Report: Hariri to Make Series of Stances during Iftars in BIEL

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Former Premier Saad Hariri is expected to return to Beirut from France next week to attend Iftar banquets, sources close to the Mustaqbal movement leader told An Nahar daily Monday.

Hariri “will return to Lebanon in the first days of the month of Ramadan early August to be present in a series of Iftars held at the BIEL exhibition center rather than Qoreitem where Iftars were held in previous years,” the sources said.

The ex-prime minister “will make successive stances at these Iftars,” they told An Nahar.

Hariri’s return comes as part of the March 14-led opposition’s campaign against Premier Najib Miqati’s government.

But al-Mustaqbal bloc MP Ahmed Fatfat told Voice of Lebanon (100.5) that he has no information about Hariri’s return to Beirut during the holy month of Ramadan.

The sources said that the large-scale meeting that March 14 held at the Bristol hotel, Hariri’s interview with MTV and a conference that it would hold on Tuesday again at the Bristol are all part of the opposition’s approach in toppling the cabinet.

Meetings between the coalition’s top leaders will resume upon former Premier Fouad Saniora’s return from his vacation in Turkey at the end of this week, they added.

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Thumb ithinkthere14iam 25 July 2011, 08:47

......why are you so ignorant

Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 25 July 2011, 08:51

Saad is coming back ya shabeb , belly dancers and other things ...!!! will become more expensive from now on ! talk about an opposition ya haram with such a leader ... Stay in France it's better for you and less humiliation ya saad .

Thumb ithinkthere14iam 25 July 2011, 08:52

God be with you Saad, hopefully you are not the next victim of syrian brutality

Default-user-icon Rabih Mourabi (Guest) 25 July 2011, 09:31

I hope it turns out to be a strip-tease performance by Cheikh Imbecile.

Default-user-icon Gebran Sons for Cedar Revolution II in 2013 (Guest) 25 July 2011, 10:30

M14 has proven itself totally ineffective and incompetent in being a worthy opposition or understanding the depth of conspiracy on Lebanon’s freedom, democracy and institutions. The only true opposition will come from the Silent Majority that will never compromise on Lebanon’s independence, sovereignty, democracy, freedom and justice. This Opposition will be rooted in unshakable principles and never people. This true Opposition will never accept under any form Hizbollah or Palestinian arms that are nothing but tools in the hands of Assad and Ahmadinajad. It is an Opposition of youth and professionals that will harness the minds of Lebanese from around the world to provide a vision of a better Lebanon, a transparent democracy, streamlines institutions, efficient public services, an accountable judiciary, and a commitment to environment protection and civil rights of all permanent and temporary residents.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 25 July 2011, 14:41

the cowardness of saad el hariri led to the roaming of the chacals,
wahaby and farsi are the same devil.

Default-user-icon moallek (Guest) 25 July 2011, 15:33

To Le Phenicien and bigdig:
How much are you paid to express your insane comments on NAHARNET’s news?

Default-user-icon arturo (Guest) 25 July 2011, 15:57

Welcome back Mr Hariri. Please tell us how much you and your cronies got paid by Cyprus and Israel to give up 700+ km of maritime rights to gas and oil exploration. The people have the right to know.

Default-user-icon aloush (Guest) 25 July 2011, 16:38

my fellow shiite bro finicien arturo bi tizzo trying to pass for an aytalian now lol funycien see you at the husseiniya the imam has prepared a bucatini all'amatriciana for the occasion

Default-user-icon moallek (Guest) 25 July 2011, 18:19

Le Phénicien et son chéri BIGDIG,
se sont trompés de trous de balles :
Leurs flots de leurs diarrhées verbales
ont emporté toutes les digues.

C’est par la bouche qu’ils se soulagent,
pressés qu’ils sont de se délester
de la haine et du fiel dont ils sont lestés,
par HASSIN et AOUN, malades de rage.

Ne leur faites pas l’honneur de les lire.
Bouchez vos nez, fermez vos yeux,
laissez les assis sur leurs épieux,
pris, tels qu’ils sont, par leurs délires.

