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Israel Uncovers 'Another Hizbullah Tunnel'

Israeli forces have said that they uncovered another Hizbullah tunnel dug from Lebanon, an announcement that came shortly after troops fired at suspected members of the Lebanese militant group who approached the site of Israeli army engineering working to thwart suspected tunnels.

The find makes this at least the second purported cross-border tunnel discovered since Israel began an operation this week to detect and "neutralize" what ot called attack passageways dug by the Iranian-backed group into northern Israel.

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Trump Resort Worker: No Regrets Speaking Out about Abuse

A Guatemalan living in the U.S. illegally who says she faced abusive working conditions as a maid at Donald Trump's New Jersey golf club doesn't regret speaking out, even though she might lose her job and be deported.

Victorina Morales told The Associated Press in an interview Friday that she can't go back to Guatemala because her family has received death threats, but that she had to stand up for other workers without legal documents at the club who have been ridiculed by a supervisor as "donkeys" and "dogs."

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Lebanese Army Describes Israeli Reports on 'Border Tunnels' as 'Allegations'

The Lebanese Army has described as "allegations" Israel's announcement that Hizbullah has dug "attack tunnels" on Lebanon's border.

It called on Israel to present specific coordinates and information about the location of such tunnels.

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UNIFIL to Send Team to Israel to 'Ascertain Facts' on Border 'Tunnels'

The U.N. peacekeeping mission in south Lebanon said Wednesday that it will send a team to Israel to "ascertain facts" after Israel said it started an operation to destroy alleged Hizbullah tunnels on the Lebanese border.

Calling for full access to all locations along the border, the mission, known as UNIFIL, said its regular weekly meeting with the Lebanese and Israeli armies discussed Israel's "activities" searching for suspected tunnels.

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Brazilian Consul: Arrested Ghosn is Healthy, Wants Thrillers

The former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn, who was arrested in Japan on suspicion of underreporting his income, seems prepared to fight out his case and has asked for thriller books, according to the Brazilian consul general.

Joao de Mendonca Lima Neto, one of the few visitors Ghosn has been allowed to see under Japan's stringent rules, said Ghosn was healthy and holding up well.

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Netanyahu Says 'Border Tunnels' Operation to 'Continue as Long as Necessary'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Tuesday that an operation launched by the Israeli army on Lebanon’s border to destroy suspected Hizbullah tunnels would continue “as long as necessary.”

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Leaders Gather for Key UN Climate Talks in Poland

Leaders from around the world are arriving for the ceremonial opening of the climate conference in southern Poland that will discuss ways of curbing climate change.

The two-week conference in Katowice is expected to work out how governments can report on their efforts to reduce green gas emission and keep global warming well below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), as agreed in 2015 in Paris.

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Qatar Will Pull Out of OPEC amid Tension with Saudi Arabia

The tiny, energy-rich Arab nation of Qatar announced on Monday it would withdraw from OPEC, mixing its aspirations to increase production outside of the cartel's constraints with the politics of slighting the Saudi-dominated group amid the kingdom's boycott of Doha.

The surprise announcement from Qatar's minister of state for energy affairs, Saad Sherida al-Kaabi, again throws into question the role of the cartel after needing non-members to push through a production cut in 2016 after prices crashed below $30 a barrel.

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Dramatic Downfall of Carlos Ghosn Reverberates in Lebanon

He may have fallen from grace internationally as one of the auto industry's most powerful leaders, but Carlos Ghosn can count on continued support in at least one corner of the globe.

Lebanon has long held hopes that Ghosn, whose grandparents were Lebanese and who holds extensive development projects in the country, would play a bigger role in politics one day, or help rescue its increasingly sluggish economy.

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U.S.: Iran Violating UN Arms Export Ban in Yemen, Afghanistan

The Trump administration on Thursday accused Iran of stepping up violations of a U.N. ban on arms exports by sending rockets and other weaponry to rebels in Afghanistan and Yemen.

The new allegations come as the U.S. ramps up pressure on Iran to halt what it calls "malign activities" in the Middle East and elsewhere by reinstating sanctions that had been lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal from which President Donald Trump withdrew in May. Iran has denied such accusations in the past.

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