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Microsoft to Open 4 Data Centers in France

Microsoft is to open four data storage centres in France to meet strong customer demand for cloud computing, the head of the software giant's French operations told AFP on Tuesday.

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Palestinian Firms Plan to Finally Offer 3G Mobile Service

Palestinian mobile firms in the occupied West Bank hope to finally be able to offer 3G service to customers beginning Tuesday, years after much of the rest of the world began using it.

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Instagram, Google+ Join EU Group Fighting Hate Speech

Facebook's Instagram and the Google+ social network have agreed to join an EU-sponsored group of U.S. internet giants to combat online extremism, EU officials said Friday.

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More Self-Driving Tech in VW's Next-Generation Golf

The world's biggest carmaker Volkswagen said Friday it would stuff even more technology into the next generation of its top-selling Golf model, bringing so-called "connected driving" deeper into the mainstream.

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Facebook Agrees to Widen Probe of Brexit Vote Fake News

British lawmakers probing possible Russian interference in the Brexit referendum revealed Wednesday that Facebook had agreed to broaden its own investigation into fake news around the vote, after the social media platform's initial efforts drew criticism.

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YouTube Toughens Rules Regarding which Videos Get Ads

YouTube on Tuesday announced ramped-up rules regarding when it will run ads with videos as it scrambled to quell concerns by brands about being paired with troublesome content.

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Facebook Move Will Play Out in Long-Term

Facebook's move to highlight posts from friends and family over those from brands and publications follows months of turmoil for the social network and will result in lower advertising revenue -- at least in the short-term, analysts said.

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Samsung Faces French Legal Case over Alleged Abuses in China

Two French campaign groups filed a legal case against Samsung in France on Thursday, alleging the Korean electronics giant was responsible for the use of child labour and other abuses in its Chinese plants.

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Tech Faithful Gather to Worship at Mecca of Innovation

After a rollercoaster year for the tech world, many industry leaders are looking to the cutting edge for salvation.

As tech industry players converge in Las Vegas for the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, an overriding theme is that gizmos, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and superfast internet connections hold answers to many if not all ills -- the new religion.

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Tech Firms Battle to Resolve Major Security Flaw

Amazon, Google and now Apple... as the list of digital giants hit by the "Spectre" and "Meltdown" computer security flaws grows longer, the race is on to limit the damage. 

"All Mac systems and iOS devices are affected, but there are no known exploits impacting customers at this time," Apple -- whose devices are usually regarded as secure -- said in a post on an online support page on Thursday.

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