Nasrallah Says Battle with Israel Easier than Local Disputes

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that the ground battle with Israelis is easier than the disputes among the foes locally, As Safir newspaper quoted him as saying on Wednesday.

“The target is always clear during battles with the Israelis and the options are limited, while locally the difficulties are limitless,” Nasrallah pointed out.

The newspaper quoted him on the seventh anniversary of the end of July 2006 war with Israel that the tactics and speeches during the war with Israel are obvious, while locally the rift is deep.

Israel fought a devastating 33-day war against Hizbullah in 2006 that cost the lives of 1,200 people in Lebanon, mainly civilians, and 160 Israelis, mostly soldiers.

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Thumb Machia 14 August 2013, 08:36

Yes Mr. Nasrallah. Good realisation. Politics is not about black or white, wrong or right. It is complicated just like economics. Fanatics like simple things but life is more complicated.
Good politicians and leaders aim to improve the quality of life of their people. You Mr. Nasrallah, with your war mongering and your extremism, have made us all poor.

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 August 2013, 11:16

If Sayyed Nasrallah was a fanatic, he would have eliminated all the local foes a very long time ago (think throat slicing takfiri style, that is what fanaticism looks like), and THAT would have been easy.

what's hard is to put up with all the local traitors, the haters, the provocations, the plotting, the collaboration, the insults, and remain calm.

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 August 2013, 12:56

glad you hinted at may 2008, that's a perfect example of self-restraint and use of minimum force.

indeed HA had promised they wouldnt turn their weapons on the internal front, but most people conveniently chose to forget the other promise:
HA also promised that hand that would try to grab their weapons would be cut off, and begged the lebanese brothers not to attack it in the back or else they would have no choice but to fight back. "we open our chest to israeli bullets, all we ask you is to not attack us in the back"
but mustahbal got a few hundred militiamen and thought they were big enough to play with fire.
and still then, HA captured most of the militiamen alive and handed them to the army, they had Clemenceau and Qoreitem under full control and still let joumblat and hariri unharmed. On the other hand, most dead in may 2008 came from executions in halba and the chouf by mustahbal and joumblat's men. see the difference?

Missing helicopter 14 August 2013, 15:41

But he is a smart fanatic, not one to fall for short term wins. He has done a good job eliminating his major and smartest opponents without establishing a direct link (and when a link existed he refused to turn in the suspects). He was on his way to control Lebanon and deliver it to Iran while many like mowaten still calls his occupation the "resistance". So he is a smart fanatic.

Missing flamefarter 14 August 2013, 15:57

The fact is that a party with weapons should not exist whether they have self restraint or not is irrelevant. A religious political party should not exist whether it's fanatic or not. A party should not be be ruled by a guy wearing a dress, not in this century, whether the guy is smart or not. A party whose allegiance is to another country should not exist, whether it.. actually it just shouldn't exist.
For all the 14 March guys who just got excited, your guys are not any better.
so you could all argue like kids on a playground or grow up and realise that the only way forward is to leave religion aside. we still have to deal with corruption and the like but at least it's a good start

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 August 2013, 19:54

what can i say phoenix, we cannot judge supposed intentions, even less debate about them. i only see the actions and focus on that, and these tell me they are not trying to attack and takeover but rather defending Lebanon and not asking anything in return but being left alone and not be attacked.
some like flamecatcher wish they could shoot on HA without HA responding, wouldnt that be convenient eh? no fakecatcher, some day you'll grow up and realize this is not a game, HA is not here to play around and smile to your childish jokes.

Missing VINCENT 14 August 2013, 20:31

Yeh, I agree with you. Sayyed Nasrallah is a moderate man. He most likely represents the cross section of the Lebanese community. He is the "poster boy" of a typical Lebanese man with typical Lebanese values, lifestyle and resolve to the well being of the Country as a whole. Or may be an Iranian reject.

