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Better Marriages Make for Healthier Hearts, Study Says

Men whose marriages grow stronger over the years have healthier cholesterol and blood pressure than peers whose unions fall apart, said a study Monday that hinted at unexpected health perks of relationship counselling.

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Orthorexia: When 'Healthy Eating' Ends Up Making You Sick

People, it seems, have never been so afraid of their food -– and, say some experts, an obsession with healthy eating may paradoxically be endangering lives.

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Trump Rolls Back Obamacare Provision for Free Birth Control

US President Donald Trump's administration annulled on Friday an Obamacare provision  that obliged employer health plans to pay for contraception, potentially stripping free birth control from millions of women.

The move extends to all commercial enterprises an exemption already given to religious institutions.

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Study: EU Watchdog OKs Cancer Drugs without Efficacy Evidence

European regulators approved 39 new cancer drugs between 2009 and 2013 despite having no evidence that they worked better than existing medicines, or at all, researchers said Thursday.

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Panic in Madagascar as Plague Spreads

Crowds of fearful residents flock to their local pharmacies before dawn, desperate to buy masks and antibiotics to stave off a plague outbreak sweeping Madagascar.

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U.S. Backs Lebanese Health Ministry's 'Ambitious' Mobile App

Through the Loubnaniyoun NGO, the U.S. Government is supporting the Lebanese Health Ministry's effort to create a mobile application that enables citizens to access, apply for, and receive approvals for over 100 essential public health services, U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Elizabeth Richard said on Tuesday.

Speaking at the signing ceremony the ministry and Loubnaniyoun, Richard described the app as a “groundbreaking initiative.”

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Switching to e-Cigs Would Delay Millions of Deaths, Study Says

A large-scale switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes would cut smoking-related deaths by a quarter in the United States by 2100, even assuming the gadgets are themselves not risk-free, researchers said Tuesday.

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'Skin and Bones': Doctors Fear for Malnourished Rohingya Kids

The five-year-old Rohingya boy was so emaciated that doctors could not insert a drip into his tiny arm, one of thousands of children facing life-threatening malnutrition in overstretched Bangladeshi refugee camps.

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Madagascar Plague Kills 24, Triggering WHO Fears

The World Health Organization said Sunday it was boosting its response to a plague outbreak in Madagascar that has killed 24 people, as the government banned public meetings to reduce infections.

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Health Ministry Seeks World Record for Biggest Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Under the patronage of First Lady Nadia Aoun and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Ghassan Hasbani, the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon is planning to launch the National Awareness Campaign on Breast Cancer in October 2017 like every year for the past 15 years.

The launching event will include the formation of the biggest awareness ribbon made of pink footballs. The dimensions of the ribbon will be around 35 meters in length and 19 meters in width and the total surface area to be covered by the balls is estimated to be around 300 square meters.

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