Berri Says Lebanon Will Defend its Maritime Borders ‘With All Necessary Means’

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Speaker Nabih Berri stressed during a meeting with U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams that the UNIFIL can play a role in the demarcation of the disputed maritime borders with Israel “unless the navy forces of the UNIFIL are only found to monitor our regional waters and shores.”

As Safir newspaper reported on Tuesday that Williams was insisting on his stance during the discussion, saying that the “U.N. isn’t specialized in demarcating any maritime border, and the two disputed countries have to negotiate” over the issue.

Berri told the U.N. diplomat that Lebanon is willing to use all the necessary means to “protect” the country from any Israeli attack.

Williams informed the speaker after the meeting that the U.N. would be more flexible in its stance over the issue.

Concerning Hizbullah’s arms, the daily reported that Berri finds it imperative to preserve the weapons to halt any Israeli aggression on the Lebanese oil fields.

He urged the officials to meet over the national dialogue table, that President Michel Suleiman called for, as it can resolve all the disputes and reach a national defense strategy.

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Default-user-icon Citizen (Guest) 26 July 2011, 10:55

The maritime borders..... another buzz word in vogue these days.... Where were you Mr. Berri the last 30 years, and why now you so defiant and adamant about protecting these borders? Is it because you see the financial benefit for you and your likes. I am sure you will soon claim rights to the revenues of these oil fields coz they are in the south of the country and some shiite fanatic will issue a fatwa saying it belongs to the "Mahroomine" or " The Deprived". You and your likes have deprived this country of anything and everything that made it beautiful.
It is so clear the recent escalation by Hizbullah and its allies regarding this matter is just to divert attention from the real issue..... the STL. You people always need an excuse to justify your artificial existence.

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 26 July 2011, 10:55

What is worriying is that the oil and gas story becomes another Shebaa farm, and instead of protecting our rights through diplomatic means, drag the country into a lost nonsensical war (same as july 2006) with the only aim for the Hezb to pose themselves as defensers in a conflict they would largely contributed to trigger, and therefore attempt to regain some gloss lost with the STL file.They will then Put M14 in a delicate position whereby you cannot seek to punish those who would have offered so much on the altar of national interests! They're wasting their time.STL won't go away irrespective. As to oil better leave it underground. It is better protected from the thieves who have controlled and robbed the aid money for the South, and who would totally control the oil revenues in an area they totally control, with a feeble irrelevant state unable to protect the general public interests.

Default-user-icon Ali (Guest) 26 July 2011, 11:33

“The value of oil reserves, which fluctuates between $200 billion and $300 billion, is enough to pay off the public debt and move Lebanon into a stage of economic and financial affluence,” Berri added.

I am sure you're already calculating your cut out of it. I agree with some comments made here, the exploration will be in areas outside state control if there is such a state, and as such will be under the hegemony of the shiites who will claim it is their God's given rights coz they suffered and are deprived.

Thumb ithinkthere14iam 26 July 2011, 17:39

Are you not civilized enough to just put ur racism away for just TALKS with Israel and help us get these oil fields! Dragging us ino another war will just exacerbate the issue!