Default-user-icon i-4n-i (Guest) 14 August 2013, 22:11

ur are insulting this guy, he is a master of economics, he diversified his portfolio. he invested in illegal arms deals, counterfeit money and bad drugs. international drug deals, money laundering and u name it. how can u say he is not in economy and complicated ? he is doing a great job making he lots of money to pay his mercenaries to grow beards and terrorize some of us who can't pass a checkpoint without their lineage identification back to the ottoman empire , while HA's identification card is a beard and an RPG :D

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 14 August 2013, 08:42

Yes. Dealing with Israel is easier than getting rid from the basij vermine from within. And less dangerous! For one thing Israel is not the political partner that has assassinated the best breed of lebanese politicians, ya TRAITOR !

Thumb Roaring-FlameThrower 14 August 2013, 08:55

Bless you Sayyid for your courage and credibility. I cannot wait to hear your fiery speech tonight. Yes, internally things are a bit difficult these days from our jihad in Syria to Nigeria, from kidnappings to ambushes, from Captagon exports to Dahieh duty-free zone. Yet, through it all you stand tall above them all. A man, a father, a husband, a believer. A man like no other. BTW, here is what the graduate Rouhani said yesterday when asked about his newly formed government:
عندما قدّم الرئيس الإيراني الشيخ حسن روحاني بالأمس حكومته إلى مجلس الشورى أعلن أنّه اختار الوزراء على أساس خبرتهم وليس على أساس انتمائهم السياسي. وعندما سأله أحد النواب المحافظين لماذا يُعيد "الفتنة" التي هي في رأيه اختيار وزراء كانوا ولا يزالون مقرّبين من الإصلاحيين، ردّ بالحرف "إنّ الإيرانيين تعبوا من التشدّد. الوسطية هي السبيل الذي اختارته الأمّة"

Missing phillipo 14 August 2013, 09:07

I don't believe that he really means what he says about a battle with Israel being easier than local battles.
If it is so easy, where has he been for the last 7 years ?

Thumb jcamerican 14 August 2013, 10:58

Preparing for another battle.

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 August 2013, 11:18


be patient phillipo, he said he's coming, and he always honored his word.

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 August 2013, 19:59

anonyme: dont talk so childishly, you know very well that if there is an existential threat to them they'll go and take it out, wherever it is. dont be surprised.
when tens of thousands of nusra jihadis mass up at the border, make daily threats against HA and shias in general, commit several massacres in border villages, and fire missiles on hermel, what do you think HA will do? of course they're going to go and smash the hell out of them, what did you expect? and more importantly, why are you whining on behalf of the fanatical, throat slicing, cannibal rapists they took out?

Thumb tareksheen 14 August 2013, 10:24

sho hal nasab hayda

Missing phillipo 14 August 2013, 11:01

As long as Nasrallah and Hizballah has the support of Mr. Mansour, they can do anything they want on Lebanese territory and no-one will lift a finger against them.
Mr. Mansour quote UN Resolution 1701, but only where it regards to Israel, ignoring completely Lebanese undertakings concerning Hizballah.

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 August 2013, 11:16

i bet you wouldnt say that to his face, would ya? but internet is a magnificent tool for the cowards, they suddenly become tough boys.

Missing phillipo 14 August 2013, 14:25

If I met Mr. Mansour I would certainly say it to his face. As long as he understands English and French then I would have no problem with him whatsoever. He would have a problem with me, the "ordinary man-in-the-street" telling a warped politician just what is the truth of the situation in his own country.

Thumb benzona 14 August 2013, 15:35

Not only would I say what Philippo just said he would, but I would also handcuff him and take him to the Hague.

Thumb benzona 14 August 2013, 15:33

You have no Jewish friends... You may have acquaintances, but that's about it.

Missing helicopter 14 August 2013, 15:44

yigerhussein, common man.

Missing helicopter 14 August 2013, 15:49

Southern and the_roar, look how moderate your comments are and how respectful you are of the other 50% of your Lebanese fellows. You are kinder to fellow Iranians and Syrian regime lovers than to your fellow Lebanese.

Missing ___-wolf-___ 14 August 2013, 16:12

Come on guys ,
All I have said is this :
Stop the illegal Flyovers Lebanon .
Stop the illegal penetration into Lebanon ( Allah elrahmoun who stepped on the mine )
Stop the illegal kidnapping of mere shepherds .
The Israelis' are paranoid , they are packing a lot of Dunn ,
He who is willing to give his life to fight for a cause is to destined to win , he who is to defend for a no cause is destined to loose !
Now guess who will win & who will loose ! It's easy !
Now there is no reason to delete my message you thin skin affected mods !
Signed Wolf !!!!!!!!

