France Hails Hariri Decision to Revoke Resignation


French President Emmanuel Macron paid respect to Prime Minister Saad Hariri's decision to revoke his resignation announced in November from Saudi Arabia, the National News Agency reported on Wednesday.

The French presidency said in a statement that “President Macron was briefed of the Lebanese Cabinet's announcement, which was exceptionally chaired by President Michel Aoun, that paved way for PM Saad Hariri to rescind his resignation and fully assume his duties,” added NNA.

The statement added that “France will observe how the Lebanese parties will comply with their commitments. President Macron took note of Hariri's affirmations that Lebanon's Cabinet adheres to the dissociation policy that distances it from the regional crises.”

Moreover, the statement stressed “France's commitment to stand by the Lebanese and continue to work to promote stability, security and sovereignty of Lebanon in coordination with local authorities and the entire international community.”

Adding that “to achieve this goal President Macron will open next Friday in Paris the meeting of the International Support Group for Lebanon in the presence of Hariri.”

On Tuesday, Hariri announced that he is stepping back from his resignation after an extraordinary government meeting that endorsed the country's dissociation policy.

Hariri announced his resignation on November 4 in a surprise televised address from Saudi Arabia that sent tremors through Lebanon, long a proxy battleground for regional powers.

His resignation was seen as part of an intensifying power struggle between the Saudi kingdom -- which had long backed Hariri -- and its regional rival Iran, which backs Hizbullah.

After announcing he was bowing out Hariri, who accused Hizbullah of destabilizing Lebanon, remained in Riyadh, sparking speculation that he was being held hostage by the Saudis.

French President Emmanuel Macron intervened to try defuse the crisis, inviting Hariri to Paris for talks, after which he returned to Beirut to a hero's welcome.

Two weeks later, following consultations with the various political groups in Lebanon, Hariri announced Tuesday he was withdrawing his resignation.

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Thumb the_roar 06 December 2017, 10:06

It was beautiful watching France put them saudi's in their place.

one phone call is all it took.......Viva la France !!