Missing Hizbullah Fighter Killed in Syria, Buried in Baalbek

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A Hizbullah commander, who had been missing for months in Syria, was buried in on Wednesday after his body was repatriated following his torture and killing by rebels, relatives told Agence France Presse.

Hussein Salah Habib, 30, was captured by opposition fighters during the fight for Qusayr, a strategic town near the border that fell to the regime on June 5.

He was buried in the Bekaa city of Baalbek.

Armed Hizbullah members and fighters who participated in the battle for Qusayr were among those at Habib's funeral, an AFP correspondent reported.

His body had been missing for months since the battle in Qusayr, and was recovered nearly a week ago in the area of Tallet Mando, near the town.

"He was repatriated and DNA tests proved that it was indeed Hussein," a relative said.

"We were told that his body was buried under a mound of sand. He had been stabbed in several parts of his body and his face was disfigured," he added.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says at least 262 Hizbullah fighters have been killed in Syria since the beginning of the conflict in March 2011.

The party first publicly confirmed its intervention in the conflict in April.

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Thumb proudm14 01 January 2014, 17:06

3a2bel il 1,000,000

Thumb proudm14 02 January 2014, 01:09

my point is not to enlighten you, the M8 skull is too thick for this to be possible. i come on to this website to make fun of you and cheer on your impending doom.

Thumb proudm14 02 January 2014, 03:19

im proud of how M8'ers foam at the mouth when presented with a world view that differs even slightly from their own. it makes me realize i made the right choice in my political views.

Thumb sevilla 01 January 2014, 17:07

Rot in Hell

Thumb ice-man 01 January 2014, 17:09

" He had been stabbed in several parts of his body and his face was disfigured," he added.

How sad..... stabbed in several parts and his face disfigured!!!!

Thumb Maxx 01 January 2014, 20:09

Still a more merciful end than what he and his fellow dogs did to the women of Qusayr.

Thumb Mystic 01 January 2014, 22:34

More merciful, than letting the woman & children including wounded FSA rebels to flee to Lebanon? That was what they did.

Thumb proudm14 02 January 2014, 01:09

venerial disease...that must be what happened to south beirut :)

Missing peace 01 January 2014, 21:28

who is there to respect? :)

Thumb proudm14 01 January 2014, 23:29

bani they cut it off not to torture the victim, but because human genitalia is used in the cuisine of tartus and latakia.

Thumb ice-man 02 January 2014, 07:21

@frank.... my dear shia brother, please don't advocate violence and horror.

Thumb geha 01 January 2014, 17:14

I bet his family that supports the extremist terrorist Iranian militia is happy now and they will send the remainder of their children to fight in Syria.

if they do, I hope they will all find the same death.

Thumb eagledawn 01 January 2014, 17:18

Happy New Year:)

Thumb liberty 01 January 2014, 17:23

you better stfu.

Missing coolmec 01 January 2014, 17:33

no dogkiller
he is resting in one piece full of holes...

Thumb FlameCatcher 01 January 2014, 17:43

He was fighting a war that wasn't his to fight under the orders of terrorists and criminals. He was killed by other terrorists.

One less sheep on earth !

God forgive him for his crimes and naiveness...

Thumb Mystic 01 January 2014, 17:45

Rest in peace soldier. Allah yer7amo ,and let all the martyrs return home.

Thumb ice-man 01 January 2014, 18:05

Oh Mystic, you are so poetic. Martyrs don't return home, they go straight to heaven (Hell) without passing go, and they don't collect 200.

Thumb Maxx 01 January 2014, 20:10

Allah ma byir7am khathélit el ârd. Martyrs are one species of people, murderers are another. Get your head out to where the Sun shines: this was no soldier, just a criminal. Get out of my country a-hole.

Thumb general_puppet 01 January 2014, 21:13

mystic… why do you have a picture of a bearded woman for an icon?

Missing VINCENT 01 January 2014, 22:34

The irony is that they are convinced and they have to believe that the deceased was a legitimate soldier who died for a righteous cause. But whose cause? You can't argue with people in this state of mind. As far as they are concerned they are doing the right thing, which may or may not be true, in the context of religious ideology fueled from both sides.

Thumb scorpyonn 02 January 2014, 08:31

You foolish traitor- are you Syrian?

Thumb geha 02 January 2014, 11:11

_Flamethrower_ 1 hour ago 35
thank you for your opinion, moshé from keryat shmona, we now take another call, from lebanon this time..

Thumb geha 02 January 2014, 11:11

FT is so transparent: stupidity to the max.

Thumb cedre 01 January 2014, 18:10

u should go as well, please go defend us in ghouta and aleppo...