Thumb cityboy 14 August 2013, 16:23

the_roar, please don't give up on us, there are still some Lebanese that are committed to the principles of honor, truth, and loyalty. If you judge things based on what people like the1phoenix have to say then I can see where you lose hope in us Lebanese. just yesterday the1phoenix was saying that HA was on the brink of collapsing in 06 and that Israel could have easily made it to Beirut but had mercy on Lebanon thanks to the pleas of the rice kissing Sanoria.

Default-user-icon Wudyu Bliez (Guest) 14 August 2013, 16:30

Minibash, did you hear back from your "direct" address to Sayed Hassan, SIR? Oh, perhaps there is a lag due to translation? Keep up your falsafet, minibash. For one, I am an amazed follower of yours. bez2ak baz2 el Bash, minibash, SIR.

Missing ___-wolf-___ 14 August 2013, 16:36

Just get it over & done with !
Finish what you have claimed & would have already started according to you battle plan !
It is not worth waiting anymore, go for a FULL blown out defence against the biggest agitator in our region but don't stop there , go all the way towards the KSA & the GCC states until mission accomplished !!!!
Signed Wolf !.!.!.!.!.!.!.!!.!!

Thumb beiruti 14 August 2013, 19:54

@Flamecatcher. You have discovered the Holy Grail. Iran/Hezbollah/Israel are all together and have the Assad Regime with them. Hezbollah and Israel are symbiotic twins, two sides of the same coin. Likud justifies its power by maintaining a security state in Israel due to the existence of Hezbollah. In the same way, Nasrallah in Lebanon justifies the "resistance" on the existance of the Likud security state in Israel. If both disappeared, there would be no need for the other and the people of Lebanon and Israel would be the better for it.

Thumb beiruti 14 August 2013, 19:58

Who is stirring sectarian conflict in the region if not the Assad/Hezbollah/Iranian axis? Who is the main benefactor of "Muslims killing each other" if not the Israelis and the Iranians, both at the margins of the region and neither country touched by the potential regional conflagration being encouraged in Syria.
Hezbollah does the bidding of Israel and Iran. When Assad was in danger of losing Qaisyr in June, rather than Israeli defense forces, or US troops stepping into the breach, both sent Hezbollah who did the heavy lifting to save Assad for Israel, Iran and the US.

Nasrallah is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the people of Lebanon.

Missing helicopter 14 August 2013, 21:39

cityboy,there are still some Lebanese that are committed to the principles of honor, truth, and loyalty .........
Do those Lebanese you are referring to happen to be from Jaafar, Moqdad and Zoaiter families? We hear it on the news every day how civic minded and patriotic they are.

Default-user-icon Maroun (Guest) 14 August 2013, 22:10

Nasralla show us ur muscles stop latlater bala ta3mer and go invide the Galil if u can then talk and scream victory in the medias ,trust me the zionists are waiting for you in the corner, and it looks like your end wont be different than Arafat or badlensaser ,so yalla go for it ya aboul terrorist....

Missing VINCENT 14 August 2013, 22:23

It is not for Iran's best interest to have peace, civility and prosperity inside Lebanon and with its regional neighbors. Iran does not want peace between Palestinians and Israelis. It is not good business for Iran. If there are not events that spark up worthy news broadcast, T.V. news stations, reporters and their crew would be out of business. Fanatics like, Iranian Islamic Regimes and political organizations who align themselves and use "GOD's" name in vein (this includes all religions so don't respond saying that the other side is worse. We know) do not see the world behind their religious picket fences.

Missing VINCENT 14 August 2013, 22:24

Continued from top. If Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map, it is not Lebanon's business. Let those idiots try it (Syria's Assad has not, and he is a smart man), but our idiot, here H.A., has brought, and still want to bring, Lebanon into the mix. People wake up! Unless of course you are one of Soprano's captains and your daily survival and pecuniary interests depend on the business of your mob boss. Isn't it funny how these mobsters first create the need and get you hooked on drugs, and later sell the crap to you with blood money. So, just replace fabricated resistance with the drug "du jour".