Report: Major Powers Keen to Hold Conference to Back Lebanon's Stability

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

World powers are keen on holding a conference on Lebanon given the instability in the region, most notably the Syrian crisis, reported As Safir newspaper on Saturday.

An official Lebanese source said that Russia, China, the United States, and France are in agreement to hold a conference to support Lebanon's stability in order to keep it away from regional conflicts, especially the unrest in Syria.

The meeting will also support Lebanon's economy, its army, and efforts to harbor the Syrian refugees.

The conference is likely to be held at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

The source credited President Michel Suleiman for his efforts to hold the conference, saying that it was discussed during a recent telephone call between him and United States Secretary of State John Kerry earlier this week.

According to the source, Kerry voiced his eagerness to ensure the success of the conference, stressing that it should help restore international, regional, and Arab support for Lebanon “after the Lebanese sensed that this backing had waned in light of recent security developments in the country.”

Another meeting on helping Lebanon cater to the needs to the Syrian is scheduled to be held on the margins of the U.N.'s annual General Assembly scheduled for later this month.

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Missing eagle_eye 14 September 2013, 13:36

Good leadership - looking to resolve issues for the people of the country he represents through discussion and communication with co-operative forces. What more could someone ask for? A demonstration of a refined diplomat - no resorting to weaponary and warfare.

Missing zakariah 14 September 2013, 22:44

Min Temmak la Beb el Sama.

While I remain skeptical to any such moves, mainly for the reasons you mention... I pray that such an initiative brings us some stability and means for the country to preserve itself.

Hope is high that also a new generation of educated and sincere politicians make their way. -- I always wonder why we as Lebanese, frequently succeed outside our country and fail locally.

Default-user-icon Joseph (Guest) 14 September 2013, 15:28

God bless you and keep you safe, President Suleiman.

Thumb kanaanljdid 14 September 2013, 17:22

Well, everybody is commited to Lebanon's stability...except Lebanon itself (and Iran and its local militia).

Missing VINCENT 14 September 2013, 20:47

That is because of Iran Logic-101, the Shiite alliance with Iran is for Lebanon's stability.

Missing eagle_eye 15 September 2013, 00:42

" By July 2012, according to analysts, Assad had amassed for himself, his family and associates a fortune of perhaps $1.5bn, which is held in Russia, Hong Kong and offshore tax havens to spread the risk of seizure "

sourced from Wikipedia