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Apple and Samsung Settle Lengthy iPhone Patent Battle

Apple and Samsung have ended a years-long patent battle over copied iPhone design with an undisclosed settlement, according to a US court filing Wednesday.

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Facebook, Google 'Manipulate' Users to Share Data Despite EU Law

Facebook and Google are pushing users to share private information by offering "invasive" and limited default options despite new EU data protection laws aimed at giving users more control and choice, a government study said Wednesday. 

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Twitter to Confirm New Accounts in Spam Fight

Twitter on Tuesday said it will begin asking for email addresses or phone numbers to confirm new accounts as part of a battle against manipulation, particularly by automated bots.

Adding a way to check that a real person is behind new accounts was described by Twitter as being among measures to fight abuse, trolls, and hateful content.

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Uber Claims U-Turn as It Bids to Restore London License

Uber claimed Monday it had mended its ways as the ride-hailing app started its appeal against being stripped of its license to operate in London.

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Amazon, Alibaba to Withdraw Dangerous Products More Quickly

Four e-commerce giants, including Amazon and Alibaba, pledged Monday to withdraw dangerous products more quickly from the market, the European Commission said.

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As Facebook Ages, Teens Look Elsewhere to Connect

Manon, 17, has a Facebook account but to connect with her friends she turns to other social networks like Instagram or Snapchat.

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YouTube Offers Creators New Ways to Earn Money

YouTube, often criticized for not compensating creators well enough, will allow them to set up paid channel memberships, the company said on Thursday.

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Apple Fined Millions for Australia False iPhone Claims

Apple was Tuesday fined Aus$9 million (US$6.7 million) by an Australian court for making false claims about consumer rights when refusing to fix faulty iPhones and iPads previously repaired by a third party.

Customers of the US tech giant had complained to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) after an operating system update disabled their devices in a global issue known as "error 53".

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“Sea Wander” App Wins UNESCO & Microsoft Hackathon for Culture and Peace

Cartoon depictions of Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers, Singapore’s Merlion, Thailand’s golden temples were among some of Southeast Asia’s landmarks gliding along on the screen behind the name ‘Sea Wander’. The mobile app with its brightly colored cartoon characters and educational games was unveiled and crowned as winner after the team responsible spent one month to build it for the UNESCO & Microsoft Hackathon for Culture and Peace on May 21, 2018.

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Woman Drowns in Prague Drains Playing GPS Treasure Hunt

A young woman drowned and a man is missing after they were caught inside Prague's drain system by torrential rains while participating in a global GPS-based treasure hunt, police said Sunday.

They were among a group of four people "geocaching" -- using their smartphone's GPS to search for little treasures hidden all over the world -- when the rapidly rising water from the storm trapped them in the Czech capital's underground drainage system on Saturday night.

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