Rifi Slams Nasrallah's Call to Join Fight against Terror, Seeks to Criminalize Combating Abroad

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi stated that defense strategies all over the world include articles on criminalizing fighting outside of home soil, adding that he is seeking to devise an article on this matter for Lebanon's strategy, reported Kuwait's al-Rai newspaper.

He told the daily in an interview set be published on Sunday: “I insist on criminalizing any fighting of Lebanese, whether they be Hizbullah or anyone else, on foreign soil.”

“Foreigners fighting on Lebanese soil should also be criminalized,” he added.

The article on combating terrorism was recently introduced to the ongoing dialogue between the Mustaqbal Movement and Hizbullah.

“The combating of Lebanese on foreign soil is among the reasons of internal instability in Lebanon and it has contributed to the al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State groups' infiltration in the country,” Rifi said.

Commenting on Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's call for other sides to join the fighting in Syria and Iraq, the minister noted: “Who said that we can participate in saving an oppressive and totalitarian ruler as Bashar Assad or become part of the Persian project that cannot be victorious?”

“Nasrallah does not know how to read the course of history if he is under the illusion that he will emerge victorious,” he added.

“I believe that Hizbullah is headed towards suicide,” he continued.

“I have repeatedly said that the Iranian agenda will not last for long. The greatest evidence of this is the fact that it has not been able to maintain its control over regions where it wields influence,” he explained.

“Iran's agenda can create instability, but it is incapable of achieving any decisive victory,” Rifi stated.

“The more it expands its fronts, the faster it will bring about its suicide,” he remarked.

“The Iranians have not achieved a decisive victory on any front so they should halt their delusions and myths,” he said.

On Nasrallah's proposal that the Lebanese and Syrian governments and armies should coordinate their efforts against extremist threats, Rifi wondered: “Should we coordinate with Assad's army? As a minister, I cannot agree to such a suggestion.”

“Is Bashar Assad's criminality less severe than that of al-Nusra Front and the IS?” he asked.

“Isn't the killing of children with barrel bombs a crime against humanity? We will not allow coordination with the Assad regime or its army,” he declared.

Nasrallah had declared during a speech on Monday: “I tell those who are asking us to withdraw from Syria, 'Let us go together to Syria and Iraq and to any place that contains a threat to the future of our nation, because that is the right way to defend Lebanon'.”

On February 14, head of the Musatqbal Movement MP Saad Hariri questioned the purpose of Lebanese fighting abroad, asking: “Where is Lebanon's interest in sending Lebanese youths to fight in Syria and Iraq and to interfere in Bahrain's affairs.”



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Thumb saturn 21 February 2015, 14:30

If a fire burns in your neighbor's house and your neighbor obviously can't contain it, do you wait until it ignites your house or do you go help your neighbor put it out?

That's HZBLH logic and it seems right, except... many things.

Thumb marcus 21 February 2015, 14:58

lol @ your analogy and that of your HZBLH

Thumb Mystic 21 February 2015, 16:04

Yeah sure, and we don't want your Western values or Saudi funding imagine. We want Resistance against the zionists and takfiris.

That will continue, and you people can whine forever all you want. It will make no difference, the Resistance is here to stay accept it. Just do it and make it easier on yourselves.

There is no hopes for you. Your takfiris are not doing well, Israel let's their salafi foot troops do all the work for them.

Thumb Mystic 21 February 2015, 16:53

Yes I am against the Western values, Lebanon is an eastern country incase you didn't know.

I don't want to trade my culture and land, in return of a Mcdonalds oriented one, but you guys seem eager to do that, no doubt about it.

You can whine and smear the Resistance forever, it is not a new song. Peace you like to say that we are the barking dogs, well. You are without teeth, just bark. That goes for all M14'ers, yes that is how M8 sees you all.

Action speaks louder than words. :)

Thumb geha 21 February 2015, 17:02

whatever anyone says or does, hizbushaitan is an extremist terrorist iranian militia, terrorizing the Lebanese people and killing syrian children, women and men.

Missing peace 21 February 2015, 17:04

pityful miss tic: you don't even know what western values are! you don't even know what eastern values are!
if you boil western values down to mac Donald then for sure you know nothing....

all you know is what hezbollah tells you to know!

