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Kuwait Port Plans Stir Tension with Old Enemy Iraq

Iraq and Kuwait, two countries that share a small border and big history of mutual suspicion and war, are at it again. This time they are arguing about Kuwaiti plans to build a mammoth port that Iraq claims interferes with its shipping lanes in the Gulf.

Although it seems unlikely the tiff could escalate into another conflict, the remarks are disturbingly reminiscent of the recriminations that preceded Saddam Hussein's invasion of Iraq in 1990 and point to the uneasy relationship that has persisted long after Saddam's ouster.

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Dubai Developer Nakheel Completes Restructuring

The indebted state developer behind Dubai's man-made islands says it has completed a long-awaited financial restructuring and will issue over $1 billion in Islamic bonds to some of its creditors.

Nakheel said Wednesday that the Islamic bonds, known as sukuk, would be issued on Thursday.

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Hertz, GE Partner in China Electric Autos Venture

Rental car company Hertz Global Holdings says it plans to partner with General Electric in offering electric vehicles in China and expanding the charging networks needed to run them.

An agreement to be signed in Shanghai's "Auto City" of Anting on Wednesday calls for building 770 charging stations in major Chinese cities including Shanghai and Beijing, said Richard Broome, Hertz's senior vice president for corporate affairs.

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Facebook to Let Users Pre-Approve Photo Tags

Drunken revelers rejoice: Facebook will now let you decide whether your friends can attach your name to a photo before it is circulated.

Currently, your friends can add your name to a photo on Facebook without your consent or knowledge. You can remove it later, but only after lots of others may have seen the embarrassing shots. Now, you can insist on pre-approval.

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Jazz Legend Wynton Marsalis to Perform in S.Africa

Famed American trumpeter and composer Wynton Marsalis has shared memories of his childhood and played a few tunes in South Africa as a prelude to headlining Johannesburg's annual jazz festival.

Marsalis talked about his life Tuesday during a question-and-answer session at Johannesburg's Market Theatre. Later this week, he will perform at the city's Joy of Jazz festival.

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Lady Gaga, Ryan Reynolds Class Photos Published

Bradley Cooper's teenage tennis practice. Lady Gaga's first communion. A young Scarlett Johansson decorating a Christmas tree. Ryan Reynolds goofing around with his high-school classmates. Country crooner Blake Shelton as a guitar-playing kid.

These are just a few of the before-they-were-stars photos included in's U.S. School Yearbook Collection. The genealogy website recently expanded its yearbook database to include nearly 7 million images from thousands of schools in the United States.

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Could Dior be Homing in on New Designer?

The fashion world is abuzz over the possibility that U.S.-born designer Marc Jacobs might take over as creative director of Dior.

The label, widely considered the jewel in the crown of French fashion, has been floundering for nearly six months, since its longtime creative director John Galliano was summarily sacked over allegations he made anti-Semitic remarks.

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Feathers Catching The Fancy of Fashion Insiders

The fashion flock seems to have developed a fancy for feathers: They're decorating cocktail dresses and bohemian jewelry, and being braided into hair.

They're statements of femininity and luxury — without being too frilly, experts say.

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Pacino, 'Scarface' Cast Celebrate Film's Legacy

Al Pacino says he got burned while making "Scarface."

Literally, he grabbed the hot barrel of a gun that had just shot 30 rounds during one of Tony Montana's violent scenes.

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Jaded West Coast Chuckles over East Coast Quake

Soon after the lunch plates stopped rattling and books stopped thumping to the floor, shaken easterners could hear another sound from Tuesday's magnitude-5.8 quake: snickering emanating from the opposite side of the continent.

"Really all this excitement over a 5.8 quake??? Come on East Coast, we have those for breakfast out here!!!!" wrote Dennis Miller, 50, a lifelong California resident whose house in Pleasanton sits on an earthquake fault line.

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