Miqati: Some Repercussions of Regional Conflicts Have Reached Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati stressed on Friday the need for local forces to respect Lebanon's policy of disassociation from regional disputes, saying that it will help preserve the country's stability.

He said during a conference with Arab lawyers at the Grand Serail: “Some of the repercussions of the regional conflicts have reached Lebanon.”

“We have learned from past experiences that violence only leads to violence, which is why we adopted the disassociation policy,” he added.

“The disputes in Lebanon have set us back tens of years and we are trying to make up for lost time,” continued Miqati.

“Dialogue is the only solution to crises and agreement between the partners of the nation will lead to victory,” he explained.

“Division and the halt of dialogue will not achieve anything,” he stressed.

The caretaker premier therefore demanded that the role of constitutional institutions be restored and that a new government be formed.

Addressing the situation in Syria, Miqati said: “Local powers banking on the changes in Syria are heading on a dangerous road, whose repercussions Lebanon cannot tolerate.”

He added that Lebanon has been harboring Syrian refugees, but they have started to impose a strain on the country's economy.

“Lebanon is part of the Arab world and it is affected by its developments, but it can no longer support further burdens,” he declared.

“We hope that our Arab brothers realize the dangers Lebanon is facing and hope that they would cater to the burdens that have exceeded our means,” he told the audience.

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Thumb benzona 13 September 2013, 15:13

Look at this pic... Is he trying to catch flies ?

Thumb _mowaten_ 13 September 2013, 16:13

lol. ca vole toujours aussi bas mais la c'etait drole ;)

Thumb benzona 13 September 2013, 15:33

I applied to SMU in your city.... But I picked London ;-)

Thumb _mowaten_ 13 September 2013, 16:25

10- all the above is bollocks aka zionist propaganda.

Missing bigjohn 13 September 2013, 18:58

I love how the M14 and Zionists commentators here attack M8 as loyal to Iran and Syria (which as an Independent Leftist I think it is mostly true). You will NEVER win an election in LEBANON if you continue to be owned by KSA (who is an puppet of Zionist America)and NOT denounce the Israeli American enemy.

Thumb benzona 13 September 2013, 19:25

Te only officially Zionist family is te Assad if Syria.... Since at least 1936!

Missing bigjohn 13 September 2013, 19:39

The Syrians who are fighting and dying on the government side are not doing it because they love the Assad family or what is left of the Baathist Socialist Party. They believe that if the armed opposition wins...that is the bigoted Ikhwan and Al Qaeda...they will be annihilated!

Missing peace 13 September 2013, 19:58


Thumb benzona 13 September 2013, 20:22

Indeed peace, LOL. Bigjohn is spreading fear..... That's how Aoun and his employer Bachar work. Yet the Chabiha killing and desecrating bodies since 2011 are bacharists.

One cannibal who bit a heart before spitting it out is a drop in the ocean filled with the blood of Bachar's opposing people. Those who aspire for freedom.

Missing bigjohn 14 September 2013, 01:09

FlameCatcher or ANYONE please name one brigade out of a 1000 that is not Islamist/Ikhwan/al Qaeda....PLEASE.

Missing bigjohn 13 September 2013, 19:26

"Syria introduced AlQaeda to Lebanon"...Do you mean if Syria did not "introduce Al Qaeda to Lebanon" They would not be there? Did Syria introduce Al Qaeda to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, America, Britain and a hundred other countries? Al qaeda does not ask any introduction or permission.

Today, Al Qaeda and their supporters have a large presence in Mali, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. If they decide to add Lebanon to the list, they and ONLY they will decide without any introduction.

Missing peace 13 September 2013, 20:09

syria introduced islamist extremists into lebanon to destabilize it...

at least that is what aoun said before his marriage with iranman!!!!

Missing peace 13 September 2013, 19:56

lol mowaten! for each of his statements we can easily find facts... only you too blind to see... LOL

Missing peace 13 September 2013, 20:00

La Syrie est responsable du massacre de milliers de civils libanais et de la destruction de nombreux villages dans le nord du Liban. Elle a bombarde le pays sans relache et s'est livree a des assassinats contre des deputes, des journalistes, des hommes politiques. Aucune enquete independante ne s'est jamais penchee sur ces crimes. Moi-meme, j'ai ete l'objet de trois attentats. Un million et demi de Libanais ont fui leur pays, ou ils etaient prives de liberte et de travail. La Syrie a toujours ete une force de nuisance. Quelqu'un doit mettre un terme a son jeu d'influence regionale nefaste. "" michel aoun 13/11/2003 Le Figaro

but now FPMers support the regime aoun has called to destroy! ironic no? LOL

Thumb benzona 13 September 2013, 20:23

Money talks Peace.... It's all about the dum dum do do dum dum!

Missing peace 13 September 2013, 20:07

" La Syrie est un pays terroriste. " Michel Aoun
( it was on tayyar.org before they deleted the page! LOL

"Dans le cadre de son entretien accorde dimanche a Radio Liban Liberte, le general Aoun avait estime que le Liban ne pourrait jamais etablir de bonnes relations avec la Syrie sous le regime Assad . Il est impossible de dialoguer avec le regime syrien actuel. Il se reproduit et se perpetue, mais il est incapable de se renouveler..."
Michel Aoun...

see how FPM has turn its back on its old principles? LOL... those following it cannot be credible whatsoever!

Thumb scorpyonn 13 September 2013, 22:26

They can all go to hell

Missing bigjohn 14 September 2013, 01:15

To those m14ers who all of a sudden are experts on the political groups in Syria....please please name one armed brigade out of a 1000 that exists in Syria that is not Islamist, Ikhwan, or al Qaeda???? Sorry children, I do not mean to scare anybody...

Missing bigjohn 14 September 2013, 01:37

The M14ers here reminds me of the NewCons when I lived in the USA prior to Iraq's invasion in 2003. They said that if Saddam is removed, Iraq will be run by a pro-western government who would get out of OPEC, sell oil to Israel, and would ONLY need weapons to defend itself against (Iraq's "ONLY enemy") Iran.