Asiri Accuses Nasrallah of Distorting Facts: His Speech Reflects Confusion of Sides he Represents

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Awadh Asiri condemned on Sunday the latest speech of Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, accusing him of misleading the public and defaming the kingdom.

He said in a statement: “His speech reflects the confusion of the sides he represents.”

“It defamed Saudi Arabia and included several fallacies aimed at distorting the facts and misleading the public,” he added.

Addressing the situation in Yemen, he noted: “The steps taken by the government of King Salman throughout the past period, and in coordination with the United Nations and Gulf Cooperation Council, demonstrate its honest intention in reaching a peaceful solution to the crisis in Yemen in a manner that would preserve its unity and safety of its people.”

“However the sides that are supporting Nasrallah and mobilizing the Huthis do not wish well for Yemen,” Asiri remarked of the Shiite rebel Huthi movement that is backed by Iran, Hizbullah's key backer.

“These sides were behind the obstruction of agreements on Yemen and forced the security situation to deteriorate,” he noted.

On the Palestinian cause, Asiri added: “Neither Nasrallah, nor any other side can challenge Saudi Arabia in what it has presented towards it over decades.”

“Saudi Arabia still provides various support to the Palestinian people, because it is its cause and the central Arab cause,” he stressed.

“It is therefore a great wonder that those who claim to support the Palestinian cause are politically manipulating it and working tirelessly in order to fragment Palestinian factions and turn them against each other,” Asiri said.

The ambassador also accused these sides of obstructing “every honest attempt or agreement that favors the Palestinian people and state.”

Nasrallah had questioned during a televised speech on Friday what Saudi Arabia had presented to the Palestinian cause, saying: “It is painful that over the decades the Palestinian people and those of the region did not witness a 'Firmness Storm' to confront Israel.”

He made the remark in reference to the Saudi-led military operation in Yemen, dubbed “Firmness Storm”, aimed at restoring President Abdrabbo Mansur Hadi in power and ending the revolt of Shiite Huthi rebels.

“Why weren't such efforts used to regain Palestinian land?” wondered Nasrallah.

Turning to the Lebanese scene, Asiri said: “Saudi Arabia does not adopt double standards and has repeatedly stated that the presidential elections are a strictly Lebanese affair.”

“It does not meddle in naming candidates, but it supports whoever the Lebanese officials agree upon,” he continued.

“Nasrallah's accusation that Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal is implicated in the presidential deadlock is an attempt at throwing dust in the eyes of the people and divert attention from the fact that Hizbullah, its allies, and regional backers are, according to the Lebanese people, responsible for obstructing the polls,” he declared.

“The positions of Saudi Arabia are clear and honest and do not need the testimony of any side,” Asiri stated.

“These stances are backed by actions that are appreciated by the Arab and Islamic people,” he remarked.

“If only some sides would adopt the wisdom of the kingdom's leaders and their keenness on the Arab and Islamic ummahs … instead of seeking to strike Arab unity, mislead the people, and manipulate its causes,” the ambassador said.

Nasrallah had accused Faisal of “placing a veto on the natural presidential candidate who represents the majority of Christians in Lebanon.”

Lebanon has been without a president since May when the term of Michel Suleiman ended.

Ongoing disputes between the rival March 8 and 14 camps over a compromise candidate have thwarted the polls.


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Thumb ex-fpm 29 March 2015, 14:48

Instead of me detailing how nassrallah "distorts facts" to put it politely, watch this and see how Nadim points out all the lies

Thumb justin 29 March 2015, 15:15

excellent report! He nailed him on every single lie. I think everybody should watch the video. Thank you

Missing humble 29 March 2015, 15:37

I really enoyed Nadim's arguments, which are evident and well documented.
Followers of Ebola and caporal should dare to listen.
All the rest is brainwashing for poor people who become blind followers.

Thumb marcus 29 March 2015, 16:03

thanks @exfpm, great piece of information. Actually, I downloaded the video for future reference.

Default-user-icon George (Guest) 29 March 2015, 16:13

Nadim massah fi el ard ya haram...Bravo !

Thumb eagledawn 29 March 2015, 16:17

sadly, the worst enemy is the one within. you can try to reason with them, but those iranian farsi slaves have no will of their own. they turn down any chance of unity because they can only see short-term, untill the next iranian paycheck. they'd sell the country's past and future for a few rials, actually they already have.

