Iranian Delegation Vows Anti-Terror Support for Lebanon, Says Hizbullah Role in Syria to Protect Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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An Iranian parliamentary delegation, headed by Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Alaeddin Boroujerdi, stressed on Friday that Hizbullah's intervention in Syria is to safeguard Lebanon, calling for democratic presidential elections.

“Hizbullah's involvement (in the ongoing conflict in Syria) is to protect Lebanon's sovereignty and independence,” Boroujerdi said after talks with Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil at the Bustros Palace.

The Iranian lawmaker said that his country is committed to the Geneva agreement, reiterating that the conflict in the neighboring country “cannot be resolved by the use of arms but through dialogue.”

Boroujerdi accused the United States of arming the opposition in Syria and encouraging the “terrorism phenomenon,” welcoming any change in Saudi Arabia's policies in confronting terrorism.

Concerning the upcoming presidential elections, the official called on the Lebanese state to carry out “democratic elections.”

President Michel Suleiman’s tenure ends in May 2014, but the constitutional period to elect a new head of state begins on March 25, two months prior to the expiration of Suleiman’s mandate.

“Our support to Lebanon's sovereignty and stability is ongoing,” the official said after talks with Prime Minsiter Tammam Salam at the Grand Serail.

Later on Friday, the delegation held talks with Speaker Nabih Berri at Ain el-Tineh.

“There's no doubt that there is an objective alliance between the Zionist entity (Israel) and the extremist terrorist forces that are operating on Syrian soil,” Boroujerdi said after meeting Berri.

“The visit of inspection that the prime minister of the Zionist entity (Benjamin) Netanyahu made to the wounded of the armed terrorist groups who are receiving treatment in Israeli hospitals, and the latest vicious Israeli attack on Lebanon … confirm the unity of objectives between the Zionists and the terrorists,” he added.

The top Iranian official pledged that “through its capabilities in this field, the Islamic Republic of Iran will spare no effort or support that might be asked for by the Lebanese side in the battle against terrorism and terrorists.”

Boroujerdi arrived on Thursday in Lebanon, coming from Syria, at the head of a parliamentary delegation for talks with senior Lebanese officials and to offer security agencies any needed help in their challenge with uncontrolled terrorism.

The delegation held discussed with President Suleiman, in presence of Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Ghazanfar Roknabadi, the bilateral ties and the regional and international developments.

The delegation is also expected to meet Hizbullah secretary-general Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

Lebanon witnessed a string of of bomb attacks in recent months targeting mainly strongholds of Hizbullah, which has drawn the ire of Sunni extremist groups in part because of its role fighting alongside the regime in Syria.

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Thumb Chupachups 28 February 2014, 11:43

So Iran is giving us orders ?

Missing imagine_1979 28 February 2014, 11:51

Yes and that the way things are going for a while but it is surely ksa/zionist/imperialist/takfiri unpatriotic march14 fault.. Go figure...
I think we are going to need a lot of chupachups...ready?

Thumb Chupachups 28 February 2014, 12:01

I'm always ready :)

Thumb _mowaten_ 28 February 2014, 17:33

where did you see orders? they are giving us support, not orders habboub.

Missing imagine_1979 28 February 2014, 12:30

Not banana republic?.. Really...
Yalla chupachups for all of us...

Missing greatpierro 28 February 2014, 12:37

Yes Iran has decided to safeguard Lebanon via hizbullah. Labayki ya Iran

Thumb cedre 28 February 2014, 13:02

you had to bring in KSA, u're obssessed with them...

Thumb bigsami 28 February 2014, 16:35

lol...Iran "vows anti-terror" support for Lebanon? If that's the case the first to go would be HA! Bunch of liars and scums!

Thumb thrust 28 February 2014, 12:37

History will repeat itself soon...
These pseudo delegations, acting like shareholders in a dividend assembly, will start disappearing and vanishing again. It is the only way for them to understand that they are not welcome on 10452.

Thumb thrust 28 February 2014, 12:48

In 1982 while the palestinians were being ousted from beirut, the iranians saw that the PLO was the richest organisation in the world, and composed of poor people. They opened their proxy franchise in South Lebanon right away. Now they took their place...

Thumb michael715 28 February 2014, 20:57

The puppets of Iran like it when their strings are pulled. Dance little tiger dance! Seems like the only real support for Hizbullah comes from another nation. :(