The army did save HA some effort on this end.
RFT ..... I like your writing style and your sense of humor.

Missing helicopter 02 July 2013, 09:12

What is Asir doing in this photo? Is he hitch hiking?

Thumb Senescence 02 July 2013, 09:40

He's probably in an amphitheater giving the thumbs up, signaling his approval of eating the failed gladiator's heart.

'tis a joke, obviously.

Thumb Lebanon4life 02 July 2013, 09:38

I think my dear friends the time has really come !! We have two choices now we either start talking and looking for solutions to this delicate situation or we keep the status quo which will surely result in a major conflict.

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 10:18

nice from as safir to issue these allegations under "sources" :)
it looks hizbushaitan wants to go now after the ISF in order to get rid of the remaining agency that is not under their control.
without real proofs these allegations mean nothing.

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 11:46

nasrallah = hitler

Thumb mckinl 02 July 2013, 10:32

@ Charlemagne

Well put my man !!!

Thumb mckinl 02 July 2013, 10:38

We shall see dear Zadig ... we shall see ... In the meantime certain Future Party Members use their constituents as canon fodder to please their Takfiri patrons want of a civil war in Lebanon ...

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 10:51

Actually the only ones being used as cannon fodders especially in Syria are hizbushaitan elements :)

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 10:50

why are you so outraged about this hearsay while you do not ask for the same regarding samaha which is a true fact?

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 11:49

what a bunch of crap:
you pretend being a son of the glorious Lebanese army but want to keep hizbushaitan :)
who are you fooling?
I am secular and I dispise any sort of religious extremism as I consider them as the root of all evil in Lebanon, that is why I am against asir, hizbushaitan, or any other form of the sort.
when you can say the same, please come back and say you are secular.

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 12:47

replying with insults :)
that shows your understanding degree, or that my comment hit a nerve :)
you are funny guys.
nasrallah= hitler

Thumb veritas 02 July 2013, 11:24

Actually you look cute in the picture ;D!!!!

Missing ghassan 02 July 2013, 14:10

Wolf, are you old enough to have a son? What an embarassment. From your comments, i swear i thought your were 15 or so. If your an adult then you are mentally retarded. Or your just a liar. Is charlemagne your other account? Both of these accounts bark in the same style and spam every comment area with insults.

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 12:49

more insults:)
asir means shit to me. but obviously you cannot pt that in your mind! or or you even have one?

Missing ghassan 02 July 2013, 12:55

You guys are obnoxious. Every lebanese who disagrees with hezballah is a cannibal and non-lebanese now? And if an iraqi agrees with hezballah then he is lebanese right? Just checking.. You have your lebanon, and we have our lebanon. Lets see for how long this fake alliance between fpm and hezballah lasts. Aoun was once very staunchly anti-assad. Clearly he is no stranger to changing his mind. By the way, since you want to send people back to "their homelands" and stripping them of their lebanese identity for not sharing your politics, then i suggest you strip fairuz whom you just quoted of her lebanese identity as well, after all, her father was a syriac immigrant from TURKEY who moved to lebanon.

Thumb habib 02 July 2013, 13:24

habib less than a minute ago

Karim layko safir s3odi bi rabyi haye2to zyaret sehro la safir sandetlo dahro wa asmaret 3an tagyir khatto siyesi aoun robama bikon koll kalemak 3an lwahabiyi was3odiyi ra7 di3an. Yadi3ankon ento bi 8 adar la2ta we5sosi laouniyin la2ta bas la sebbat

Default-user-icon Minerva (Guest) 02 July 2013, 14:42

Sorry, is the banner on Naharnet seriously advertising for internships in ISRAEL? There is also the website .Hope it is just a mistake. Otherwise, it is a disgusting joke..

Thumb bashir 02 July 2013, 16:55

It doesn't say that on mine, probably targeted advertizing from all the time you spend on Zionist websites.

Thumb beiruti 02 July 2013, 15:08

We all knew that Asir had assistance. Military weapons do not just show up. They are commodities traded on the arms markets by people with money and an agenda.
Given the incident in the north with Michel Samaha who is accused of attempting to plant bombs provided by Syrian General Ali Mamlouk at iftars following Ramadan last August in an effort to stir up sectarian strife in Lebanon, it is not unreasonable that the "security agency" referenced, which are overrun with Hezbollah elements provided the passage way for the weapons which likely came from Hezbollah arsenals.

Thumb beiruti 02 July 2013, 15:11

Hezbollah learns well from its allies in the Syrian regime to start fires and then put them out. The reports have not been denied that Hezbollah used the cover of the Lebanese Army to end the Assir movement. Assir needed to be ended. But Assir need never have been created, but for the reaction to Hezbollah's arrogance and the vacuum in the Sunni leadership with Hariri in self imposed exile. Hezbollah created this guy and then undid him as well. It is Machiavellian politics played at a very high level.

Thumb primesuspect 02 July 2013, 16:50

It could be true, look at Lebanon's grande mufti who happens to be in bed with Iran.... And didn't leave his seat at any cost.

This scenario could have been plotted for a couple of years.

