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Guaido Boosted by Europe Backing in Venezuela Standoff

International clamor for snap elections in Venezuela intensified as European powers recognized opposition chief Juan Guaido as interim leader, after President Nicolas Maduro rejected an ultimatum to call early voting.

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Lima Group Calls for Venezuela Regime Change without Force

The Lima Group of Latin American countries and Canada called Monday for a peaceful change in government in Venezuela, without military intervention.

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Major EU Nations Rally behind Guaido as Venezuela Leader

Spain, Britain, France and other EU nations on Monday recognized Venezuela's opposition chief Juan Guaido as interim leader after President Nicolas Maduro rejected their ultimatum to call snap presidential elections.

Russia, one of the main allies of Maduro's regime, slammed what it dubbed European "interference" in the oil-rich but impoverished Latin American country, saying it was an attempt "to legitimize usurped power."

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Maduro Rejects European Ultimatum on Elections

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro rejected Sunday an ultimatum by European countries to call snap elections after opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself the Latin American country's legitimate leader.

Seven EU states had given Maduro a Sunday deadline to call presidential elections or they would recognize the 35-year-old National Assembly head as the interim president.

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Rival Rallies Set Up Tense Standoff in Venezuela

Tens of thousands of protesters were set to pour onto the streets of Caracas on Saturday to back opposition leader Juan Guaido's calls for early elections as international pressure increased on President Nicolas Maduro to step down.

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Venezuela Opposition Leader Says Family Threatened by Maduro Agents

Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido said Thursday elite security forces went to his home to threaten his family, blaming the government of Nicolas Maduro as international support grew for his bid to oust the embattled president.

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Scenes from a Protest: Venezuelans Fill Streets of Capital

Venezuelans of every age, class and profession poured into the streets of the capital on Wednesday to demand that President Nicolas Maduro step down and to express their support for the young opposition leader who has declared himself interim president.

Dressed in suits, scrubs, and jeans, they waved the national flag, displayed signs, and chanted slogans. One disgusted vendor threw devalued national currency into the air.

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Five Foreign Journalists Arrested in Venezuela

Venezuelan authorities have detained five foreign journalists covering the standoff with opposition forces seeking the ouster of President Nicolas Maduro.

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Maduro Rallies Military as Venezuela Opposition Plans Protest

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro hit out Wednesday at military "mercenaries" he says are conspiring to divide the armed forces and plot a coup as the opposition planned a new protest to force the socialist leader from power.

Maduro accused an "oligarchy" in neighboring Colombia of being behind an attempt by military deserters to drive a wedge between himself and his loyal forces, which are key to the leader's hold on power faced with mounting international support for self-proclaimed acting president Juan Guaido.

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Maduro Says 'Ready to Negotiate' with Opposition, Calls for Early Parliamentary Polls

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro said he was prepared to hold negotiations with the US-backed opposition and added he would support early parliamentary elections, RIA Novosti reported on Wednesday.

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