In Paris, Aoun Says Syrian Refugees Must Return Home

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Michel Aoun has said from Paris he wants some 1.5 million Syrian refugees living in Lebanon to henceforth start returning to their homes, voluntarily or not.

Aoun, in a state visit to France, said that U.N. assistance given to aid Syrian refugees in "camps of misery" in Lebanon would be better used to return them to their country "from now on."

"We don't want to wait for their voluntary return," Aoun insisted, speaking at the Elysee Palace alongside French President Emmanuel Macron.

Aoun said that most of the Syrian regions from which the refugees hail are "now secure."

Macron distanced himself from his counterpart's viewpoint, saying that the absence of a political solution in Syria prevents refugees from returning back home permanently.

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Thumb ex-fpm 26 September 2017, 11:24

Did I hear him say his iranian resistance should also return home?
No I did not.

Missing un520 26 September 2017, 15:34

Two wrongs doesnt make one right. Let the syrians return first, and the we will handle the iranians thereafter.

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 26 September 2017, 16:53

Before the Syrian and the Iranians let's get the over a thousand Lebanese kidnapped and dragged to jails in Syria by the Syrian occupation back, at least their remains. That should be a very simple task. Some of those were Soldiers, civilians and priests kidnapped on October 13 1990 while our "Président et six Ministres" was deserting them and his post and fleeing without telling anyone. Many of them were still alive earlier this decade as they were visited by their family members. Do you think ministers Bassil, Hajj Hassan, Raffoul, Zoaiter brought this up with the Syrian officials they met? Did Hassan Nasrallah discuss their fate with Bashar Assad when he went to Damascus to beg him for the safe passage back into Syria of the Nusra and Da3esh terrorists? Probably not.

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 26 September 2017, 17:11

Also did Bassil ask Muallem for an official letter from the Syrian government to the UN conclusively recognizing the Lebanese ownership of Sheb3a. This way Israel will withdraw from it. A little historical timeline about Sheba. The Syrian Army had invaded and occupied Sheb3a after they drover out the few Lebanese policemen but then lost it to the Israelis in 1967 and is now part of UN Resolution 425.

Thumb Mystic 26 September 2017, 18:32

Why should he ex? The President of Lebanon does not follow your Israeli advice.

Thumb jaafar.ibn.iblees 26 September 2017, 19:45

What did following Iranian advice do for those two dead shia iranian terrorists in your avatar?

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 26 September 2017, 11:41

Never has Lebanon had a President like him, ever!

Thumb whyaskwhy 26 September 2017, 18:28

No your right Flame we have had quite a few lame presidents in the past this one made the most noise about getting his short stature there. Now that hes been there a while take a good look at the welfare of Lebanon and see what impact has he made? None so to that extent your right he is so far the lamest president.On the other hand to be fair most Lebanese could smell his manure talk a mile away and were prepared for a "muchado about nothing" president.

Thumb liberty 27 September 2017, 03:20

Does the Lebanese tax payer have to also pay for his 3 daughters' trip to Paris? and what official capacity do they hold in order to meet the French president?


Thumb marcus 27 September 2017, 11:53

Corrupt POS