Missing peace 01 January 2014, 18:12

he ll get his 72 virgins... but he ll fight for them against alqaeda in heaven LOL

Thumb shab 01 January 2014, 23:45

yeah, virgin males

Thumb cedre 01 January 2014, 18:12

how much is it his family's gonna get ? $25k ?
Rot in hell u stupid thug, u died doing iranians' job, farsis are so clever using donkeys from iraq, lebanon to fight for them...

Thumb cedre 01 January 2014, 18:42

actually they're very racist and arrogant towards arabs, even from the Levant...

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 01 January 2014, 21:59

FT- the kataeb and LF will forever go in the history books as a true Lebanese RESISTANCE while the self proclaimed resistance the Aoun bent over for will forever be branded a terrorist militia. Choke on that! And happy new year.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 02 January 2014, 00:52

Hahahahahahahahaha. Your statetment tells the truth of who was in diapers. Hahahahahahaha oh God I have tears in my eyes. How many times do you have to tell a lie and distortion of the truth before you convince yourself of it? Happy new year kid and best of luck to you in life.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 02 January 2014, 02:36

Mr. Propogandist it was Aoun that was wanted to have complete control of everything so he wages war on the Lebanese forces in order to disarm them at the same time he was fighting the Syrians. You are an idiot to believe your dady when he tells you the distorted truth. What did you expect the Lebanese Forces to do? Lay down and play dead? Or turn over the fight to coward tht claimed he will never leave the country only to run like a coward the next day and leave his troops behind to get slaughtered. Tell me genius. How much of better fight us Christians would have been able to put up had that traitor Aoun not divided us? Rou7 ya walad. Ma3 men jaye tikazeb. If I wasn't on my iPhone right now I would put links to all interviews found on YouTube that support every word I said. Let's not forget that coward went to Syria and declared the prisons free of any Lebanese soldiers. Wate w byswash sirmey. Tfe

Thumb general_puppet 01 January 2014, 21:04

Another glorious militia man dies in the service of the Assad's & Ayatollah, nothing more.

Thumb scorpyonn 02 January 2014, 09:04

General Puppet, Southern and his hero Nasrallah have laid themselves at the feet of those diabolical Islamic mullahs in Iran to do their bidding. Destitute and illiterate southerners are joining this militia to fight against Lebanon for Iran.-- and the Iranians know it and laugh at the Lebanese Shiites. Nasrallah is totally at the beckon call of those filthy weasels in Tehran and Qom.

Thumb general_puppet 01 January 2014, 21:08

Southern illiterate, Hizbullah is fighting to to defend Assad not Lebanon. You are a true moron you repeat the same old propaganda babble over & over.

Thumb general_puppet 01 January 2014, 21:22

Souther nimrod please save us all from the “Israeli takfiri terrorist”

PS... there is a shortage of toilet paper in Venezuela, send over any extra rials you have they will be put to good use.

Thumb geha 02 January 2014, 09:00

he is not getting paid anymore :)
while iran is currently running for a deal with the west so it can free 7 billion dollars, we get a 3 billion dollar gift from KSA to arm the LAF :)

Thumb general_puppet 01 January 2014, 21:25

Southern, you are spew in garbage… the Real Threat is the Iranian militia and their Axis partner Assad.

Thumb primesuspect 01 January 2014, 22:05


Thumb general_puppet 01 January 2014, 22:27

You are a moron and a hypocrite... Iran, Assad & Hizbullah are all the same thing. The Glorious Axis are the ones that want to annex Lebanon and control the Lebanese. If you and the other M8 nitwits want to be part of Syria or Iran you should go live there.

Missing beirutbastard00 01 January 2014, 22:45

Kinda sad the guy was only 30. These men would do better serving the entire country in the Lebanese army.

Missing peace 01 January 2014, 23:19


Thumb scorpyonn 02 January 2014, 08:44

Lol is right!

Thumb proudm14 01 January 2014, 23:27


it is you and your kind who will soon be evicted from Lebanon...

Thumb proudm14 01 January 2014, 23:35

amen, general puppet. this is lebanon, part of the alliance with KSA, France and USA. If you don't like it Tartus is that way --->>

Thumb proudm14 01 January 2014, 23:37

sab3a-habeel the moment you try to do so i will enjoy watching NATO turn your village into a crater.

Thumb proudm14 02 January 2014, 01:44

FT you had better believe that if HA was ever stupid enough to storm the Serail that this would open the doors of western intervention.

Thumb proudm14 02 January 2014, 13:06

i was there that day. good times, good times. bas to be fair the ones who went all the way and fought with the security forces its obvious they were salafi's from tripoli, the rest of us just walked to serail as a means of protest.

