Arslan to a Syrian Delegation: Syria, Lebanon Destinies are One

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Lebanese Democratic Party leader MP Talal Arslan on Sunday said that Syrian and Lebanese fates are one stressing that what the West and Israel are planning for Syria will affect Lebanon.

"Lebanon and Syria's destinies are linked together, and thus, Lebanon's stability is linked to Syrian stability, its steadfastness and its resistance against the Western-Israeli campaign against it" Arslan said in front of a Syrian delegation who visited him at his residence in Khaldeh.

Syria had been witnessing unprecedented protests against its regime in which the suppression of demonstrators led to 3000 deaths according to the United Nations, while Syrian authorities say that it had been facing a "terrorist groups" and a media "conspiracy" against it.

Arslan said: "Unfortunately, there is a huge media campaign from neighboring and regional countries on Syria magnifying the issue."

He noted that those who meddle with Syria are "meddling in Syria's resistance role in the region which consistent with the Lebanese and Palestinian's position."

"Some political parties are betting on the Syrian instability and on hitting its national unity," Arslan said, expressing regret that these parties are colluding against the regime.

He added: All those who tried throughout history to have politics prevail over geography had failed."

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Thumb geha 16 October 2011, 19:42

pack your stuff and go live there.
your destiny is one with the syrian regime, not ours.

Thumb jabalamel 16 October 2011, 20:24

yes he is really no one...

Thumb jabalamel 16 October 2011, 20:24

but look at geha's post

"your destiny is with the syrian regime not ours"

since we in lebanon don't have regime, and zionists do, it's clear where is geha coming from

Missing peace 16 October 2011, 20:47

here in lebanon ya ahbal we have a parliamentary regime based on a constitution (not respected by your iranian terrorist mafia i give you that) but still there is a regime ...

it is clear you do not live in lebanon and hate lebanese people but you are just here paid by your friends from teheran to write stupidities that let us show the microspic cultural level of you and your friends...

not necessary to answer for i know your anwser: a copy paste from the others you ve served us a million times!

ah and don t forget to sweep in front of my threshold, yalla la shouf!

Missing peace 16 October 2011, 20:52

""and a media "conspiracy" against it.""

how can there be a mediia conspiracy against it as no media are allowed there!

Default-user-icon amir (Guest) 16 October 2011, 21:18

Why give this useless news a space in your paper

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 16 October 2011, 23:04

All of the Lebanese Syrian stooges are trying to make the Syrian regime stay alive by opening their mouths. When ASSad falls will they still be "pro Syrian"?

The new regime will remember these stooges and who they supported.

Default-user-icon KingOfTheKoura (Guest) 17 October 2011, 05:20

but look at geha's post

"your destiny is with the syrian regime not ours"

since we in lebanon don't have regime, and zionists do, it's clear where is geha coming from

LOL maybe it is your english that is the problem here. "Your destiny is with the syrian regime not ours". Geha is clearly referring to our "destiny" and not our "regime".

By the way, who is Talal Arslan to say that the fate of Lebanon is tied in with the fate of Syria? He is just another stooge. Here is a solution; all of March 8 should be sent to Syria\Iran, March 14 can go to Israel\USA and their supporters should follow, leaving only those that believe in Lebanon to build a country.

Thumb jabalamel 17 October 2011, 12:11

the filthy zionist information war department is trying to convince me that i "misinterpreted" their blunder.

no i didn't.

Missing small.axe 17 October 2011, 16:31

Jabalcamel.... look up the meaning of "regime" before you make your idiotic remarks

Thumb geha 17 October 2011, 17:31

long ago I stopped trying to explain the obvious to habal kamel :)
anyway his name says it all :)
anyway, yes I am referring to our destiny.

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 18 October 2011, 03:52

@jabalamel: You're an idiot, learn the english language before you say there's no regime in Lebanon. Definition of regime:

1. a mode or system of rule or government.
2. a ruling or prevailing system.
3. a government in power.
4. the period during which a particular government or ruling system is in power.

Last time I checked there was a government and a system of government in Lebanon. But there might not be in the mini Hizb Allah land in certain parts of the country.