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UK Lebanon Tech Hub Gets Backing from BDL, UK Govt after 'Exceptional' Early Stage Results

The UK Lebanon Tech Hub (UKLTH), a joint initiative by Banque du Liban (Lebanon’s Central Bank) and the British Embassy in Beirut, has announced that inside three years of operation it has boosted Lebanon’s knowledge economy by creating 1,370 direct and indirect jobs. It also contributed more than US $8.5 million worth of deals into the UK and a $26 million increase in company revenues in Lebanon.

The hub, which helps grow tech innovations into global businesses primarily through London, accelerated 78 startups that raised more than $36 million and are currently valued at more than $200 million. The figures presented at the demo day of The Nucleus, the hub’s startup venture building program, were welcomed by Hugo Shorter, the British Ambassador to Lebanon.

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Should Uber Users be Worried about Data Hack?

The theft of the personal data of 57 million Uber riders and drivers highlights how vulnerable we make ourselves when we install apps on our mobile phones and tablet computers. 

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'Advanced' Cyber Attack Targets Saudi Arabia

Saudi authorities have said hey had detected an "advanced" cyber attack targeting the kingdom, in a fresh attempt by hackers to disrupt government computers.

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'Robo-Taxis' Hold Promise, and Perils, for Automakers

It's November 22, 2028 and Sarah, a young mother, gives her two children a kiss goodbye before buckling them into the driverless car that will bring them to school.

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Google's Missouri Problem Mirrors Woes in EU

As an aggressive antitrust investigation plays out in Europe against Google, its practices have drawn comparatively little scrutiny from regulators on the US side of the Atlantic. But the midwest state of Missouri wants to change that.

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Privacy Fears over Artificial Intelligence as Crimestopper

Police in the U.S. state of Delaware are poised to deploy "smart" cameras in cruisers to help authorities detect a vehicle carrying a fugitive, missing child or straying senior.

The video feeds will be analyzed using artificial intelligence to identify vehicles by license plate or other features and "give an extra set of eyes" to officers on patrol, says David Hinojosa of Coban Technologies, the company providing the equipment.

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Brazil's Tech Junkies Seek Healing at Digital Detox Clinic

Like many young people, 29-year-old student L.L. loves his cell phone. So much so, in fact, that his studies, his work and even his personal relationships have suffered, and his phone eventually became a way to avoid people in the real world. 

That was when he realized he needed help.

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Twitter to Double Tweet Limit to 280 Characters

Twitter announced Tuesday it would double the limit for tweets to 280 characters, a bid to draw in more users and boost engagement at the social network.

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Documents Reveal Offshore Deals with Apple, Others

New revelations Monday from the "Paradise Papers" shed light on Apple's tax avoidance strategy which shifted profits from one fiscal haven to another as well as loopholes employed by Nike and Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton.

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Twitter Adopts 'Safeguards' after Trump Account Shutdown

Twitter announced Friday it has implemented "safeguards" in the wake of the rogue shutdown of President Donald Trump's account, to ward off any repeat.

After acknowledging the 11-minute shutdown of Trump's Twitter account by a departing employee, the company said, "We have implemented safeguards to prevent this from happening again." 

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