Thumb whyaskwhy 29 March 2015, 14:58

boom hes gone :-) umm I bet Israel did it even before it happens yup just google it for further proof.

Missing humble 29 March 2015, 15:20

Because you think in Iran it is better?
When will come the day you will dare to say that both KSA AND IRAN are back aged models.

Missing mohammad_ca 29 March 2015, 16:14

Freedom of speech in Iran is enforced by the besig militia lol

Thumb farsical.resistance 29 March 2015, 15:42

Nasrallah distorting facts, why that's unpossible!

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki: 90 percent of foreign terrorists who infiltrate Iraq did so via Syria.

Qassem Soleimani: We are witnessing the export of the Islamic Revolution throughout the region. From Bahrain and Iraq to Syria, Yemen and North Africa.

Ali Younisi: Iran now formed an empire, and Baghdad has become part of this empire. Iraq is not only culturally part of its influence, but it is the Iranian empire identity and its capital today.

Missing mohammad_ca 29 March 2015, 15:55

Southern Houthi what do you and the rest of Nasralla's houthis think of this

Missing mohammad_ca 29 March 2015, 18:28

I challenge the on guy who gave me 6 thumbs down to respond to this especially the vilayet e faqih comment.

Thumb geha 29 March 2015, 15:55

nasrallah knows now that the Arabs will not allow iranian influence in Lebanon, and it should have bben clear when KSA offered weapons to the army for 4 billion dollars.
now it should be clearer that no militia can take over an arab country by force anymore and 7 ayar better not happen anymore.

Thumb geha 29 March 2015, 15:55

nasrallah knows now that the Arabs will not allow iranian influence in Lebanon, and it should have been clear when KSA offered weapons to the army for 4 billion dollars.
now it should be clearer that no militia can take over an arab country by force anymore and 7 ayar better not happen anymore.

Missing humble 29 March 2015, 16:06

Our friends from Ebola and FPM must not be very happy today. Only 3 days ago the Caporal was saying once more that KSA did not put a veto on him. The dog doesn't know which hand to kiss.

Thumb geha 29 March 2015, 16:55

do you realize their state? a few days back they were confident they had the iranian empire, and suddenly... pouf, nothing.

they now know that all their dreams of controlling the middle east are gone down the drain.

the yemen operation has had the effect of a major punch o the iranians and their allies.

Missing humble 29 March 2015, 16:02

No SIR. Iran is back aged. You should go and read all the news from somewhere else than Al Manar and OTV. How they mistreat their own people. How the regime is totalitarian. How the "Guards" operate, how the "bassajid" kill and eliminate, how the structure of the country will never allow any social progress, etc. Etc.

Missing humble 29 March 2015, 16:02

Bless you for bringing us oxygen in this brutal world.

Thumb joebustani 29 March 2015, 16:09

bless anyone person, entity, organization, brigade or country that inflicts pain and suffering, death, torture, and destruction upon the iranian sectarian terrorist militia and its members, supporters or followers wherever they may be.

Default-user-icon hassan al nass nass (Guest) 29 March 2015, 16:17

i can assure you on the tomb of my son hadi and on the integrity of zeynib and the conscience of imamu ali that we are here to protect lebanon and not the shias.

free Bahrain
free Yemen
free Syria
free Iraq
free Egypt
free Lebanon
free Thailand
free Argentine
free Bulgaria
free Peru
free Nigeria
free Beirut
free Aden

Thumb Mystic 29 March 2015, 16:21

Seems like the GCC wasen't too happy about Sayed Hassans speech, since it has lifted the Ansarallah movements spirits in fighting the corrupted Wahabis.

Default-user-icon jaafar ibn iblees (Guest) 29 March 2015, 16:26

is that a martyred jihadi iranian houthi family in your avatar?

Missing mohammad_ca 29 March 2015, 18:26

Seems like it watching too much manar and other bogus media outlets. Lol

Thumb -phoenix1 29 March 2015, 21:43

Some years ago when Sayed Hassan spent over an hour explaining and extrapolating live on TV about how according to his interpretation, with audio visual support to back it up, I knew that this man was real good at fabrication. If the Arab world today slams him this way, they have more than enough reasons to do so, Sayed Hassan is not as honest as he wants the world to see him.

