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Clashes at Fresh Venezuela Anti-Government Demos

Riot cops fired tear gas at protesters in Venezuela Monday as thousands demonstrated against President Nicolas Maduro's efforts to reform the constitution in a deadly political crisis.

Masked protesters responded by hurling rocks and other projectiles in clashes in the capital Caracas, with other violence reported in the western states of Merida and Zulia.

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Three Killed in Latest Venezuela Protests

Three people were killed in Venezuela on Monday in another day of nationwide protests against leftist president Nicolas Maduro, raising the death toll to 24 in weeks of anti-government demonstrations.

The latest casualties come on a day anti-Maduro demonstrators blocked major roads in the South American nation, and as the opposition called for a mass protest in Caracas on Wednesday.

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Maduro Says Yes to Venezuela Elections, but Not for President

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro called Sunday for local elections in Venezuela -- but not at the presidential level, which millions in his strife-torn nation are demanding.

Maduro in his weekly television address endorsed voting planned for later this year at the mayoral and gubernatorial level.

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Venezuelan Protesters Clash with Police in New Demo

Protesters hurling rocks clashed with police firing tear gas Saturday in Venezuela's fourth demonstration in a week against President Nicolas Maduro and his government.

The rally was marked by anger over a ruling from the leftist government banning opposition leader Henrique Capriles from office for 15 years. Around 4,000 people attended the demonstration. 

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OAS Chief Says Venezuela Should be Suspended if Elections Not Held

The head of the Organization of American States called on members Tuesday to suspend crisis-hit Venezuela's membership unless the leftist government of President Nicolas Maduro quickly holds credible elections.

OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro called on Venezuela "as soon as possible" to hold "free, just and transparent" elections that can be observed by international monitors.

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Venezuela, U.S. Clash over Political Prisoners

Venezuela and the United States locked horns again over political prisoners held by Caracas, including a jailed opposition leader whose supporters took to the streets of the capital Saturday to demand his release.

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Maduro Seeks Papal Help in New Opposition Talks

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday said he was seeking more Vatican help to try to jump-start political talks with the opposition.

"A meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican is being worked on. I hope it can be worked out," the embattled president said during his Sunday program on state television.

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Venezuela President Names New Potential Successor

Venezuela's leader Nicolas Maduro named an ex-security minister Wednesday as his vice-president, who would become head of state if Maduro were removed from office this year as the opposition demands.

Maduro told a televised cabinet meeting that he had named to the post Tareck El Aissami, 42, a powerful state governor who cracked down on drug gangs in his time as a minister.

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Venezuela Opposition Says Won't Resume Talks in January

Venezuela's opposition said Saturday it would not resume stalled talks with the government next month over their country's grave crisis because a number of demands had not been met.

"Conditions do not exist for the return to direct dialogue between the parties on January 13," the secretary of the MUD opposition coalition, Jesus Torrealba, said.

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President Dances Salsa while Venezuela Churns

Venezuelans are running short of food, medicine and patience, but fear not: President Nicolas Maduro is here to cheer them up -- by dancing salsa.

Grinning under his black mustache, the burly, towering socialist swivels his hips and twirls his wife Cilia Flores in front of the cameras.

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