Mansour Fears Hizbullah Blacklist to be Interpreted Differently by Each EU Country

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Caretaker Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour expressed concern on Wednesday that each European country might deal with the EU's decision over blacklisting Hizbullah as it sees fit and from it's own political view.

“This will have a negative impact on the visas and the transportation of people and financial transactions,” Mansour said in comments published in As Safir newspaper.

European Union foreign ministers on Monday put the military wing of the Hizbullah on its list of terrorist organizations despite Lebanon warning against such a move.

Analysts voiced doubts about the effectiveness of the measure, questioning if Hizbullah really can be broken down into separate parts for punishment or reward.

Mansour wondered what are the standards that the EU countries adopted to differentiate between Hizbullah's military wing and political party.

Mansour expected that the decision will last for a long time “as long as the EU's policies are subordinate to the Israeli lobby... The decision came from Israel and not from Europe.”

“Netanyahu's statements came as a disgrace to the EU,” Mansour added.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu swiftly praised on Monday the EU's decision, saying the party has imposed a "terrorist" rule on large parts of Lebanon.

Hizbullah "has imposed terrorist rule on wide sections of Lebanon, has converted them into an Iranian protectorate and is stockpiling tens of thousands of rockets there."

"These have been placed in the heart of civilian populations and are designed to be fired at population centers in Israel," he said.

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Thumb Roaring-FlameThrower 24 July 2013, 08:33

"لائحة الإرهاب تبعكم بلوها وشربوا ميتها"

Missing phillipo 24 July 2013, 17:14

I voted you down only because on an English-language website, you should write in English. I am sure that Naharnet also has an Arabic website.

Default-user-icon FYI - Guest (Guest) 24 July 2013, 18:27

FYI, this site is bilingual. The Arabic version is still in Beta though. Try clicking the ع next to the EN at the top of the page if you don't believe me :)

The comments for both the English and Arabic versions are shared. So people are free to post their comments in either language. but I can tell you you're not missing on much wrt this comment ;)

Default-user-icon Nonsensical (Guest) 24 July 2013, 08:37

His excellency the Foreign Minister of Syria has spoken!

Missing people-power 24 July 2013, 08:41

That's it, a good approach to get the decision reversed..... insult them and tell them they are merely mailboxes for the Jewish lobby.

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 24 July 2013, 08:46

It will be interptreted as it should be: A terrorist organisation period! There is no other room for interpretation , expect through some hair splitting with brain split people like you!

Thumb geha 24 July 2013, 08:58

they are terrorists and they are surprised when their actions lead to such result.
what do they expect?
each action has a reaction, and if I was a European country I would do the same.

Thumb mckinl 24 July 2013, 10:19

The EU is using the Blacklisting of Hezbollah as a counterweight to the new sanctions they have placed on Israeli West Bank businesses. The EU has an eye on both the need of the US military and the growing effectiveness of the Boycott-Divest-Sanction movement. They have to side with the US on Hezbollah while demonizing Israel to protect their exports against sympathy boycotts.

Thumb dasphinx 24 July 2013, 10:59

Mansour talks about Israel disgracing the EU. Who in hell does he think he is? Isn't Hezbollah and its terroristic operations in Syria, Egypt, Bulgaria. etc. a disgrace to Lebanon?

Missing phillipo 24 July 2013, 11:02

So what the Foreign Minister is saying is that in the 28 EU countries they all translate the decision into their own language differently, and just to make sure he has had it translated into Arabic as he sees fit.

Thumb dasphinx 24 July 2013, 13:20

Mansour is truly a disgrace to the country he is supposed to represent. I blame Mikati for allowing this person to act as the FM of Hezbollah and Syria for the past two years.

Default-user-icon hafezz (Guest) 24 July 2013, 13:43

he is only fearing for Hizzb. ,Lebanon is not on the menu

Thumb benzona 24 July 2013, 15:57

Mansour of Kerbala. Please, don't even think of how our european capitals interpret our own laws. Thank-you, and god bless the resistance (the lambda Lebanese) against the terrorist militiamen incarnated by Hezbollah and their FPM stooges.

Missing phillipo 24 July 2013, 18:03

The big problem is - What happens when Someone donates $1000 to the political party Hizballah. A legal action.
Who is to stop this party, when the money reaches Lebanon from transferring it, even against the wishes of the donor, to the military branch.
So, donors from abroad, and maybe even inside Lebanon, will be very wary of donating money to the political party, and rightly so.

Default-user-icon clarification (Guest) 24 July 2013, 18:27

Phillipo, as Hezbollah stated : there is no Military Wing. It's all one party.

This means that both the political and military are one and the same: TERRORISTS.

If one is to donate to Hezbollah, he's donating to terrorists.

And to all others, stop blaming Israel. They are not powerful enough to get the EU to unanimously approve this.

Thumb benzona 24 July 2013, 19:41

I know who's behind this, it's Prince Bandar. He's the new leader of the middle east.

Missing helicopter 24 July 2013, 22:58

He who does not deliver justice when he is strong, does not deserve it when he becomes weak.

Missing helicopter 24 July 2013, 22:58

He who does not deliver justice when they are strong, do not deserve it when they become weak.