Loyalty to Resistance Rejects Sabotaging Dialogue by those 'Adopting Political Spite'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Loyalty to the Resistance bloc urged on Thursday the need to continue with the dialogue between Hizbullah and the Mustaqbal Movement, condemning attempts to derail the talks.

MP Hussein Fadlallah said after the bloc's weekly meeting that the dialogue will continue away from attempts to sabotage by those “adopting political spite.”

“Lebanon is not an isolated island in a region that is subject to political turbulence and therefore keenness on stability should be a pressing national issue that should not be obstructed,” he added.

“Those adopting spite seek incitement and provocations in order to thwart an agreement that we are aspiring for between Hizbullah and the Mustaqbal Movement,” continued the MP.

The March 14 coalition had on Saturday strongly criticized the role of Iran and Hizbullah in the region, saying that it could thwart the dialogue between the party and the movement that had kicked off in December.

Despite the tensions, the eighth session of the talks was held on Wednesday night.

The two sides had voiced their commitment to dialogue and rejection of attempts to sabotage it.

Furthermore, the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc questioned the “unjustified” deportation of dozens of Lebanese last week from the United Arab Emirates.

It called on Prime Minister Tammam Salam to follow up on the case and “determine the real causes of this inexplicable development.”

Addressing the victory of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Israeli parliamentary elections this week, the bloc said: “The Zionists confirmed their choice of occupation and of annihilation of the Palestinian cause.”

On Friday, Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil said the UAE expelled 70 Lebanese nationals, mostly Shiites.

It gave them 24 hours to leave, he said.

Hundreds of Lebanese, mostly Shiites, have been quietly deported from the UAE since 2009.

Deportations of Shiites from oil-rich Gulf states rose in 2013 after Hizbullah joined Syrian government forces in Syria's civil war.


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Thumb eagledawn 19 March 2015, 19:24

filthy sectarians

Missing peace 19 March 2015, 20:34

lebanese has reinvented the definition of dialogues :

"a dialogue is two monologues issued during a meeting..."

cut the hypocrisy.... tfeh

Missing helicopter 20 March 2015, 00:58

Loyalty to Welayat Elfaqih Rejects Sabotaging Dialogue by those 'Adopting National Sovereignty'

Default-user-icon the Name (Guest) 20 March 2015, 21:10

Fouad Siniora mentioned Iran in his March 14 statement that's what set these guys off.