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Venezuela Opposition Says Won't Resume Talks in January

Venezuela's opposition said Saturday it would not resume stalled talks with the government next month over their country's grave crisis because a number of demands had not been met.

"Conditions do not exist for the return to direct dialogue between the parties on January 13," the secretary of the MUD opposition coalition, Jesus Torrealba, said.

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President Dances Salsa while Venezuela Churns

Venezuelans are running short of food, medicine and patience, but fear not: President Nicolas Maduro is here to cheer them up -- by dancing salsa.

Grinning under his black mustache, the burly, towering socialist swivels his hips and twirls his wife Cilia Flores in front of the cameras.

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Venezuela Crisis Talks Resume amid Trump Tension

Venezuela's political rivals are to sit down at the negotiating table Friday to resume fraught talks on the country's volatile crisis.

Socialist President Nicolas Maduro and his opponents declared a "truce" 10 days ago to ease tension in a country struck by food shortages.

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Venezuela Opposition Bets on Risky Truce with Maduro

Venezuela's opposition began a tense truce Wednesday with President Nicolas Maduro, but supporters accused it of betraying them amid warnings the strategy might backfire.

With Pope Francis' blessing, Maduro and top opposition leaders have agreed to sit down to Vatican-mediated talks starting November 11, seeking an exit from a nasty political crisis and economic melt-down.

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Venezuela Protests, Strike Threat Raise Heat on Maduro

Venezuela's opposition ratcheted up the pressure on President Nicolas Maduro at mass protests on Wednesday, announcing plans for a new march and general strike.

Opposition leaders called a 12-hour general strike for Friday and vowed to use their legislative majority to issue a declaration holding the elected socialist accountable for his handling of a severe economic crisis.

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Maduro, Opponents Trade 'Coup' Charges in Venezuela Crisis

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the opposition-majority legislature Tuesday of staging a "parliamentary coup" after lawmakers voted to put him on trial amid a tense political and economic crisis.

Accused by the legislature of "abandoning his post" and "criminal and political responsibility" for Venezuela's descent into crisis, Maduro fired back by calling a meeting of his National Defense Council on Wednesday -- the same day the opposition plans massive anti-government protests.

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Venezuela Opposition Challenges Govt. Dialogue Plan

Venezuela's government Monday proposed talks to ease the country's political crisis after Pope Francis intervened, but an opposition leader branded it a ploy by President Nicolas Maduro to cling to power.

The move had aimed to calm tensions after the opposition accused the socialist president of staging a "coup d'etat" by blocking its bid for a vote on removing him.

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Venezuelan Assembly Accuses Maduro Govt. of Staging 'Coup'

Venezuela's opposition-majority legislature declared Sunday that President Nicolas Maduro's government had committed a coup d'etat by blocking a referendum on removing him from power, vowing mass protests and international pressure.

Furious over the electoral authorities' decision to suspend the process of organizing a recall vote, opposition lawmakers passed a resolution declaring "the breakdown of constitutional order" and "a coup d'etat committed by the Nicolas Maduro regime."

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Setbacks for Venezuela Opposition Drive against President

Venezuela's opposition has suffered a major blow after authorities halted their drive to recall leftist President Nicolas Maduro and reportedly ordered top opposition leaders not to leave the crisis-torn country.

Henrique Capriles, a former presidential candidate and governor of the state of Miranda, said on Twitter late Thursday that he and seven others had received court orders barring them from travel outside the country.

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OAS Chief Says No Democracy, Rule of Law in Venezuela

The head of the Organization of American States denounced corruption and violence in Venezuela on Monday, saying a 14-year prison term for an opposition leader there marked the end of democracy in the country.

In an eight-page letter to opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, Luis Almagro highlighted the climate of "intimidation" against the political opposition in Venezuela and those working to recall leftist President Nicolas Maduro.

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