Al-Mustaqbal Bloc Says Hizbullah's Fighting in Syria Exposed Lebanon to Dangers

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Al-Mustaqbal bloc stated on Monday that Lebanon became exposed to sedition the day Hizbullah got involved in the Syrian war.

"Lebanon became exposed to evil and sedition the day Hizbullah overran the country's interests and the national accords and got involved in the fighting alongside the criminal regime in Syria,” the bloc said in a released statement after an exceptional meeting held in the northern city of Tripoli.

The statement added: “This what placed Lebanon in the target circle.”

"We call on Hizbullah to withdraw its forces from Syrian territories and to return to the state and abide by its authority and its exclusive power, especially in matters related to security and the use of arms.”

The MPs continued: “We urge the formation of a capable cabinet that commits to the Baabda Declaration and disassociates Lebanon from regional conflicts and their consequences.”

The lawmakers' meeting comes few days after huge explosions rocked Tripoli, killing at least 45 people and wounding 800 others.

The twin bombings on Friday targeted the al-Salam and al-Taqwa mosques in the city.

"The blasts did not target the residents of Tripoli only, but they affected the entire country,” they stated.

The blasts, however, will not shake the Lebanese people's solidarity in confronting the Mamlouk-Samaha scheme, the MPs noted.

The statement was pointing out to the case of former Information Minister Michel Samaha and Syrian security chief Maj. Gen. Ali Mamlouk.

Lebanese judicial authorities have charged Samaha and Mamlouk with forming a group to commit terrorist crimes in Lebanon.

The two were also charged with plotting to assassinate political and religious figures.

"Tripoli has been fighting against the Syrian regime for decades. It will not respond to calls of strife between the people,” it said.

Al-Mustaqbal saluted The residents of Tripoli and their behavior following Friday's blasts.

"They have stressed on adopting a moderate approach, and on their commitment to the state and its institutions. They also stressed on their rejection of autonomous security. They will not be dragged into reactions that the Syrian is looking for.”

The MPs praised President Michel Suleiman's “emphasis on the Baabda Declaration.”

"His positions reflect his sense of responsibility to protect Lebanon,” they considered.

The statement demanded the “state's security bodies” to intensify their investigation to uncover all the details surrounding the explosions, urging also compensating the families affected in the incident.

Meanwhile, former premier Fouad Saniora stressed from Tripoli that “terrorists wanted to push the city towards extremism.”

"This terrorist conspiracy wanted to get to the resistance of Tripoli and they are pushing it towards extremism and towards miscalculated reactions,” Saniora said after offering his condolences to the families of the victims.

He added: “The residents of Tripoli rejected autonomous security and through this, the city sent a message to the entire nation.”

“Tripoli defeated their scheme. Today the city confirmed that its moderation and wisdom.”

The head of al-Mustaqbal bloc remarked that some factions “abandoned a policy they had adopted in the cabinet and in the Baabda Declaration.”

“They instead decided to fight against the Syrian people,” he said.

“This is what created repercussions inside the country.”

Saniora called on Hizbullah to come back to "his senses.”

“The party must accept that there is no alternative to the state. There is no justification for autonomous security.”

Saniora expressed that there are two problems facing Lebanon.

He detailed: “The first is about Hizbullah's weaponry and the second is about the party's involvement in the Syrian war.”

“We suggest that we sit and discuss these issues together.”

“There is rift between the Lebanese but this can be solved though dialogue.”

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Default-user-icon Khashaflan Bikarzou (Guest) 26 August 2013, 20:51

Now that Lebanon has been "exposed" to dangers, are those responsible for killing Lebanese in cold blood Lebanese or foreigners who were let into the country from all Sanni dumps with laissez-passer from al-Mustaqbal al-Ta3ees? So al-Mustaqbal al-Ta3ees (forget about their chorus known as Farts 14) implicitly justify these crimes by blaming their unrelated (talking about logic) cause now that their butts and those of their masters are being pummeled in Syria. By their same contorted logic they should blame these crimes on their sending milk and blanket-wrapped takfiris to Syria! But instead of the cowards fighting for Syria in Syria (where were they when fighting Syria in Lebanon was the just thing to do? Oh, Rafic Syria was an impoverished man with low self esteem who was forced to behave Syrian-Style!), they are neutral towards the cowards blowing up Lebanese of all factions and continue to fund, shelter, shield and support them! Al-Mustaqbla al-Ta3ees sayer awsakh wa at3as.

Thumb benzona 26 August 2013, 21:37

Forming a gov with Hezbollah would be like putting a huge bullseye on the entire country. For what? For the people who executed Pierre gemayel and Rafic Hariri? No thank you.

Missing tourettes 26 August 2013, 21:44

of course hezzo is plunging Lebanon into chaos and destruction by its intervention in syria. The Lebanese government controls nothing, hizballah runs most of the country with its terror arm reaching far and beyond.
No need to repeat what most everyone is saying,however I do wish this filthy rat finds death and paradise in Syria
.murderers who murder on command

Default-user-icon ezzo (Guest) 27 August 2013, 00:12

Right. except the m14ers dont want to rule the country. they want to be puppets to the neocons. It's as clear as day

Missing cleanleb 26 August 2013, 22:26

Can Billionaire Mr. Seniora enlighten us as why when Future got involved in Syria two years ago they did not expose Lebanon to dangers?

Missing cleanleb 27 August 2013, 06:33

It takes one to know one

Default-user-icon Khashaflan Bikarzou (Guest) 26 August 2013, 23:05

Naharnet, are you back at work or are you still in mourning over the charred bodies of Morocco?

Missing cleanleb 27 August 2013, 10:27

These are the same faces and voices that attack the Army at every chance they get.
Make up your minds which side you are on one and for all....

Missing cleanleb 27 August 2013, 10:37

Al Mustakbal Bloc, would you care to explain why Lebanese MP Oqab Sakr openly disrtributes cash and weapons to Islamists in Syria? Since 2011??
Did the Lebanese people (who pay his salary) approve his actions? Did Al Mustakbal weigh the dangers they were putting Lebanon in? Who gave them the right on behalf of the Lebanese people?
Oqab and Saad are children playing with fire that will (has started) burn the country.
Enough double standards.