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 29 March 2015, 16:30

god bless democracy Mr Asiri

Default-user-icon achrafieh (Guest) 29 March 2015, 16:58

how many Palestinian refugee camps there are in saoudieh Mr assiri ??

Thumb shab 29 March 2015, 17:02

Filthy murdering militia.

Missing humble 29 March 2015, 17:04

Ebola is against the whole Lebanon. Ebola wants to swallow Lebanon. That is why it is destroying all institutions one-by-one with the help of the caporal-traitor.
Any Christian supporting the Caporal is helping the destruction of the Christians.

Thumb Mystic 29 March 2015, 17:13

Yeah right, either bow down to Wahabis and die anyway. Or fight them to the death, taking as many with them to their deaths. I would choose the second option.

Rather die on our feet, that live on our knees being spat upon by the Zionists and Wahabis.

Thumb ice-man 29 March 2015, 17:33

oh @Mystic:
The way you talk, the way you walk, your aura remind me of the expected Mahdi. Are you a twelver @Mystic?

Missing helicopter 29 March 2015, 19:11

Iran's feat was only outdone by the Ottomans who controlled ALL Arab Capitals. Reason for both feats is placing Sectarianism and religious fanaticism over patriotism and Arabism.

Thumb liberty 30 March 2015, 03:22

listening to mystic one would think he is one of those oppressed in Lebanon. Who is asking you to live on your knees? You have a militia, you kill with impunity, you declare wars, you cross the border freely, you stifle the country's resources, you control the port and the airport, and you call that "living on your knees". Isn't that what shias always say?

Thumb Mystic 29 March 2015, 17:14

By the way, the Ansarallah are Arabs, the Syrians are Arabs, the real palestinians & the Iraqis are Arabs. All being supported by Iranian brothers.

When did the Saudis do anything against Israel lately? Wahabis serve their Zionist masters.

Thumb eagledawn 29 March 2015, 17:25

"Wahhabis serve their Zionist masters" you say..... but why the zionists always assassinate the "wahabis" allies in Lebanon

Thumb Mystic 29 March 2015, 17:44

To blame the Resistance, what else? We got alot of naive mouses falling into that trap.

Missing peace 29 March 2015, 17:21

only hysteric hezbi lovers are barking against saudis... even the palestinians so dear to hezbi propaganda are with saudi arabia war in yemen.... LOOOOOOL

truth is hezbollah is desperate and in very hard situation... it is attacked from all sides: only one thing left= bark even louder to spread their lies and iranian propaganda.....

Missing bigjohn 29 March 2015, 19:21

palestinians so dear to hezbi propaganda are with saudi arabia war in yemen.?????? Which palestinian collaborators are supporting the KSA. Oh, yes, popular demonstrations throughout the Arab world supporting Zionist America's puppets LIKE THE DAYS OF nASSER? And the dictator of Sudan? He reminds me when Mubarek was paid billions to have several thousand troops to sit in the sun in KSA during the 1991 war against Iraq. NO EGYPTIAN SOLDIER WOULD FIRE A SHOT!!!!

Missing peace 29 March 2015, 19:42

Mahmoud abbas officially supported saudi arabia bigjohn.....

Missing peace 29 March 2015, 21:31

come on anonyme! don't M8ers keep repeating that assad represent the majority of syrians as they elected him? so i guess M8ers will also apply that logic on abbas, no? LOL

Missing bigjohn 30 March 2015, 00:56

I already said that since 1976, Assads have been closer to KSA than Iran. I am not M8er.

Missing bigjohn 30 March 2015, 01:22

"How much was Assad paid to send thousands of his troops to sit in the sun in KSA in 1991 BigLyingIdiot."...Yes, Assad has been an ally of KSA than a resistant of Israeli aggression since 1976. Do you know how many times I wrote it? Now, how does that justify your support of KSA???

Thumb freedomarch 29 March 2015, 18:40

To our brothers from the coalition to reduce the Iranian blunt infiltration into our countries.
God bless the wisdom of our leaders to stop the Iranian Empire dreams and take them from where they didn't expect.

Missing canadianadam 29 March 2015, 18:59

Tell them like it is! We don't have to follow Saudi Arabia, but I sure am glad they re calling Nasrallah out. Nasrallah's speeches have got more paranoid and distorted with every speech.

