SNC Hails Blacklisting of Hizbullah Military Wing, Calls for Trial of Senior Officials

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syria's main opposition National Coalition applauded on Tuesday the European Union's designation of the military wing of Hizbullah as a "terrorist organization,” saying that its leaders should be put on trial for their role in the Syrian war.

The coalition considered that the decision is a “step in the right direction,” stressing in a statement on the importance of taking “practical measures” to halt Hizbullah's involvement in battles in Syria.

Hizbullah, a Muslim Shiite movement and long-time ally of President Bashar Assad's government, has been increasingly involved in the Syrian conflict now its third year, with fighters battling alongside the Syrian army against the mostly Sunni Muslim rebel fighters.

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah had previously justified the group's involvement in Syria by saying they were defending Lebanese-inhabited border villages inside Syria and Shiite holy sites in the neighboring country.

“Justice must take its course and Hizbullah officials must be tried over the terrorist crimes they committed in Syria,” the statement said.

The SNC also called on other “free” countries to take deterrent measures against Hizbullah and “its supporters, who participated in the bloodshed in Syria.”

European Union foreign ministers on Monday put the military wing of the Hizbullah on its list of terrorist organizations despite Lebanon warning against such a move.

At the same time, analysts voiced doubts about the effectiveness of the measure, questioning if Hizbullah really can be broken down into separate parts for punishment or reward.

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Thumb Roaring-FlameThrower 23 July 2013, 09:50

No Schadenfreude please!!!!! >>>>>>> Respect yourself !

Thumb justice 23 July 2013, 10:30

I think you are right:) "Eichhorst stressed that the EU differentiates between Hizbullah's political and military wing."

Default-user-icon aminedal (Guest) 23 July 2013, 12:02

Aoun is a killing disease that targets the brains... symptoms are the feel of perfection while being the lowest scum on earth

Missing lappeaudecouille 23 July 2013, 12:07

banima3roof really? HA has been listed as a terrorist organization by the United States government since the late nineties. So july 22 ain't gonna mean anything to anyone nor will anyone remember this date except for the ones who read your worthless comment that has no insight whatsoever on the matter.