Thumb liberty 22 February 2015, 06:43

قيادي في “التيار الصدري”: 300 عنصر من “حزب الله” يقاتلون في العراق

Thumb saturn 21 February 2015, 15:16

If my firefighters are expendable, then it sure is worth a try!

Thumb saturn 21 February 2015, 15:29

Spot on! Unfortunately the fire also happens to hate the firefighters on religious grounds and will come to them anyway, what now?

Thumb ex-fpm 21 February 2015, 18:35

@anonymet: read this:
"مجزرة" في شمال حلب... اعدام 48 شخصا بينهم أطفال على ايدي قوات النظام

What is interesting is the commander of the unit that stormed this village and committed the massacres is "Lebanese" from hizbollah.
ونقل عن شهود ومقاتلين ان قائد العملية على رتيان كان لبنانيا، وقد قتل في المعركة.

Thumb ex-fpm 21 February 2015, 18:45

ex-fpm 6 hours ago
"سكاي نيوز": "حزب الله" يعلن مقتل 3 من عناصره في سوريا.
وصول الجرحى من مقاتلي «حزب الله» ما زال مستمراً بأعداد كبيرة من حلب، ومعظمهم إصاباتهم خطيرة، بعد الهزيمة التي مُني بها الحزب وجيش النظام في المعركة الأخيرة وتكبدوا فيها عشرات القتلى والجرحى والأسرى.

Default-user-icon Hertz (Guest) 21 February 2015, 21:47

YES, except many many things.

Default-user-icon Vick (Guest) 21 February 2015, 14:48

I stay away from neighbor's and just be fair by helping people.

Missing coolmec 21 February 2015, 15:09

Even if the government votes on such regulation I seriously doubt it can enforce it. The Gov't has not been able to arrest the 4 guys indicted under the international tribunal let alone enforce a new regulation

Missing imagine_1979 21 February 2015, 15:52

Collmec long time no see... Welcome back

Thumb galaxy 21 February 2015, 15:12

the only sectarian hate we see is yours.

Thumb Mystic 21 February 2015, 15:39

Rifi, also known as ISIS official head of Lebanon, bears the fault of the army soldiers executions, he is supposed to be the Justice Minister of Lebanon, the only justice he provided, was to protect ISIS & Nusra members.

Thumb Mystic 21 February 2015, 16:02

We choose Resistance, over Israel and USA anyday. What are you going to do about it Peace? Write more desperate assumptions?

Your words has no effect, because they are not words of action or wisdom. They're diseased Westernized Zionist words just like Rifi's and co.
Just like most Zionist oriented people on Naharnet, your only hope is to smear the Resistance all you can, with no hopes in removing it.

There is no ISIS and AL Nusra in Lebanon too right? You takfiri lovers are a joke, go send them some milk and blankets.

Thumb Mystic 21 February 2015, 16:56

Yes yes yes. Can you stop screaming? It wouldn't surprise me if you screamed in anger while writing your words. Resistance is here to stay peace, that you people in Canada and U.S whine about them overseas etc. Makes no difference, remember that. Even all your words to me wont make any difference, you know I will continue to support the Resistance against you people until my death.

Thumb Mystic 21 February 2015, 16:57

By the way, M14 is not the State of Lebanon, don't forget about the majority people inside Lebanon, whom is with the M8.

Missing peace 21 February 2015, 17:01

we know little hezbi sheep that you will be defending hezbollah till whenever you want...
you just talk like all the hysteric followers of dictators... nothing new... History is full of people like you believing they hold the truth... when they are just a pawn in the hands of their leader, manipulating them for his power...just read you History book and you will recognize yourself in the thousands of blind followers manipulated by every dictator that have ruled... nothing to envy hilter's SS , or Staline's communists!

you are just a slave, i am a free thinker, following no body, that is the huge difference.... LOL

you are just a subject of pity that is all....

Missing peace 21 February 2015, 18:34

with M8 full support in killing civilians....

Missing peace 21 February 2015, 18:49

yes they do empty brain delivery...

but I do not support them, on the other hand you proudly support bashar who kills innocent women and children...

get your pills now, braindead idiot....

condemn the butchery of assad ALSO if you pretend to be objective then you may lecture others... otherwise just buzz off

Missing peace 21 February 2015, 18:46

there is a big difference between sending thousands of fighters in the name of a party, and stupid individuals fighting for their beliefs on their own.... and naharnet already reported on them in case you have a reading deficiency...