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Italian Advertising Rebels Say No to Bimbos

As Italy rocks from a scandal involving a prime minister with a penchant for buxom starlets, an advertising industry group has launched an unusual campaign to fight sexism on television and billboards.

"We just go endlessly for the pretty, big-bosomed girls," sighed Massimo Guastini, head of the Italian Art Directors Club (ADCI) behind the initiative, which has gathered 200 industry backers since being launched earlier this year.

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Drag Queen Breaches G8 to Protest Unkept AIDS Promises

A bearded drag queen in a sequin dress and pink boa made a surprise appearance at the G8 summit on Thursday to slam leaders' unkept promises to provide AIDS treatment around the world.

A small group of protesters handed out flyers announcing "Miss Promise -- guest of honour at the G8" and "Unkept promises are promises that kill" inside the tightly secured press room in the France's northern resort of Deauville.

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Bees to Monitor Air Quality at Berlin Airport

Berlin's Schoenefeld international airport, located in the capital's rural outskirts, Wednesday announced a long-term project to monitor air quality by studying local bees and their honey.

"The honey monitoring will supplement our air quality control system," Jochen Heimberg, responsible for the airport's environmental division, said in a statement.

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Call me Goodluck: Nigerian Names and The Stories They Tell

So what do you get in Nigeria when you take Sunday, God's Gift, Whoknows, Noisy Place and, of course, Goodluck? Could be a family gathering.

This Sunday's inauguration of President Goodluck Jonathan will do more than officially bring an end to a landmark election period in Nigeria.

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Disconnecting in a Too-Connected World

The knowledge that I'd be cut off from Internet and cellphone service in just a few hours started to relax me long before I reached the secluded, serene site of a two-day yoga retreat in upstate New York.

For 43 magical hours, chirping birds replaced car horns and sirens. Two-hour yoga classes, hammock-lounging and hot-tubbing replaced sitting at my desk in Manhattan.

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N.Z. Truckie 'Blew up Like a Balloon' in Freak Accident

A New Zealand truck driver who inflated "like a balloon" when he fell buttocks-first onto a compressed air nozzle was described as lucky to be alive Wednesday.

Steven McCormack was working on his truck at Opotiki on the North Island on Saturday when he slipped between the cab and the trailer, dislodging the compressed air hose that feeds the brakes, the Whakatane Beacon reported.

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Naharnet Launches its New Website

This week marks a new decade for Naharnet as it bids farewell to its 10-year-old website and enters a new era with a groundbreaking Content Management Platform completely built in-house.

The initial Naharnet 2.0 website will slowly develop into a new environment that will redefine Naharnet as a digital and social media destination for the Lebanese and Arabs across the world.

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N.Z. Casino Staff Battle Pests With 'Flea Collars'

Staff at New Zealand's largest casino have resorted to wearing flea collars to combat a pest infestation, a report said Tuesday.

The staff at Auckland's SkyCity Casino were issued with insect spray to deal with an ongoing pest problem and some had taken to wearing pet flea collars around their ankles to discourage the insects, the New Zealand Herald reported.

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Radio Host Says World's End Actually Coming in October

As crestfallen followers of a California preacher who foresaw the world's end strained to find meaning in their lives, Harold Camping revised his apocalyptic prophecy, saying he was off by five months and the Earth actually will be obliterated on Oct. 21.

Camping, who predicted that 200 million Christians would be taken to heaven Saturday before global cataclysm struck the planet, said Monday that he felt so terrible when his doomsday message did not come true that he left home and took refuge in a motel with his wife. His independent ministry, Family Radio International, spent millions — some of it from donations made by followers — on more than 5,000 billboards and 20 recreational vehicles plastered with the Judgment Day message.

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Italian Baby Dies After Being Left in Hot Car by Father

A distraught Italian father who left his baby in a hot car for five hours after forgetting to drop her off at daycare may face manslaughter charges after the 22-month old died early Sunday.

Elena was barely breathing when her father, Lucio Petrizzi, rushed her to hospital on Wednesday. The professor of veterinary medicine said he was convinced he had dropped her off at daycare on his way to work.

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