Missing bigjohn 29 March 2015, 19:03

It is interesting how the Royal family NEVER address their people about their military attacks against Arab countries because they do not believe their people need to be addressed and they are their slaves. So they use their ambassadors in countries where Saudi policy are questioned even they though they try to bribe everyone to say nice things about them. In 2006, when the Lebanese resistance Israeli aggression, the Sunni Arab masses who were able to express themselves cheered the resistance, after Mabarak, King Hussain, and the Saudi King criticized the resistance and were humiliated. Since then, the Royal collaborators have been working full time to turn the Arab Israeli conflict into a Sunni Shiite conflict.

Missing imagine_1979 29 March 2015, 19:12

Well bigjogn can u tell me how split fateh to fateh intifada? Fplp to fplp general comand? And the exemple are numerous...
Second i donnot recall ayatollah going for a referendum to check if iraians are with sending suleymani and the happy band to irak/syria/lebanon/yemen....
Third were u chanting choukran quatar in 2006?...
Bigjohn stop this mascarade, don't try to make irannian khomeini assad regime and ur allies look like civilized democratic and progressists which is not the case and it makes u look less and less credible, assume ur positions..
Btw putin is now the best friend of right wing europeen parties u know fashist neonazy...what do u have to comment on that, can u see the guys u are cheering for have nothing to do with what u want them to look like?...

Missing bigjohn 30 March 2015, 01:08

I NEVER CALLED Ayatollah and Assad progressives! but, please the left and Nasser called the KSA collaborators and traitors decades before Ayatollah and assad existed!

Missing peace 29 March 2015, 19:14

it takes two to create a sunni shiite conflict...

and it is a well known fact that saudi regime has nothing to envy the iranian one... both based on islamist extremism to better crush and submit their people. so in this conflict it is a matter of conflict between two visions of islam and who will get the power over the other and has been so for centuries: nothing new under the sun....
both countries use religion to sit their power...

Missing imagine_1979 29 March 2015, 21:11

Peace i mostly agree with u on ur point of view betteen ksa and islamic republic of iran...
But i don t see ksa arming lebanese sunit like khomainii is doing with hezbos, and i can see quite well that houthies are acting like our local shiite millicia while recieving arms and money from iran..
Am i wrong?

Missing imagine_1979 29 March 2015, 21:14

To be frank yemen president hadi was not using force nor trying to, at a time i even thought he was with the houthies, he was calling for understanding between yemenites untill they were putting him under house arrest and taking over the country by force...
Again like our local shiite millicia...

Missing peace 29 March 2015, 21:34

right imagine!
what has saudi done to Lebanon?

are they financing an armed militia? no... iran is...
have they helped financially Lebanon? yes... iran didn't...
are they using Lebanon as a war field to achieve their hegemony? no... iran is...
have they imposed their way of life? no... iran did....

what they do in their country is their problem as long as they do not impose their way of life here like tehran did in dahiye and the south...

Missing imagine_1979 29 March 2015, 22:08

Tex i have said it before and it might be caricatural but i'll say it again: i'm not found of teletubies but i prefer my child watching this stupid thing on moustakbal than the childreen fanatic and religious programs of al manar...
U are totaly right...

Missing peace 29 March 2015, 19:16

i do not share bigjohn's point of views every time, but anonyme do not call him idiot as he is maybe the only one here to be respectful of others... give him that at least!

Thumb Mystic 29 March 2015, 20:30

texas you are well known to be a liar on this forum, even rejecting comments you yourself added. You shouldn't throw around with stones, when you yourself life in a house of tiny glass.

Missing peace 29 March 2015, 21:29

the biggest liar is you miss tic... but no wonder that is the main trait of brainwashed idiots: they gob anything their leader tells them....

Missing imagine_1979 29 March 2015, 20:59

Peace i do agree he is polite and we can share point of view with him,not like magnificent roar and co...
But changing fact, omitting fact that he knows about with the intention to make look khomaini/assad and their "resistance" axis like a non profit organisation working for the well being of mankind while all others are zionists/takfiri/ sometimes worse than bad langage..
Anyway u are right he is polite, but really i'm waitting for his opinion on comrade puting meeting with far right neo nazy and fashist europeen parties while few weeks ago he was supposed to be freeing ukrainians from nazy europeens...
U see that kind of misliding...

Missing bigjohn 30 March 2015, 00:57

I am talking about the KING! not some military commander!

