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In Venezuela's Hospitals, Eat at Your Own Risk

Hardly anybody likes hospital food but in Venezuela, it's so awful -- monotonous, starchy diets cooked in filthy conditions, and newborns fed intravenous solution for lack of baby formula -- that experts call it an actual health risk.

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Ebola Outbreak in DR Congo Believed to Have Killed 33

A new outbreak of the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo is believed to have killed 33 people in the east of the country, the health ministry said Saturday.

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Russia, E. Europe Blasted for Hampering AIDS Fight, Gay Discrimination

Elton John Tuesday blasted Russia and eastern Europe governments for "discrimination against gays" saying such bigotry was thwarting the fight against AIDS, as scientists announced disappointing results in the quest for a cure.

In a sudden tirade at the second day of a major conference, John, a seasoned AIDS campaigner, gave voice to years of frustration and spoke of the plight of gays who are oppressed in many nations.

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Drug-Fuelled HIV Surge Raises Concerns at AIDS Meeting

Celebrities from actress Charlize Theron and pop star Elton John to Britain's Prince Harry will call for action on the second day of a world AIDS assembly in Amsterdam Tuesday, as concerns grow over an HIV surge in some parts of the world.

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High Risk of 'Losing Control' of AIDS Epidemic

The AIDS epidemic risks resurging and spiraling out of control unless billions of extra dollars are pumped into prevention and treatment, experts warned Sunday on the eve of a major world conference.

An alarming rate of new infections, coupled with an exploding population of young people in hard-hit countries, meant the world could be steering for "a crisis of epic proportions," said Mark Dybul, an American AIDS researcher and diplomat.

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In Damascus, War Amputees Walk Again on Syrian-Made Prosthetics

Propped up by a mobility frame in a rehabilitation center in Syria's capital, Abdulghani Ghayyana carefully inches forward on two artificial legs, as he walks for the first time in over a year.

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Record Three in Five HIV-Carriers Now Have Access to Drugs, Says UN

Almost three in five people infected with HIV, or 21.7 million globally, took antiretroviral therapy (ART) in 2017 -- a new record for anti-AIDS drug access, the UN's HIV/AIDS agency said Wednesday.

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West African States in Joint Fight against Root Crop 'Ebola'

Researchers from half a dozen states in West Africa have joined together in a battle against what one expert calls a root crop "Ebola" -- a viral disease that could wreck the region's staple food and condemn millions to hunger.

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UK Healthcare Worker Arrested for 'Murdering' 8 Babies

British police on Tuesday arrested a female healthcare worker suspected of murdering eight babies and attempting to murder six more after an investigation into deaths at a neo-natal hospital unit.

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'Dead' S. African Woman Found Alive in Mortuary Fridge

A South African woman who paramedics had declared dead after a horrific car crash was later found alive in a mortuary fridge, emergency services said on Monday.

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