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Floods from Monsoon Rains Kill Scores in Pakistan

Flash floods triggered by heavy monsoon rains swept through a village in northwestern Pakistan, killing 33 people and leaving dozens others missing, disaster management officials said Friday.

The floods hit the remote Kundian Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province Wednesday, destroying houses and other infrastructure, said Syed Asghar Ali Shah, the acting head of disaster management in the province.

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Cola, Cookies, Tuna in Hidden Tunnels under Gadhafi Compound

Beneath the grassy courtyard of Moammar Gadhafi's private compound, long tunnels connect bunkers, command centers and spiral staircases that lead to a luxurious home filled with Gadhafi family photos.

The electric lights are out and the banks of telephones have gone dead.

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Whoopi Goldberg Adopts Kitten Rescued on NY Bridge

A kitten tossed from a moving car on New York City's Verrazano Bridge now has a name — and a celebrity "mom."

Whoopi Goldberg has posted a video of Vinny on her Facebook page. It shows the adorable gray kitten grooming himself and batting a feather toy with his paw.

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Nokia Launches its Cheapest Phones at $30-$35

Nokia on Thursday unveiled its two cheapest cellphones to date aimed at attracting users in the low end market as it fights increasing competition from Asian manufacturers.

The Nokia 100 and 101 — priced $30 (€20) and $35 (€25) respectively — will be available in the third and fourth quarters of the year.

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Merriam-Webster Adds 'Tweet,' Other New Words

Here's something for your Twitter feed: "Tweet" has earned a spot in the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.

Used as both a noun and a verb, the word describing a post made on the online Twitter message service is among more than 100 new terms revealed Thursday for the dictionary publisher's newest edition.

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Jerusalem's Walls Restored, Idiosyncrasies and All

Israeli experts are nearing completion of an ambitious restoration of the five-century-old walls of Jerusalem, the holy city's dominant architectural feature and a unique record of its eventful and troubled history.

The $5 million undertaking, which began in 2007, is set to be complete by the end of this year. The first restoration of the walls in nearly a century, it has required decisions about which of the walls' many idiosyncrasies — the falcon nests, for example, the hundreds of machine-gun bullets, the botched restorations of years past — are flaws to be corrected, and which have earned a place in Jerusalem's story and are thus worth preserving.

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Samsung Boosted as Jobs Steps Down at Apple

Shares in Samsung jumped on Thursday and other competitors also benefited as Apple chief Steve Jobs stepped down, with analysts seeing a window of opportunity for rivals of the trailblazing U.S. firm.

The cancer-stricken Jobs -- the driving force behind iconic products such as the Mac computer, iPhone and iPad -- said Wednesday he would step down as chief executive and retreat to the back seat as chairman.

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SANA: ‘Terrorists’ Killed 8 Syrian Soldiers in Attacks

Eight Syrian soldiers, including an army officer, have been killed in separate attacks in the country's central province of Homs, the official SANA news agency reported Thursday.

"In an ambush Wednesday afternoon at (the town of) Talbisa, terrorists fired on a military bus killing one officer and two soldiers and wounding seven others," said a military official quoted by the agency.

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Pakistan Police Free Kidnapped American 2 Weeks After Abduction

Using tips from arrested suspects, police on Thursday safely recovered a U.S. development expert who was kidnapped almost two weeks ago in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore, a senior police official said.

Police traced the whereabouts of Warren Weinstein, 70, to Khushab city, located some 125 miles (200 kilometers) northwest of Lahore, and freed him during an early morning operation, said Lahore police chief Malik Ahmed Raza.

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26 Miners Missing in China Mine Flood

Twenty-six miners have been trapped for two days in a flooded coal mine in northeastern China.

The state-run China Daily newspaper said rescuers Thursday were rushing to pump water from the mine in Qitaihe, in Heilongjiang province, but hadn't yet made contact with the trapped miners.

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