Thumb beiruti 02 July 2013, 15:15

The "sectarian strife" side show that is being attempted to be lit in Lebanon is meant as a diversion to move the international spotlight off of Syria and to somewhere else. Lately, what news have you heard from Lebanon as the Army goes about the Assir business?
There is a big fight coming in Syria in Aleppo. The Assad Regime will test the commitment of the "Friends of Syria" to arm the Opposition there. If the Regime gets its butt kicked then it will negotiate survival, and if the Opposition gets kicked, the Assad will not do negotiations but, having absorbed the Wests best shot and won, he will continue on to put down the rebellion. My guess is that the Lebanese pigmy political class are awaiting the outcome of that battle, taking their calculations from it and will resume the political life of Lebanon based on those calculations.

Thumb beiruti 02 July 2013, 15:18

I mean from Syria, not Lebanon, what news have you heard from Syria. Its not like nothing is going on, there are aerial bombardments in the outskirts of Damascus, but these battles do not lead the international news anymore. It is all being done while the news spotlight is elsewhere, like on Lebanon and Assir, William Snowden etc.

Default-user-icon Minerva (Guest) 02 July 2013, 16:16

Sorry I can't stand this ad. there is a girl smiling, saying "this experience really boosted my resume", referring to her fantastic internship in genocidal Israel. This is an insult, clear Zionist propaganda. Someone tell Naharnet that the Lebanese people cannot stomach this. Please remove it.

Thumb LebCynic 02 July 2013, 16:57

Ala carte heart eaters!

Thumb bashir 02 July 2013, 16:58

Too many turbaned rats in this country.


Missing youssefhaddad 02 July 2013, 18:15

A sick country sprouts out depraved minds who would do anything to destroy the other diseases that inflict the land.
Plots of bombings and assassinations may not be anymore the specialties of the agents of the Syrian and the Iranian regimes who perfected them to spread sectarian strife. Assir, thankfully, did not live to execute his alleged plans but the others are still around.
By the way is anyone checking on Michel Samaha in prison?

Missing helicopter 02 July 2013, 19:28

Unlike you hezbpatriot, I am not used to kissing the ground they walk on. The only ground I will kiss is the ground of Lebanon, the grave where parents are and the ground where every Lebanese soldier died.
You go on kissing the Ground of HA and the Khomeini.

Missing helicopter 02 July 2013, 19:36

Let me try again on behalf of many.......
We do not need the likes of Asir or Hezb.
We do not need the likes of Ulemas or Sayyeds.
We do not need weapons outside the State
We do not want open borders with Syria
We want ALL to pay for electricity

Thumb Bandoul 02 July 2013, 20:15

Spot on, I am with you.

Thumb nodelet 02 July 2013, 20:36

Just like sludgy parasites living off others efforts... but its okay we are KIND

May God bless the Lebanese Army, sayed Haasan Nasroallah, general Aoun and all teh decent people of this land

Thumb nodelet 02 July 2013, 21:01

Charlemagne account been suspended :/

Missing peace 02 July 2013, 23:00

was he jealous of M8 samaha who planned to plant bombs in villages to create strife too? LOL!!!

Default-user-icon Free Lebanon from corruption (Guest) 02 July 2013, 23:21

I can't believe that although this article and many other articles have nothing to do with Hezbollah, people still find a way to take a swipe at the resistance.
Asir kills lebanese soldiers....blame Hezbollah
Asir plans to bomb several sites across Lebanon ....blame Hezbollah
Israel wants to invade Lebanon ....blame Hezbollah
Free Syrian terrorists eating and chopping people's heads off....blame Hezbollah
A child is run over by a car in Dubai ....blame Hezbollah
No power in Lebanon.....blame Hezbollah
. If Hezbollah wasn't around Lebanon would be half the size of what it is right now.
Do you not see what has happened to Palestine . Wake up people and stop your attacks on Hezbollah and start attacking the politicians that are stealing your money and giving you 6 hours of electricity , no health care, no education and dirty drinking water. These are essential things in other countries but luxuries in Lebanon.

Missing VINCENT 02 July 2013, 23:40

Well said. You can't take most of the regular Naharnet commentators very seriously.

Missing peace 03 July 2013, 01:28

just a perfect moment of laughter....! LOL!

Missing peace 03 July 2013, 01:38

HEIL wolf! perfect nazi speech! bravo!

Thumb beiruti 03 July 2013, 02:13

As long as Hezbollah controls everything in Lebanon, it will be called out for all that is going on in lebanon. Tired of the criticism, then stop demanding the divine right to control everything

Default-user-icon free Lebanon from corruption (Guest) 03 July 2013, 03:46

This is for the so called intelligent people of lebanon
" fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me "
In the case of the Lebanese people it should be "fool me everyday and I will continue to support you blindly". When will the people rise up and elect a prime minister or president based on 1 man 1 vote. We don't have a democracy . We have a system that was imposed on us by the former or should I say current colonial rulers. Our country is all we have . We must unite and stop the incitement of hatred toward one . We must be smarter and regain what is rightfully ours.
" together we stand , divided we fall " we must get up together and never fall again.