Military Court Orders 6-Month Jail Term for Journalist Hanin Ghaddar

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Military Court has handed down a six-month prison sentence to a journalist for presenting views critical of the army, a court official told the AFP news agency on Thursday.

Hanin Ghaddar, also a researcher known for her criticism of Hizbullah, was sentenced in absentia on January 10 over an expose at a conference in the United States, the source said.

Her sentence sparked outrage among fellow journalists and academics in Lebanon, where they said free speech and freedom of the press were once again being challenged.

The court official said the ruling found Ghaddar, a U.S. resident, guilty of "defaming the Lebanese Army, harming its reputation and accusing it of distinguishing between Lebanese citizens."

During a conference session in Washington in 2014, a recording of which is available online, she described the situation in Lebanon as "Sunnis being clamped down by Hizbullah and the Lebanese Army versus Hizbullah militia being the untouchables."

The Military Court in Lebanon has a very broad jurisdiction over civilians and rights groups have voiced concern that could be used as a tool for intimidation against free speech and activism.

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Thumb ex-fpm 18 January 2018, 16:19

Hanin Gaddar is a a national hero for telling the world the real situation in this hezbollah owned country.

When a hezbollah terrorist returns from Yemen, Syria or Iraq he is welcomed by the General Security and Army Intelligence as a Hero. So, yeah they are "untouchables".

Thumb lebnani4ever 18 January 2018, 20:38

We should have border patrol arrest every one of those terrorists returning and shoot them since you cannot return them to a civil society.

Thumb barrymore 18 January 2018, 16:24

Repulsive ruling just like those who issued the ruling.

Thumb Southern......... 18 January 2018, 17:34

Execute her...

Thumb s.o.s 18 January 2018, 17:59

Since when military courts deal with the press? Is our president Sisi or Assad? Wake up Saad Hariri and step in you weakling.

Thumb kanaanljdid 18 January 2018, 18:21

Afghanistan is a free speech country if you compare it to nowadays Lebanon

Thumb justin 18 January 2018, 18:28

shameful indeed

Thumb whyaskwhy 18 January 2018, 18:54

What military court? You mean the banana republic court that is headed by the same judicial unit that says they can protect Lebanon from the world? Iran and Syria will continue to run Lebanon they way they feel creates the least resisitance to them, if this mean throwing any person who disagrees with in jail then its a price they are so willing to pay.

Thumb lebnani4ever 18 January 2018, 20:39

Michel should be the first one shot as he committed treason multiple times.

Thumb whyaskwhy 18 January 2018, 23:26

I have always been against war having lived through the Civil war in Lebanon. I do however feel that Lebanon is in need of a revolt that would simply get rid of all its current Gods and maybe then a free democratic electoral process can run where the people all vote for candidates irrelevant of their religious luggage. Hold on let me have a drink of water and wake up I was clearly dreaming.

Thumb liberty 19 January 2018, 04:35

and aoun just finished talking about the credibility of the lebanese-iranian judiciary;)