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Stocks Recover as Economic News Beats Hopes

World stocks started the week solidly amid hopes that the recent sharp volatility in the markets may have run its course following a run of stronger than anticipated economic data.

Though concerns remain over the state of the global economy and Europe's debt crisis, many investors think the recent sell-off has been overdone and are snapping up potential bargains.

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Autism Risks for Siblings are Higher Than Thought

A new study suggests nearly one in five children with an autistic older sibling will develop the disorder too — a rate much higher than previously thought.

Researchers followed 664 infants who had at least one older brother or sister with autism. Overall, 132 infants or about 19 percent ended up with an autism diagnosis, too, by their third birthdays. Previous smaller or less diverse studies reported a prevalence of between 3 percent and 14 percent.

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Future of Egypt's Ramadan Lanterns Under Threat

Tucked away in an alley in one of Cairo's oldest quarters, Nasser Mustafa painstakingly welds small metal pieces that will come together to form a traditional lantern.

Egyptians turn to the lantern, known as a fanoos, as part of the tradition of the holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset in a process intended to light one's path toward prayer and God.

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Greenland's Ice: Beauty and Threat

The pilot eased his five-ton helicopter toward the glacier's rumpled surface, aiming for the lightest of setdowns atop one of the fastest-flowing ice streams on Earth.

David Holland's voice suddenly broke in on the intercom.

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Hackers Protest Transit Blocking of Cellphones

Hackers broke into a website for San Francisco's mass transit system Sunday and posted contact information for more than 2,000 customers, the latest showdown between anarchists angry at perceived attempts to limit free speech and officials trying to control protests that grow out of social networking and have the potential to become violent.

The hacker group known as Anonymous posted people's names, phone numbers, and street and email addresses on its own website, while also calling for a disruption of the Bay Area Rapid Transit's evening commute Monday. The transit agency disabled the effected website,, Sunday night after it also had been altered by apparent hackers who posted images of the so-called Guy Fawkes masks that anarchists have previously worn when showing up to physical protests.

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Paris Hilton Loses Cellphones on Plane to Manila

Paris Hilton is suffering a new bout of cellphone drama. The heiress-turned-TV star reportedly lost two mobile devices on a flight to the Philippines for a visit to promote a hotel resort.

Television footage showed Hilton combing through a bag looking upset while she was surrounded by airline staff at the Manila airport late Sunday after arriving from Dubai.

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Court Adjourns Mubarak’s Trial for Three Weeks, Halts Television Broadcasts

Egypt's ousted president Hosni Mubarak, bound to a stretcher and caged, appeared in court on Monday before the judge announced a three-week adjournment and an end to live television broadcasts.

The judge, Ahmed Refaat, also decided that the trial of Mubarak and his former interior minister, Habib al-Adly, would be merged, as demanded by the lawyers of families of those killed in Egypt's January-February uprising.

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Spanish Designer Jesus Del Pozo Dies Aged 65

Fashion designer Jesus del Pozo, one of Spain's most influential style modernizers, has died aged 65.

A statement released late Saturday by Spain's Fashion Creators Association said Del Pozo had succumbed to a lung problem. Association president Modesto Lomba said although Del Pozo had looked weak in recent months he had worked with commitment and energy to the end.

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Climbers Scale Afghanistan's Highest Peak

Foreign and local climbers have recently scaled Afghanistan's highest mountain, indicating that some areas of the war-torn country are ready for a revival of international tourism.

An expedition member says the summit of Mount Noshaq, located in the Wakhan Corridor of northeastern Afghanistan, was reached by a team on Aug. 4.

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Hardly Old School, Campus Clothes Go Stylish

It's not all jeans, sneakers and sweatshirts packed in those duffel bags headed to college campuses in the coming weeks. There might also be a ripped-from-the-runway look from Zara or H&M that mimics Celine or Chloe, and maybe — just maybe — a bona fide Diane von Furstenberg dress or Alexander Wang jacket.

Dr. Martens are a must-have.

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