Missing bigjohn 30 March 2015, 01:05

Imagine when was the last time I praised Assad? I denounced him many times, for use of barrel bombs, for calling for US strikes into Syria, calling him a dictator, saying he was more a collaborator than supporting resistance!

Default-user-icon achrafieh (Guest) 29 March 2015, 19:04

how many Palestinian refugee camps there are in saoudieh and the whole gulf ????

Missing helicopter 29 March 2015, 19:14

“If only some sides would adopt the wisdom of the kingdom's leaders and their keenness on the Arab and Islamic ummahs …

Asiri's speech would have sounded much better if he eliminated the word "Islamic" from his sentence. As long as we are talking Islamic this and Ummah that (whether it is Calipohate or Welayat) that means we are speaking the language of IS and Khameini.
Separate religion from the State, let minorities feel equal in ciizenship and rights, free up the human mind for exploring the mysteries of life and unchain it. It is time Arabs to value Liberty and not enslavement of the peole.

Missing bigjohn 29 March 2015, 19:17

“Saudi Arabia still provides various support to the Palestinian people, because it is its cause and the central Arab cause,” he stressed.....How much money have you spent to the "Palestinian cause" and money to Arab puppet dictators and Arab on Arab violence? When Israel was committing what you called "genocide" did you spend a penny to the Palestinian Sunnis who were defending themselves or were you hugging All the pro-Israeli regimes around the world? I would love to see any of those Royal collaborators let loose unguarded for a few minutes and see what their SUNNI people will do to them.

Throughout history collaborators will be defeated no matter how much money they have stolen from their people and how much they play divide and conquer. In the long run, the resistance will be victorious...Cuba, Vietnam, Algeria, South Lebanon, South Africa ETC ETC

Missing peace 29 March 2015, 19:19

and yet palestinians officially back the saudis in this conflict... are you more palestinian than the palestinians?

Thumb Mystic 29 March 2015, 20:18

Arabs with Qatar on Point, did pay for reconstruction in Gaza, but for what purpose? Israel will just bomb it to pieces again whenever it pleases.

To build up the occupied zones means nothing, but to provide them means to resist and defend themselves does. Iran did all that, build up Palestinian groups from scratch, Hamas included.

That some Hamas leaders now rather want to lick Qatars dollars, than to actually fight and resist, is another matter. Mahmoud Abbas by the way, sold out the Resistance in Palestine a long time ago, nothing he says matters. Just a corrupted fool like all the M14 sellouts in this country.

Missing peace 29 March 2015, 21:28

"Mahmoud Abbas by the way, sold out the Resistance in Palestine a long time ago"

i love M8ers idiot double standards... so what they apply to bashar NEVER applies to anyone else as long as they are anti hezbi...
they keep saying that bashar is elected by the syrians so he represents the syrians... when abbas is also elected they deny him the same things... pityful idiot M8ers....

and they even are MORE palestinians than the palestinians themselves, tfeh....

Missing bigjohn 30 March 2015, 01:16

Palestinians officially???Abbas term ran out many years ago. The last time there were elections, Hamas won. Today, he is not only opposed by Hamas, but the PFLP, DFLP, and ALL Palestinian factions. I do NOT SIT on Naharnet all day to answer your irrelevant and false lies (which is why you need to get off NAHARNET and open your horizon).

Missing bigjohn 30 March 2015, 01:18

How could anyone help the Palestinians when the Zionist puppet of Egypt shut the borders! He did not help the Palestinians arm themselves and defend themselves.

Default-user-icon anonymous (Guest) 29 March 2015, 19:34

Nasrallah is really a retard, liar, criminal, coward. Hezballah should leave our country and go to Iran. Terrorists!

Default-user-icon achrafieh (Guest) 29 March 2015, 20:52

how many Palestinian refugee camps there is in KSA not to talk about Syrian refugees ????
god bless freedom of speech and expression

Thumb freedomarch 29 March 2015, 21:11

Iranian dreams of past empires will beloved by FIRMNESS quality bed matress. As for Nass Ro lla, contradictions keep comming confuse your people but we will keep you 3v"Kasgatbeen"tricks game in check.
AS our beloved Norma always You Speak volumes.

Thumb freedomarch 29 March 2015, 22:12


Thumb megahabib 30 March 2015, 00:13

Lol, send him home with his MERS.