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Venezuelans Trapped along Border after Weekend Unrest

Some Venezuelans are living in limbo across the border in Colombia, trapped after a failed effort to bring humanitarian aid into their country.

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Venezuela's Guaido Meets with Foreign Allies for anti-Maduro Strategy

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido is meeting with members of a multinational support group in Bogota Monday to hammer out a strategy to remove his rival Nicolas Maduro from office.

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'They Shot at Us,' Say Injured Venezuela Protesters

Edinson Cisneros gasped and wheezed as he tried to talk -- he was one of the protesters struck by rubber buckshot fired by Venezuelan security forces breaking up border demos demanding the entry of emergency aid from Colombia.

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Guaido Ramps Up Pressure after Deadly Venezuela Border Clashes

International pressure mounted against Venezuela's leader Nicolas Maduro on Sunday, with Washington vowing to "take action" after opposition efforts to bring humanitarian aid into the country descended into bloody chaos.

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Venezuela Humanitarian Aid Showdown Set as Guaido Claims Military Help

Venezuela braced for a showdown between the military and regime opponents  at the Colombian border on Saturday, when self-declared acting president Juan Guaido has vowed humanitarian aid would enter his country despite a blockade.

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Venezuela: A Month of Crisis

Opposition chief Juan Guaido stunned the world on January 23 when he declared himself acting president of Venezuela, plunging the crisis-hit country into new turmoil.

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Venezuela Braces for Dueling Government, Opposition Concerts

Venezuela's political tug-of-war morphs into a battle of the bands on Friday, with dueling government and opposition pop concerts ahead of a weekend showdown over the entry of badly needed food and medical aid.

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Venezuela's Guaido to Leave for Colombia as Aid Standoff Hardens

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido made plans to head for the border with Colombia to personally bring in US-supplied food and medicine in defiance of the military-backed government, raising fears of possible weekend confrontations. 

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Deadly Crackdown Stokes Fear among Protesters in Venezuela

Jhonny Godoy had taken to Twitter to proclaim his opposition to President Nicolas Maduro, posting a video that showed him running through the streets waving the national flag as protests erupted across Venezuela's capital.

Two days later, his family said, rifle-wielding special police agents wearing black masks stormed into their home in the Caracas slum of La Vega, pulled him outside and shot him to death.

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Trump Tells Venezuela Military to Back Guaido or 'Lose Everything'

US President Donald Trump on Monday urged Venezuela's military to accept opposition leader Juan Guaido's amnesty offer, or stand to "lose everything," as a crisis deepened over President Nicolas Maduro's refusal to let in desperately needed humanitarian aid.

Bringing in humanitarian aid is crucial to the viability of Guaido, who has denounced Maduro's re-election last year as fraudulent and in January declared himself interim president, a move recognized by some 50 countries.

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