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100 Apologies on Twitter

A Malaysian social activist will apologize 100 times on Twitter in an unusual settlement with a magazine publisher in a defamation case, his lawyer said Thursday.

The penalty has sparked debate among Internet users about the pitfalls of social media in Malaysia, where authorities have repeatedly warned people to be more cautious about they write on blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

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Mother ‘Out with Friends’ as Baby Dies in Rat Attack

A baby girl died after being attacked by rats in a South African shack while her teenage mother was out with friends, local media reported Thursday.

The dead infant was found covered in rat bites after neighbors heard her crying in pain during the night while her mother was away from the Soweto shack she shares with school friends, said The New Age newspaper.

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Bite and Run! Protestor Bites Policeman in Ouzai

A protestor bit a policeman in his hand as he was seeking to end a building violation in the Ouzai district of Beirut’s southern suburbs, the National News Agency reported on Thursday.

The “bite-and-run” incident took place as a police force was seeking to demolish a building as part of their crackdown on illegal construction.

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Russian Dies in 'Self-Burial' Experiment

A Russian man died after burying himself alive in a friend's garden in the Far Eastern city of Blagoveshchensk in an endurance test that went wrong, an investigator told Agence France Presse on Wednesday.

"According to his friend, the man, 35, wanted to test his endurance and insistently asked his friend to help him spend the night buried," said Alexei Lubinsky, a senior aide to the region's chief investigator.

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Australia Gay Safe Sex Ads Reinstated Amid Furor

Safe sex advocates claimed a victory over Australia's Christian lobby Wednesday when their HIV campaign posters featuring two men hugging were reinstated at bus stops after an intense online backlash.

The black and white posters, in which one man has his arm draped across his partner's chest and is holding a condom, are part of the Queensland Association for Healthy Communities "Rip and Roll" campaign promoting condom use.

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NZ Prisoners Given Carrots to Quit Smoking

New Zealand prisoners are reportedly being offered carrot sticks to help them overcome nicotine cravings as jails prepare to go smoke-free next month.

A leaked internal memo from Invercargill Prison said prisoners were being supplied with two carrot sticks a day in an effort to make them quit smoking before the total ban comes into force on July 1, the Southland Times reported.

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Indian Street Kids Work at Dawn, Then Dream of School

Fourteen-year-old Deepchand should be learning but instead he lies sprawled fast asleep on the floor of an Indian school -- exhausted by his early morning labors finding rubbish to sell.

Abandoned by his mother, his father dead, he works as a trash collector on the streets of New Delhi, starting two hours before dawn collecting plastic bottles, drink cans and metal -- anything that will earn him a little cash.

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After The Ash, Iceland Gets New Volcanic Fragrance

A designer who shot to fame with a line of perfume inspired by last year's flight-halting Eyjafjoell volcano said Monday she would launch a new fragrance drawn from last week's eruption on Iceland.

After launching "EFJ Eyjafjallajoekull," a women's perfume made from melt water from the glacier sitting on top of the Eyjafjoell volcano that erupted in April last year, Sigrun Lilja Gudjonsdottir said she would soon launch the "VJK Vatnajoekull," a fragrance for men named after the glacier that straddles Grimsvoetn.

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Bangladeshi Man’s Penis Kept in Jar of Formaldehyde at Police Station

A Bangladeshi man who had his penis cut off by a woman who then took it to the police as evidence of attempted rape said Tuesday he was the victim of a revenge plot by his former lover.

Mozzammel Majhi's penis was severed by the 40-year-old woman, a married mother of three, who said she was attacked while sleeping. She gave the penis to police, who are keeping it at the police station in a jar of formaldehyde.

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Report: Lebanese Officials Attended Barca-Man Utd Match

As Lebanon has plunged into turmoil with the absence of a new government and the growing confrontation between the March 8 and 14 forces, Caretaker Minister Jebran Bassil and the aide of either the speaker or the Hizbullah leader attended the Champions League Final, reported As Safir daily on Tuesday.

The newspaper said that Bassil and either MP Ali Hassan Khalil or Hussein Khalil were on Saturday among the crowds attending the football match during which Barcelona outclassed Manchester United 3-1 at Wembley to claim their second Champions League crown in three years.

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