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Saudi Festival Showcases Green Mountains, Flower Crowns

Atop a string of green mountains in Saudi Arabia, a monthlong festival drew a medley of yoga enthusiasts, extreme adventure seekers, tourists and traditional Saudi families — many wearing colorful flower crowns native to the region as the kingdom looks for ways to revamp its image and build up tourism.

The al-Soudah festival, which ran throughout the month of August, gave visitors a chance to experience a unique region in Saudi Arabia and take part in outdoor sports like hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, horseback riding, zip lining and bungee jumping. Thousands also attended concerts by Middle Eastern superstars.

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Asian Stocks Mixed after US, Chinese Tariff Hikes

Asian stocks were mixed Monday after Washington and Beijing escalated their trade war with new tariff hikes.

Shanghai advanced while Tokyo and Hong Kong declined. South Korea's main index was unchanged.

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Hizbullah Attacks Israeli Vehicle, Netanyahu Says No Casualties

Hizbullah announced Sunday it destroyed an Israeli military vehicle and killed and wounded those inside, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the attack did not cause any casualties.

Israeli army spokesman Avichay Adraee said Israel retaliated to the operation by striking the "attack cell", firing around 100 shells on south Lebanon and launching a number of helicopter raids.

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Macron Urges Iran to Show 'Greatest Restraint' in Lebanon

French President Emmanuel Macron has talked with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and urged Tehran to show restraint amid rising tensions in the region.

Macron's office said that the French leader asked Iran to "take necessary measures" to encourage negotiations in Yemen's war and urged Iran to show "the greatest restraint in Lebanon so that nothing compromises stability in this moment of great tension."

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Nasrallah Says Response to Israel Not Limited to Shebaa Farms, Denies Presence of Missile Factories

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Saturday his movement's response to a recent Israeli drone attack on the group's southern Beirut subrubs stronghold had been "decided."

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Fierce Category 4 Dorian Menaces Bahamas en Route to Florida

Hurricane Dorian has gained fearsome new muscle as an "extremely dangerous" Category 4 storm, bearing down on the northwestern Bahamas early Saturday en route to Florida's east coast.

Millions of people in Florida, along with the state's Walt Disney World and President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort, are in the potential crosshairs of the hurricane. Forecasters say Dorian, which had top sustained winds of 140 mph (225 kph) Friday night, will threaten the Florida peninsula late Monday or early Tuesday.

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Hizbullah Hands Drones to Army, Its TV Says were Likely Flown from Israeli Boats

Hizbullah's al-Manar television said Friday that two drones used in the suspected Israeli attack in Beirut's southern suburbs were flown from Israeli gunboats off the Lebanese coast.

Al-Manar's report came five days after an alleged Israeli drone crashed in a Hizbullah stronghold while another exploded and crashed nearby.

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Rising Seas Threaten Egypt's Fabled Port City of Alexandria

Egypt's coastal city of Alexandria, which has survived invasions, fires and earthquakes since it was founded by Alexander the Great more than 2,000 years ago, now faces a new menace in the form of climate change.

Rising sea levels threaten to inundate poorer neighborhoods and archaeological sites, prompting authorities to erect concrete barriers out at sea to break the tide. A severe storm in 2015 flooded large parts of the city, causing at least six deaths and the collapse of some two dozen homes, exposing weaknesses in the local infrastructure.

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Lebanese Bank Denies Doing Banking Activities for Hizbullah

A Lebanese bank targeted by the U.S. Treasury Department for "knowingly facilitating banking activities" for Hizbullah denied the charges Friday, saying it abides by international laws.

The Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctioned Jammal Trust Bank on Thursday and added it to its list of global terrorist organizations.

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Israel Says Hizbullah, Iran Intensifying Missile Efforts in Lebanon

The Israeli army on Thursday accused Iran and Hizbullah of stepping up attempts to build precision-guided missile production facilities in Lebanon, saying these efforts are putting Lebanese civilians in danger.

The announcement comes at a time of rising tensions. In recent days, Israel has struck Iranian targets in Syria and Iraq, and Hizbullah has accused Israel of a drone strike in Lebanon.

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