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Turkey Says Three Killed in Explosion near Border with Syria

A bomb went off in a car near Turkey's border with Syria on Friday, killing three Syrians who were inside the vehicle, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters.

The blast occurred inside a car some 750 meters (yards) from a local government office in the border town of Reyhanli, in Hatay province, Anadolu Agency said.

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German Woman Sentenced to 5 Years for Joining Islamic State

A German woman has been sentenced to five years in prison for membership in the Islamic State group.

The regional court in the southwestern German city of Stuttgart had earlier Friday convicted the 32-year-old defendant of joining a foreign terrorist organization.

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Sudan Generals, Protesters in Landmark Deal on New Governing Body

Crowds of jubilant Sudanese took to the streets of Khartoum on Friday to celebrate a landmark deal between protest leaders and the country's ruling generals aimed at turning the page on months of political unrest.

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Iraqi PM Takes a Gamble with Move on Iran-Backed Militias

The Iraqi government's move this week to place Iranian-backed militias under the command of the armed forces is a political gamble by a prime minister increasingly caught in the middle of a dangerous rivalry between Iran and the U.S, the two main power brokers in Iraq.

Facing pressure from the U.S. to curb the militias, the move allows Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to demonstrate a tough stance ahead of a planned visit to Washington, expected to take place in the coming weeks. It is unlikely, though, that he would be able to rein in the powerful Iran-supported militias, and he risks coming off as a weak and ineffective leader if he doesn't.

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Arrests in Hong Kong Raise Fears of More Violent Protests

A Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmaker expressed fears Thursday that the situation could worsen after police announced the arrests of more than a dozen people following protests earlier this week.

Legislative Council member Claudia Mo called on people to understand the frustration and anger of the mostly youthful protesters, even if they have technically broken the law.

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Rouhani: Iran Will Enrich Uranium to 'Any Amount We Want'

Iran's president warned European partners in its faltering nuclear deal on Wednesday that Tehran will increase its enrichment of uranium to "any amount that we want" beginning on Sunday, putting pressure on them to offer a way around intense U.S. sanctions targeting the country.

The comments by President Hassan Rouhani come as tensions remain high between Iran and the U.S. over the deal, which President Donald Trump pulled America from over a year ago.

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Iranians Say US Sanctions Hurt People, Not Government

While opinions differ across Tehran's Grand Bazaar about the ongoing tensions between the U.S. and Iran over its unraveling nuclear deal, there's one thing those in the beating heart of Iran's capital city agree on: American sanctions hurt the average person, not those in charge.

From an English-language teacher hoping for peace to an appliance salesman who applauded President Donald Trump as a "successful businessman," all said they suffered from the economic hardships sparked by re-imposed and newly created American sanctions. The Iranian rial's collapse has eaten into the savings of a retired bank clerk, while a young man with a shock of bleached-blond hair says those his age want to leave the country.

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Outcry as Dozens Killed in Airstrike on Libya Migrant Center

International condemnation mounted on Wednesday after more than 40 migrants were killed in an air strike on a detention centre in Libya that the U.N. said could constitute a war crime.

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Man from Lebanon Held in Australia over Sydney Terror Plot

Three men were arrested on Tuesday over an Islamic State group-inspired plot to attack a variety of Sydney targets including police and defense buildings, courts, churches and diplomatic missions, Australian police said.

A 20-year-old suspect had been monitored by police for a year since he returned to Sydney from Lebanon, Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Ian McCartney said. He was known to police in Lebanon.

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Lebanese Involved in Kazakhstan Brawl Return Home

125 Lebanese nationals arrived at dawn on Tuesday at the Beirut airport coming from Kazakhstan after the weekend brawl between Kazakh and Arab workers in one of the country's largest oil fields.

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