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Humanitarian Aid Used as Weapon in Maduro-Guaido Conflict

Desperately needed aid being stockpiled at Venezuela's door is at the heart of a political duel between the two men fighting to lead the oil-rich nation: Juan Guaido and Nicolas Maduro.

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Venezuela's Guaido: 'We Will Do What is Necessary'

Opposition leader Juan Guaido is challenging President Nicolas Maduro for control of crisis-hit Venezuela, a country plagued by hyperinflation, shortages of basic necessities and rampant violence.

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Oil Workers Flee Venezuela's Crisis for a Better Life

Nieves Ribullen, a Venezuelan oil worker sick of struggling to get by as his country falls apart, is betting it all on far-away Iraq's Kurdish region to give his family a better life.

Over the years he's watched dozens of co-workers abandon poverty wages and dangerous working conditions at the rundown complex of refineries in Punto Fijo on Venezuela's Caribbean coast for jobs in far-flung places like Kuwait, Angola and Chile.

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At Colombia Border, Venezuelans Hunger for Aid

Yajaira Gonzalez cries as she gathers with hundreds of other Venezuelans across the Colombian border from her homeland.

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Russia Says Blocked from Venezuela Talks in Uruguay

Russia said Thursday it had "counted on" being invited to an international dialogue in Montevideo on Venezuela's political crisis, but was told it could not participate. 

European and Latin American envoys were set to gather in the Uruguayan capital Thursday for the first meeting of a "Contact Group" with the goal of creating conditions for a peaceful political process.  

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Venezuela's Military Blocks Humanitarian Aid Shipment

Venezuelan military officers blocked a bridge on the border with Colombia ahead of an anticipated humanitarian aid shipment Tuesday, as opposition leader Juan Guaido stepped up his challenge to President Nicolas Maduro's authority.

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Guaido Boosted by Europe Backing in Venezuela Standoff

International clamor for snap elections in Venezuela intensified as European powers recognized opposition chief Juan Guaido as interim leader, after President Nicolas Maduro rejected an ultimatum to call early voting.

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Lima Group Calls for Venezuela Regime Change without Force

The Lima Group of Latin American countries and Canada called Monday for a peaceful change in government in Venezuela, without military intervention.

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Major EU Nations Rally behind Guaido as Venezuela Leader

Spain, Britain, France and other EU nations on Monday recognized Venezuela's opposition chief Juan Guaido as interim leader after President Nicolas Maduro rejected their ultimatum to call snap presidential elections.

Russia, one of the main allies of Maduro's regime, slammed what it dubbed European "interference" in the oil-rich but impoverished Latin American country, saying it was an attempt "to legitimize usurped power."

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Maduro Rejects European Ultimatum on Elections

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro rejected Sunday an ultimatum by European countries to call snap elections after opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself the Latin American country's legitimate leader.

Seven EU states had given Maduro a Sunday deadline to call presidential elections or they would recognize the 35-year-old National Assembly head as the interim president.

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