Thumb proudm14 02 January 2014, 13:07

also i like how you think shutting down hundreds of businesses and putting thousands of people out of work for 1.5 years is ok because "a single glass wasn't broken".

Thumb cedre 02 January 2014, 01:14

Here's some other good news...

Thumb proudm14 02 January 2014, 01:42

great link

Thumb cedre 02 January 2014, 02:06

unrelated ? those heroes fought and died in ghouta to protect u.
Coz they are superhuman/Übermensch and u and LAF are not able to protect urself/Lebanon. U should thank those altruist khomeynists for their sacrifices...

Thumb shab 02 January 2014, 02:17

Filthy murdering militia

Thumb cityboy 02 January 2014, 03:41

I blame Assad for this atrocity committed again this HA. I say Assad because when the Tunisian mothers were pleading for Assad to not harm the Tunisian terrorist sent to Syria, he had compassion and returned many back to Tunisian mothers, now we see what compassion the Saudi funded terrorist have for captured soldiers.

Thumb ice-man 02 January 2014, 05:29

Still having a hangover?

Default-user-icon Love my country (Guest) 02 January 2014, 03:54

Let us not forget that Hezbollah were the very last of the foreigners to go into syria. This happened only after several rockets were fired into Hermel and Baalbak. The Takfiris threatened that once they finish turning syria into an Islamic state with their version of sharia law that will govern the people under then they will turn their attention onto Lebanon . These Takfiris have destroyed syria, Afghanistan,Libya ,Pakistan Iraq and now are focusing their sights on Lebanon .
If all you readers are truly patriotic Lebanese and love our country then you should all be supporting Hezbollah and the Syrian government against these evil man eating, head chopping ,woman raping Wahhabi extremists.
I would bet that if foreign fighter every was to leave syria and have the Syrians sort out their own mess then Hezbollah would have no reason to be there. I love Lebanon and I don't won't fall into the trap that our corrupt puppet politicians are trying to set for us.

Thumb habib 02 January 2014, 04:45

Flamethrower enta wem3almak andal jobana2 ro7o tomo roskon bel wasakh kif ba3edkon te7ko kan bado eydo2 elmesmar bi ras hafez kan ya7yeb2a ekher wahad besekini kan bado eyhareb batal lkaratte hala2 sar kalbo la bashar .e lianno l7a2 3ala abdel halim khaddam madakhlet bashar e ya mo3akin ya andal nadel bi dal nadel matet3abo welmenhat 3atol menhat ro7o barmo 3ala karametkon li day3a ya bala karami ya bala akhla2 zalem bashar sar monzal ya watyin ya 7okara la mazbalet tarikh yala johannam wabo2sal masir .
Wenshala bel 2014 mnerta7 menbashar wa zomerto ya katilin latfal wal 3ozjaz ya mojrimin

Thumb ice-man 02 January 2014, 05:27

@Flamethrower: Use of profanities in your posts does not make you convincing. On the contrary, it just shows your inability to hold a civil debate.

Thumb scorpyonn 02 January 2014, 08:32

Good riddance- may they all go to Syria and perish.

Thumb scorpyonn 02 January 2014, 09:00

Love it!

Missing watan-libnan 02 January 2014, 10:18

Why can' anybody tell me just who is hizbollah resisting? because it's certainly not izrael !

Thumb scorpyonn 02 January 2014, 10:38

If they were not going to do it they will do it now- because of the meddling in the affairs of their country Don't you fools get it? Your so called resistance is actually an instigator that joins conflicts and then says that it did so to protect the country from the people that it attacked. What hypocrisy. it is like me slapping someone across the face and then when they try and slap me back I slap them in return and say that I am defending myself when I originally started the problem/// Iran has you by the balls and you believe everything they say- like sheep!

Thumb scorpyonn 02 January 2014, 10:41

Everyone but Israel!

Missing coolmec 02 January 2014, 11:18

Hizballah is Iran's proxy in Lebanon. They are not serving or protecting Lebanese interests nor are they fighting Israel as they claim. Under the orders of their masters in Iran, they are propping up Assad's regime, a failed regime that is on its way out sooner or later

Missing watan-libnan 02 January 2014, 10:19


Thumb The-Patriot 02 January 2014, 11:22


Thumb smarty 02 January 2014, 11:35

where is he burried? i need to drop a poop on him.

Thumb ice-man 02 January 2014, 13:09

DO you by any chance know of a true patriot by the name of the_roar aka Flamethrower?

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) 02 January 2014, 14:48

I wish all the Hizballa fighters including their leaders to return home as Martyrs. I'm ready to remember their donation as long as they will meet their 70 virgins in heaven or 1 virgin 70 years old in hell. The more the better.