Default-user-icon arturo (Guest) 25 July 2011, 18:23

If Mr Aloush was little more polite in his reply maybe more people would listen to him. but where is he going to get politness from? His masters...ha...ha...ha

Default-user-icon Ali (Guest) 25 July 2011, 18:32

It is absolutely disgusting when people on this forum insult the religious occasions of other sects. How dare you speak of Ramadan as such? I will not go down to your level and insult your religion, coz it is not lebanese to do so. If we were to build a nation, people such as those commentators should first go to school and learn respect, tolerance and acceptance. May God forgive you for you are so driven by hatred and spite. Shame on you.....!!!

Default-user-icon MrBrain (Guest) 25 July 2011, 19:43


Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 25 July 2011, 20:31

@ Moallek & Aloush ,

Vous êtes vulgaires et impolis , vous êtes des mal baisés laissés sur le trottoir par Saad eben Rafik qui n'a plus de quoi vous entretenir comme il l'a fait , et avant lui son père Rafik eben Fahed !

Je ne m'abaisserai pas si bas jusqu'à votre niveau pour vous voir et vous répondre , nous sommes aujourd'hui au pouvoir , et avons une responsabilité majeure , celle de vous chasser de nos rues et de nos trottoirs pour les nettoyer de votre prostitution et de votre corruption .

Je salue mon ami bigdig qui tout comme moi , vous empêche de dormir avec nos vérités historiques que vous ne pouvez plus cacher ou bien déformer .

Le temps des comptes est arrivé , commencer par faire vos bagages et faites vos Adieux à vos amis et proches , nous arrivons vous chercher .

Default-user-icon Beiruti (Guest) 25 July 2011, 21:19

It is time for Saad to grow up, come out from under the shadow of his father and be his own man. Without Jumblatt, Saad Hariri is the leader of the democratic Opposition to the every more encroaching political cancer that is the armed Hezbollah movement in Lebanon.
It is time for Saad to stop looking to the past, but to turn to the future, it is where salvation for Lebanon lies. Security (the future) through Justice (the past) They go hand in hand. But to speak only of Justice without reference to the benefits that are to accrue from obtaining justice diminishes the value of obtaining justice in the first place.
Obtaining justice will be costly, Hezbollah will be sure that it is, so it is the function of the democratic Opposition to justify the cost the the Lebanese with a clear picture of the future where political assassination is no longer an option.
If Hariri will not lead, then he should get out of the way of those who will.

Default-user-icon aloush (Guest) 25 July 2011, 22:17

my fellow shiite bro (i did not know that was an insult that's what we call him and each others at the husseiniya) finicien and all his aliases in his immaculate froncaise is correct nous sommes aujourd'hui au pouvoir u want proof, there's ur proof

"hizballah's wish is to establish an islamic republic system one day, because hizballah believes that establishing an Islamic government is the only way to bring stability to a society and is the only way to settle social differences, even in a society that is composed of numerous minorities." - shn

... be afraid.. be very afraid it has began.. we are in power and we will make it happen, my fellow shiite brother (no insult intended) finicien and i and millions more like us

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 25 July 2011, 23:24

@bigdig,Le Phenicien: Better someone who watches belly dancers perform than those that murder fellow countrymen and others that are traitors to their country who sell themselves for power.

Default-user-icon moallek (Guest) 25 July 2011, 23:48

Le Phénicien :
Je comprends , comme je m’en doutais, que vous et votre ami Bigdig vous vous baisez très bien et que cela vous a rendus bien polis. Vous êtes au pouvoir momentanément parce que vous faites partie de la confrérie des enc…(vous devinerez le reste du mot). Vous n’y resterez pas longtemps car la majorité des libanais vous débecte et se débarrassera très bientôt de vous et de vos chefs Hassin et Aoun , que vous ne trouvez pas vulgaires et impolis parce que vos yeux sont là où il ne faut pas. Vous n’aurez sans doute pas le temps de faire vos bagages !

Thumb shab 26 July 2011, 03:37

Come back in 2013