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Top Venezuela Court Tightens Noose on Opposition Chief Guaido

Venezuela's Supreme Court called Monday for Juan Guaido to be stripped of his legislative immunity, tightening the noose on the opposition chief just days after authorities announced a ban on him holding public office.

Guaido -- recognized as Venezuela's interim president by some 50 countries -- is locked in a power struggle with President Nicolas Maduro that has drawn in neighboring states as well as superpowers such as the US and Russia.

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Maduro Announces 30 Days of Electricity Rationing in Venezuela

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro announced 30 days of electricity rationing on Sunday, after his government said it was reducing the length of the workday and keeping schools closed due to devastating blackouts plaguing the country.

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Caracas and Other Major Venezuelan Cities Hit by New Blackout

A new blackout hit Caracas and other major Venezuelan cities on Friday, the third major electricity outage in the crisis-plagued country this month.

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Venezuela's Maduro Announces Ban on Rival Holding Public Office

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's regime, bolstered by a Russian military deployment infuriating the US, on Thursday announced a ban on Washington-backed self-declared interim leader Juan Guaido holding public office.

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Russia Says Its Troops in Venezuela 'for as Long as Needed'

Russia said Thursday its troops will stay in Venezuela "for as long as needed", rejecting US President Donald Trump's demand that Russia remove its military from the crisis-stricken country.

Russia's weekend deployment of troops and equipment to bolster President Nicolas Maduro has ratcheted up already high international tensions over Venezuela where the Trump administration is pushing for regime change.

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Despair, Anger as Venezuelans Endure Paralyzing Blackout

Venezuelans wavered between despair and rage Wednesday as they endured a third day of a near-nationwide blackout that has paralyzed their country -- the second such outage this month.

"Food stocks are starting to rot. There's no water. The transport virtually doesn't work. There's no means of communication," said Nestor Carreno, who was forced to shutter his pizzeria in a formerly upscale district of Caracas.

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Venezuela Declares Holiday as New Blackout Grips Country

Venezuela decreed a 24-hour holiday Tuesday to cope with a new near-nationwide blackout that the government alleged was caused by an "attack" targeting its main hydroelectric plant.

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Maduro Creates Military Unit to Protect Public Service Installations

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro created a military unit on Friday charged with protecting basic installations and services such as electricity and water just over a week after the country was hit with a massive blackout.

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Venezuela Calls Public Sector Back to Work as Blackout Recedes

Venezuela's public employees were called to return to work Thursday after the government ended a nearly week-long hiatus caused by an unprecedented nationwide blackout that deepened widespread anger against President Nicolas Maduro.

Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez said in an address on state television Wednesday that Maduro decided the public sector would resume work on Thursday, although state schools would remain closed for an extra day.

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Guaido Vows to Oust Maduro as Thousands of Venezuelans Protest

Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido vowed Tuesday to take Nicolas Maduro's place in the presidential palace "very soon," as thousands of people took to the streets of Caracas to protest.

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